Man's goals
Man's goals

Without a clear goal, a man is like a drifting ship that can pick up any current and wind. How to find a goal, move to new levels and realize yourself in life?

Find purpose

Without a clear, distinct goal, a man is like a drifting ship, which, like a nutshell, can pick up any current. It is subordinate to the external course of events, and does not shape it. Such a helpless existence often leads to impotence or mechanical, soulless sex.

Purposefulness is the highway of our destiny. Everything, from the way you eat, to the way you make money, should be focused on the full realization of the purpose. First, you find out what it is, and then you just organize your life in accordance with this, removing obstacles from the path and minimizing wandering roundabouts.

And if the destination is vague and the path to it is unclear? Then your life is confusion and vacillation. Going to the service? It has nothing to do with the core of your being, it remains only a way to eat well and have a good rest. Spending time with friends or family? Moment after moment, an endless succession goes nowhere, giving nothing in return to either the mind or the heart. Do you need more examples?

So, you are weak, staggering under the blows of fate, and the world frightens you to such an extent that your legs do not hold. In addition, you lose what is meant to stand in bed with a woman.

How to make the world a better place?
How to make the world a better place?

But it should be quite the opposite: every second of the working day, every moment of intimacy is filled with strength and clarity, which are generated by the heart beating in the name of the goal. You no longer just move through life and make monotonous body movements in bed, but fill the world with your love, every second feeling its flow coming from the depths of your being.

A true man does not need to fill the inner void with official duties or a relationship with a girlfriend. It is already complete, already complete. For him, sex and work is a great chance to share his gift of love with the world, dissolving in sacrificial giving.

Life cycles of a man

A real man is able to devote himself entirely to completing the next mission, leaving it without regret at the end. He also knows how to survive the painful periods of forced inactivity in anticipation of the next "super task". This alternation of selfless work with fruitless vegetation is natural for a man who solves karmic tasks on the way to the source of being.

To the one who has chosen to be on the verge of the possible, little by little the true purpose of his existence is revealed. Performing secondary tasks, he, as it were, removes layer by layer, approaching the main purpose in life.

Our life is like a system of concentric circles, crossing which from the periphery to the center we strive for the core - the main destination. The outermost circles "got" by inheritance: for example, your father was a firefighter, and you dream about the same (and if you have trouble with your parent since childhood, then you are thinking about the career of Herostratus). These goals, with rare exceptions, are rather superficial.

You don't need much to be happy
You don't need much to be happy

Even on the way to such a goal as meditation and cognition of God, you have to cross the circles of study, sex play, smoking marijuana, marriage, career … until, having exhausted their necessity or attractiveness, you will not start the most important thing - meditation.

The closer you are to the center, the closer you are to the origins of your own being. As you reunite with them more and more, you will eventually acquire the ability not to lose this connection for a second. But first, the current goals and addictions must be worked out, blocking the path to absolute freedom and perfection.

It is easy to be disappointed in life - the joy of successfully completing the next task is not experienced as deeply and does not last as long as we would like. But there is a good reason for that: the solution of such problems is only preparation for a more complete embodiment of the main purpose. The passage of each of them ends with a feeling of inner emptiness, fatigue, meaninglessness of further existence. All of these are, in fact, signs of spiritual growth, which many people, in their ignorance, serve as a reason for disappointment.

For example, for several years you promoted your business project with great enthusiasm, but one fine morning you lost all interest in it. Moreover, you know: on the strength of a year or two - and the effort spent will pay off a hundredfold. In addition, over the years, you have acquired such skills and abilities that you are guaranteed a triumph. But there is no interest. And then an almost Hamlet question arises: to continue or not to continue?

Only the weak need equality
Only the weak need equality

Perhaps you are simply afraid of a possible failure (or an unprecedented success - sometimes it happens) or are you completely lazy? Ask family and friends for advice. If they unanimously insist that you are in vain withdrew from the race and you will not take your strength, then pull yourself together and give your best at the finish line.

But another reason is possible - karma is exhausted. You have passed one circle on your way to the center and move to the other, invisible while.

Typical signs of moving to the next level are:

1. Suddenly, it becomes deeply indifferent to what previously prompted "to work and to feat."

2. This indifference, even more surprisingly, does not arouse the slightest remorse in you.

3. Having no idea of what to do next, you, nevertheless, look into the future without fear and anxiety, and as if straightened your shoulders, throwing off a heavy burden.

4. The mere thought that you have said goodbye to the work to which you have devoted the last years noticeably adds to your cheerfulness.

5. The business itself seems to you now primitive, almost like collecting candy wrappers from candy canes. Of course, you can do this all your life, but there is nothing more interesting?

The appearance of these sensations is a clear sign that it is time to complete the next venture. And this should be done flawlessly, making sure that there are no "tails", as well as that by dropping out, you will not disrupt the life plans of other people. Otherwise, a new karmic knot will be tied, which you will unravel in the future.

The power of the ancestors
The power of the ancestors

The next circle of tasks may appear immediately, but more often than not it does not happen like this: the old is done, nothing new can be seen. What to do? Wait. Along the way, you can do something useful - search for a livelihood, for example, or, if there are no problems with money, retire away from noisy cities. But: do not "stick" for hours with nothing to do on the TV, do not disappear in the gloomy labyrinths of computer "shooters", do not get filled with beer, can after can, in nightly parties with friends, etc. Without destruction and excesses - just wait. Wait for a sign. And he will come. Very weak at first, unclear. Perhaps the direction of movement will be outlined, but the concrete steps will only be anyone's guess. Don't waste your time here - the detailed information may not be available. Take action. To the touch. Through trial and error, as if in a child's game "cold-hot", go to where the sign becomes clearer and stronger. And he will bring you out into the light.

Let's look at the whole process with this example: you are a lucky broker who is sick of the exchange. There is some money in the bank account, so you can expect a sign of a task ahead without worrying about food. And he still does not exist. For three days (weeks, months) you have been puzzling over how to live on. And finally - eureka! It dawns on you that you need to work with people. You have a lot of business knowledge - why not share it with everyone who wants to? If you know how to do, but cannot figure out what to do, then, for sure, you will find friends who have a lot of ideas, but, being far from business, they do not know how to bring them to life. Why don't you team up? The sign has outlined, became clearer - you have no doubts on this score. Two or three, as usual, annoying false starts, but after a very short time, a dozen newly minted businessmen call you, calling for help. It feels like the world is supporting you along the way. It is not yet known whether this occupation will bring enough money, but the state of mind is excellent. And you give yourself one hundred percent, without demanding reward.

A male perspective on gender equality. We're just stronger
A male perspective on gender equality. We're just stronger

This becomes known to a certain financial tycoon. He is impressed by your dedication to your beloved work and selflessness. He offers you a place in his structure. And now your activity on unraveling your next karmic task begins to pay well. You are so passionate about your work that you "infect" everyone around you with it. Life is again full of colors and joy.

But one fine morning…. In other words, the next circle is traversed, and the cycle begins anew, and so on until you reach the center. Then, having completed your mission on earth, you will dissolve in divine love, which you originally are.

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