How to make a woman fall in love with you
How to make a woman fall in love with you

Some women are too good to be free and sleep alone. A detailed manual for conquering the female heart and body. How to make a woman fall in love with you?

If you truly love and care for a woman and want to make sure you can be reciprocated, you can try to make a woman fall in love with you using the following steps. While there are many generalizations here and it is best to consider how your girlfriend or lover would behave, these tips will help you start winning her heart.

1. Beginning

1.1 Let her notice you. Do something to make her notice you. Many women want to see a strong but compassionate man next to them, who leads in relationships, but also listens, who is confident but not selfish. Remember this when trying to get her to notice you.

Show her that you care about other people. Become a volunteer in a canteen for the homeless, donate blood, help a friend in a difficult situation, organize a charity auction. Show her that there is more in you than can be seen with the eyes. She will be impressed by your generosity and wonder what else you have to offer.

Stand out from the crowd with something you are good at, preferably in her presence. What are you good at? This can be anything from tennis, rock climbing or soccer, to humor, math and rhetoric. Whatever it is, stand out for your superiority in this industry. Calm confidence, not arrogance, will help you to be noticed in any case.

How to confess your love to a girl?
How to confess your love to a girl?

Come out into the light. Remember: luck loves the brave. If all you do is sit in your room, then most likely you are not using your time as needed. And if you don't make mistakes at least sometimes, you will never get results.

1.2 Take your time. These things take time. Don't expect you to win her heart in a few days. Slowly but surely go to your goal. Set realistic goals for yourself so you don't get upset again if she doesn't fall in love with you overnight.

If she gives you her number, great, but don't beg for it. Call when you get her number, but don't overdo it. Give her the opportunity to call you from time to time! Girls usually like guys who at least pretend they have a lot of options.

1.3 Create a game plan. No, it doesn't need to be written down or painted on the board like before an important football game. Think over the strategy of your behavior and you will have a better chance of getting her heart. I act chaotically and most likely you will reduce your chances of success.

If you are in love with one girl, there is nothing wrong with trying to make her fall in love with you. When love overtakes us, we often feel helpless. It is natural.

If, nevertheless, you want to find love in principle, try to associate with several different women. You will increase your chances of finding someone special, and giving up on one of them will not be so overwhelming if you know you have other options. There are several reasons for choosing this strategy:

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Women, like men, compete in love. It may not be exactly the same, but they really compete with others. If you look like an enviable groom, women will chase you, not only because they like you, but also because they want to beat other women.

You will have a clear idea of who you are looking for. We often don't know what we want until we see it. Go public and the chances that you will find yourself a match among strangers will be much higher than if you force yourself to date only those you know.

Socializing with several women does not make you a womanizer. If you want to find love, date, but start a relationship with only one woman. Don't start a relationship with manipulation.

1.4 Try to get to know her better. In fact, find out who she is, what her goals are, what family she is from. She will appreciate your interest in her person.

People like to talk about themselves. This is natural for them. Do not forget to participate in the conversation and talk about yourself, but also translate the conversation to topics that are interesting for her and you will understand that it is much easier for you to communicate than it seems at first.

One way to continue the conversation is to ask her questions. Ask about her hobbies (“What do you like to do?”), Her idols (“Who inspires you?”), And her goals (“What would you like to achieve in life?”), For example.

Love alone is not enough and not enough
Love alone is not enough and not enough

1.5 Look your best. It may not be so important to you how you look, but women pay attention to it. Clothing and hygiene are not so important; by your appearance, you tell the world that you take care of yourself, you understand what style is, and that you are confident in yourself.

2. Hint at love

2.1 Give compliments from time to time. But still remember, guys, that less is better, but better if we are talking about compliments. You need to give exactly as many compliments as you need to understand that you are not just a friend for her, but not so much that she thinks that you are desperate to find a match and expect compliments from her.

Compliment her skills and talents first. She received her appearance from nature, and she had to work hard on her achievements and talents. Compliment her when she shows some great personality trait.

If you want to compliment her appearance, avoid overly explicit topics. Try to compliment:

Eyes: “You have such beautiful eyes. Are your parents blue too?"

Hairstyle: "Have you cut your hair? Short hair suits you."

Smile: "You have such an infectious smile! Everyone for, when you smile, I can't help smiling."

Clothes: "What a beautiful dress, did you sew it yourself?"

Style in general: “You have a unique style. You yourself know what is fashionable and what suits you."

Apply some really good compliments in your conversation and she will at least pay attention to you:

“It's so easy to talk to you. I think I could talk to you all day long. " Women want to be interesting as much as they want to be beautiful.

"I like your thought process." If she's not the smartest girl in the world (and she knows it), complimenting her mind can backfire. This phrase carries the same meaning, but it certainly won't offend anyone.

"You are very bold in your reasoning." Women are very principled and want men to notice their courage, even if it is a slightly different kind.

How to drive up to a girl you like?
How to drive up to a girl you like?

2.2 Earn her trust. You don't have to be her best friend, but show her why you should be trusted. Be there when she needs you. If she asks you to keep her secret, keep it. If you promise something, keep your promises.

Don't start a relationship just for sex. She will put you on her black list of unreliable guys. Do not press on her if she does not want to do something - she only moves away from you.

Impress her family if possible. Family most likely means a lot to her and she wants to hear approval from them. Impress her family and earn her trust. Dress nicely, show your good manners, and respect her parents' wishes.

