Treatise on life
Treatise on life

The world is not perfect and you should not expect perfection from it. Develop a philosophical attitude towards the world and the people who inhabit it. This will help not only to relate to life more easily, but also to enjoy it more.

If you demand perfection from the world, you have tied yourself to a stress pillar. But if you decide to train the skills of a philosopher, then here are the turnouts for driving "teenage demands on people" to a philosophical attitude towards the world and the people inhabiting it.

1. A person expects perfection from the world and, like a child, weeps when faced with a reality that differs from myths and fairy tales.

2. People are as they are, not as we would like to see them.

3. Duty is a great sin, she longs to see angels around her. But people are alive.

4. Nobody owes us anything. The world is what it is. It's like the weather. You just have to live in it, and not demand compliance with our wishes.

5. To be indulgent means to go your own way.

6. Vulgarity is a more natural part of life than gallantry. So, when faced with a boor, do not be surprised, but calmly go your own way. Rudeness is just a kind of disability. This is a man with an amputated culture.

9. The world is so big that it cannot fit in one person. So let people be different from you.

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10. On earth there have always been, are and always will be heroes, Don Quixotes, geniuses and Salieri, scum, liars, dreamers. In every village, in every city, country, in every street, in every house and family, they have their own.

11. Arrogance is a mirror reflecting the stupidity of a person who has enough intelligence only to understand the human essence, but not to draw the right conclusions from this.

12. You cannot judge people by the formula: is it black or is it white. Even the rainbow, connecting the earth and the sky, is multi-colored.

13. To all monkeys, people also seem to be ugly.

14. Anyone who thinks that there are weeds among people is deeply mistaken. The fact is that in the green field of humanity there is not a single blade of grass that is alike.

15. Tolerance towards people is considered the most important virtue in all religions of the world.

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