How to get what you want without money?
How to get what you want without money?

How often do many of us say: "I cannot afford it: I have no money." The phrase "I have no money" has become just a universal excuse to do nothing.

What if one of the best motivational speakers in the world, the Guru of Purpose, author of the bestselling book Dreaming Doesn't Hurt, Barbara Sher tells you how to get your way without a budget? We listen carefully to Barbara.

Your ordinary person is a role in itself, defined for you by time, space and culture. It does not fulfill your full potential. So, let's say you are struggling with one problem: you travel around the world on a yacht, but you have no money. What to do?

You need to look at this problem from a different angle. Let's have a real brainstorming session and figure out how to get what we want!

You can use members of your ideal family as characters for role-playing and brainstorming, or try unexpected and original characters like these.

1. An old mule driver.

2. Queen of another country.

3. Crazy genius.

4. The Martian.

5. Fool.

6. President of a huge corporation.

7. A fisherman from Samoa (Eskimo hunter, warrior of the Watuzi tribe, and so on).

8. An engineer building bridges in the Andes.

9. Oilman from Siberia.

ten. Five-year-old girl.

To enter the role, just close your eyes and imagine the life, consciousness and environment of this person for a few minutes. Then look at your problem through his eyes and write down any solutions that come to your mind.

Phone addiction. The enemy that takes your time, energy, sleep and success
Phone addiction. The enemy that takes your time, energy, sleep and success

For example:

Albert Einstein: “Intelligent conversation is such a rarity in our time. Maybe some yacht owner wants to take you aboard the company for the sake of it. Yes, can you teach something? Let's say talking about the stars, the Greek islands, or the Galapagos. How about a floating university or a seminar? Someone will definitely provide money and a ship for this."

Bette Davis: "Damn it, I'll sneak aboard and then charm everyone, they'll let me stay!"

Fisherman from Samoa: “If we need something, we do it ourselves. Of course, hollowing out a canoe is easier than building one of your weird and stupid boats. I've seen them, they crash from time to time on our coral reefs. You can take one of them if you like. They are useless to us. But you have to fix it."

So you got the idea.

Role-play and brainstorming will come to the rescue when alone you are stuck with no ideas. But it's better to come up with them together - in the company of real people! You can invite guests, put wine, cheese on the table and - go ahead. Playing with ideas is the best activity for a party.

There is only one rule - there are no rules at this stage of the game. No bans, crazy ideas are welcome. Once you outline the problem, grab a pencil, sit down and jot down each idea. Don't miss anything. Each idea may be what you are looking for. After a good brainstorming session (of any of the three types), your list might look like this:

111 goals a man should achieve
111 goals a man should achieve

Have a yacht:

1. Steal a yacht.

2. Marry the owner of the yacht.

3. Win a yacht in a competition.

4. Win a boat at poker.

5. Buy a share in the yacht together with a group of people.

6. Get an old ruin and repair it.

Travel around the world:

1. Secretly sneak aboard.

2. Make friends with someone who has a yacht and get invited on board.

3. Rent a yacht.

4. Exchange the yacht for something you already have (an apartment, a house in the village).

5. Hire a yacht: captain, mechanic, crew member, waiter, bartender, cook, masseur, companion to an elderly or sick person, tutor for children, lifeguard / swimming teacher, musician, magician, singer, comedian, court jester and so on - depending on your abilities and what you are willing to do.

6. Design a customized educational tour for the wealthy.

7. Develop an advertising journey for the boat company.

8. Organize a goodwill mission around the world to protect the environment, peace or fight hunger.

nine. Organize a scientific expedition or "floating" seminar: for example, reproduce for a travel company or group the journey of Charles Darwin on the Beagle.

If your deepest desire is a truly round-the-world trip on a yacht, then there is an idea on the list that will appeal to you and for which you do not need to become a millionaire.

See? Poverty is not an excuse for giving up desires, no matter how daring they are.

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