2.3 Give her a little gift that she will appreciate. Give her confirmation of your feelings. Maybe she likes flowers or a pretty bookmark for books. If you don't know what to give her, try to find out. Here are some of the meanings women see in gifts:

The ring is devotion. You want endless love, how endless this ring is.

The portrait you draw is an inspiration. She is your muse; it makes you feel like a creator.

Love is a soft toy. You want to hug her.

Flowers are beauty. You think she is beautiful and you want the whole world to know about it.

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2.4 Start flirting. Find a way to start flirting with her little by little. It will be hard at first, because you really, really like her, but once you get to know her better, it will become much easier.

Move on to touch. Touching in safe, neutral places will help you now. Avoid touching your hips, abdomen, chest and neck. Instead, when you talk to her, as if by accident:

Touch your palm. You are talking about something and want to strengthen your point of view with physical contact.

Touch your shoulder. You know her a little better and you approve of her act or try to cheer her up.

Touch your back. You playfully tease her or empathize with her.

Smile and make eye contact. A girl can tell a lot about your interest from just one look. Smiling is just as important. Smiling, share your good mood, and by looking into her eyes, you will show her your confidence.

Come up with jokes just for the two of you, or learn to playfully tease her. Jokes are easy to flirt and can help you bond. Joke about any topic that connects you two.

When teasing her, make sure she knows this is just a joke. Wink at her to tell her it was sarcasm, or tell her you were joking. It's best to joke about what she does very well so that she doesn't have any doubts about whether you are serious or not.

Tips for seducing girls that work better than a pickup truck
Tips for seducing girls that work better than a pickup truck

2.5 Be mysterious but approachable. Women like a little mysterious man. You don't have to try very hard to do this - just don't tell her all the details of your life, don't brag about your successes, let other people admire you (and praise you) - but it's hard to do it right. At the same time, always be with her. There is nothing worse than spending so much energy and then leaving her with nothing, because you no longer have free time for her.

3. Final stage

3.1 Meet and impress her friends. Women often seek approval from their friends to show how happy they are and to hear their appreciation. So her friends' approval can be the key to her success. Don't skip this step!

Stay light-hearted, interested and kind. If her friends tease and tease you, don't take it personally and laugh too. When the opportunity arises, ask her friends about their lives and be genuinely interested in them. Do things that are pleasant, such as helping her friend get along with your friend, or encouraging them from time to time.

Don't be too cute and don't flirt all the time. You are here to impress her friends just like you impressed her family. Don't let her think that you might like one of her friends.

Take a break from the relationship
Take a break from the relationship

3.2 Invite her out on a date. Once you're ready to take the final step, you'll need to ask her out on a date. A date will be the perfect opportunity for the two of you to learn more about each other and may even kiss for the first time.

When you ask her out on a date, make it business as usual. Just ask, "Hey, I have a couple of tickets for that new movie, what are your plans for Friday night?" Don't call it a date. If she asks, though, be confident and tell her it's a date.

Do something exciting. An exhilarating date - an abandoned house, a park with a roller coaster, or a sporting event - will help your body produce a very powerful hormone (oxytocin) that makes you feel safe.

If the moment is right, kiss her. If you feel like she's in doubt, it's best to kiss her on a second or third date. Keep the kiss short and sweet, and whatever you do, don't try to stick your tongue down her throat.

3.3 Let everything develop in its own rhythm. If you're not ready to plunge into the world of romance, then go for it. Chances are, she may not want to develop your relationship as quickly as you do. This is, in principle, a test of how patient you can be with her and with her.

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30 curious facts about love

Don't make her do what she doesn't like. It may sound silly, but it will be better if you listen to her and not press.

3.4 Forget about your mistakes. In a relationship, you will make mistakes. The way you forgive them will show the woman what kind of person you are and help her to truly love you.

Don't be afraid to apologize and admit guilt. When you make a mistake, pull yourself together and say, “Hey, forgive me. I shouldn't have said that. Don't let me do this again. " Despite the prevailing opinion, admitting your guilt is courageous, since for this you need to step over yourself.

It's also a good idea to let her win the fight, especially if she's trying. You don't have to give in to provocations or manipulate yourself, but it's still better to end the fight in such a way that she feels better. You'll be glad you let her win!

3.5 Be the person you want to be. After all, you want to show her who you are in her soul, in her very depths, so that she can love you. If you pretend to be someone, she will only fall in love with your caricature. So don't be afraid to seem weak to her. There is a chance that she will love you for that.


Take time to see her often. Even if she lives far away, benefit from modern technology. Be ready to try a little.

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What is love? 55 unusual facts about love

Never say bad things about her friends, even if she will. Just be the listener she needs right now.

Don't make fun of anything that is dear to her. Believe in her, convince her that you will support her in all her endeavors.

If you really love her, take the time to tell her about it. Ask her what she thinks of the people who confessed their love to her. If she says that sometimes she would like to be told that to her, act in every sense. But if she says it's weird and embarrassing, wait a bit.

Surprises don't have to be expensive.

Don't make her wait for your call! The girls don't like it.

Try not to quarrel over little things. Of course, this will freshen up your relationship, but too many fights will make her wonder if it's worth it. On the other hand, she shouldn't consider you a weakling. Be strong, but make it clear that you have strong feelings for her.

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