Light the fire
Light the fire

How to live life to the fullest, making your dreams come true and realizing your talents? What to do with principles, life balance, ambition and dreams? Light the fire of your real life!

For those who want to live life to the fullest, making their dreams come true and realizing their talents, we present unique quotes from Danielle Laporte - the author of the world bestseller "Light the Fire" and just a wise, positive Woman.

Being competent in everything is not nearly as useful as it is thought. You achieve mastery when you focus on developing your strengths and do what makes you happy.

Balance in life is a myth, and the struggle for it is even more stressful than the very desire for it.

You should not achieve everything with hard work. It is wiser to choose the path of quality lightness, doing what gives strength. By starting with easy tasks, you fuel your optimism. You have less stress and more energy. You can do more. Lightness is your criterion for success.

Trying not to be afraid is like trying not to be curious. Fear is inevitable and natural. It is better to look into his eyes and find your “vitamins for the soul” that can comfort you.

Principles can break your life. Send them away, at least some of them.

"No" clears the way for the dream. If you feel lousy, don't tolerate or make excuses. Just stop doing the things that make you feel uncomfortable. Choose the path that is in tune with your soul.

How can you achieve something?
How can you achieve something?

Leave your ambition. A clear understanding of how you want to feel at work and in life is more important than setting goals. Clarity gives you a sense of satisfaction and liberation.

Each of us is capable of being a creator. To be a creator means to do something with your soul. When you put your heart and soul into preparing a family meal or a party for friends, you are creating poetry.

Giving is not bad at all. Be generous. Generosity is the driving force behind spiritual development. By giving, you make friends, become richer and healthier, love more, shine brighter, and live life to the fullest.

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