Male opinion: why women are cruel creatures
Male opinion: why women are cruel creatures

Why is a girl always lacking in relationships and attention? How is the cruelty of women manifested? After such an adventure, I did not look at the girls for a long time. Two weeks.

Allure Deputy Editor-in-Chief Alexei Belyakov discusses how the cruelty of women is manifested.

No, girls are still very cruel creatures.

I remember there was a case. Once I went to visit and made the wrong floor. The nymph opens up for me. Thin, with large breasts. Smiling: "Whom do you want?" I mumbled like "oh, sorry, by accident." And he himself was shocked - the girl of my dreams. I couldn't forget. A week later I played a performance. I called the same door: Oh, I was wrong again! " The nymph laughs: "You are on purpose, right?" In short, we started talking on the doorstep, and the nymph gave me her phone number. He began calling, offering to meet, to the theater, to the museum, to and fro. And the nymph keeps dodging. It dragged on for a month, then another. I called, the nymph talks kindly, but evades meetings. What the hell, I think?

And then they told me that she was getting married at all. It was those friends who informed me that I went to visit when I made a mistake on the floor. Then I broke down and rushed to my friend Lena, who at that time was like an older sister to me - an adviser and consoler. “Why, I say, did she give me the phone, why did she talk kindly? Lena laughed: “Goonies! She was just pleased that someone was persistently calling that someone liked her. " I got angry: "What about the groom?" Lena answered judiciously: “Did she really cheat on him? She hasn't even met you! " I got even more angry: "Isn't she enough of a groom?" Lena shrugged her shoulders: "The girl is always not enough."

How to meet a girl on the street?
How to meet a girl on the street?

In general, then I did not look at the girls for a long time. Two weeks.

But, like a fool, I found myself in similar situations all the time. The girl responds to courtship, accepts bouquets, candies. But then - no, no. Well, she just allowed herself to hold her hand a little. Once I got drunk and texted her: "Will we ever have sex?" And there and then the callback rang. It was the girl's boyfriend: “Come on, goat, let's meet! I'll give you sex!"

That is, the boyfriend endured our correspondence and even rare meetings for a long time, but as soon as the "goat" crossed all the lines of decency, he became enraged. But here I already avoided meeting.

What can you do if girls need all these signs of attention as much as a manicure? No, what a manicure! It needs much more. Like oxygen is high in the mountains. If a girl is on the subway and even the most overwhelming peasant doesn't look at her all the way, throw yourself under the carriage.

A girl, giving her phone to a stranger, can and understands deep down in her soul: she shouldn't, she doesn't need this guy. But he can’t help himself, it’s sewn into the girl’s DNA. Let him ring, let him mumble cute nonsense, let him wear flowers … How then to discourage him? "Ah, I'll think about it tomorrow!"

Sometimes girls flirt, men get mad. However, when they are furious, it is also pleasant. “Oh, what does this kid want from me, I just don't understand…” And a quick selfie with bright lipstick - click! And he sends him: "I am so sad today."

The cruel truth about real relationships
The cruel truth about real relationships

A girl who looked like Charlize Theron drove one of my naive friend by the nose for a whole year. He showered her with alstrameria and compliments, and she told how she was afraid to live. With him, she directly cheered up, flourished. Saturated with oxygen. Then she got married. For another, of course. Whom she loved. A friend, by the way, misses her to this day. Bastard, no doubt about it. But beauty treatments can be very painful. For others.

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