Chinese proverbs
Chinese proverbs

China is one of the most ancient civilizations, which has absorbed a large number of states and cultures for 4 thousand years. Millennial wisdom in Chinese proverbs. Gambling leads to robbery; debauchery leads to murder.

Poor - so do not cheat, rich - so do not be arrogant.

The brushwood will not ignite without fire.

A noble person does not remember the old evil.

Close neighbors are better than distant relatives.

Be afraid that the bummer will not plow, and that the yellow earth will not give birth, do not be afraid.

There are three cases of disrespect for parents, there is no descendant - the most terrible of them.

There is only a wrong path, but there is no hopeless situation.

Open your eyes quickly, open your mouth slowly.

If you do virtuous deeds for three years, few people will know about it; once you do something bad, the whole of the Celestial Empire will know.

On a long journey, there is no light load.

In an unfamiliar place it is good to make money, in a familiar place it is good to celebrate the New Year.

You can't put two spoons in one mouth.

Mutual trust is the foundation of friendship.

Borrowed - return, the second time it will be easy to borrow.

Water flows down, and a person tends up.

There are many wolves, but little meat.

Always know your limit.

A tall lamp shines far away.

A deaf person teaches the mute - one cannot speak, the other cannot listen.

The hungry mouse is ready to eat the cat.

The day is long - there are many things to do, the night is long - there are many dreams.

Long fire hardens steel.

There is no friend without flaw; if you look for a flaw, you will be left without a friend.

Friendships built on profit are never lasting.

A bad person is from bad people and toils.

If you made a mistake on the road, then you can return; if you made a mistake with a word, nothing can be done.

If you make a mistake, it's best to laugh right away.

If you doubt a person, do not do business with him, and if you do, do not doubt.

If a woman has no talent, this is already a virtue.

There is money, there is wine - and friends will be found.

If you are, nothing has increased, if you are not, nothing has disappeared.

Live in peace. Come spring, and the flowers bloom themselves.

For a thousand li they sent a goose feather: a gift is light, but attention is dear.

The wound closed - I forgot about the pain.

And there are cracks in the fence, and the walls have ears.

And the high mountain will not block the sun.

It is difficult to light a fire from a single twig.

The temptation to give up will be especially strong shortly before victory.

Who knows if the future will be as good as the present.

No matter how hard the wind blows, the mountain will not bow in front of it.

When there is wine, often think about the time when it will not be.

When you are alone, think about your sins; when in society - forget strangers.

When a person is hardworking, the earth is not lazy either.

If you turned eighty-eight, do not laugh that the other is lame and blind.

If he himself is an ignoramus, there is nothing to boast about ancestors.

They feed the troops for a thousand days, but use one minute.

Whoever is closer to the fire is the first to burn.

It is difficult for those who sit on a tiger to get off of it.

The boat can also capsize in the gutter.

Better to talk to a smart one than to fight a fool.

Better if it did not exist and appeared than it was, but disappeared.

Better to let people load on me than I dump on others.

Better to see a face than hear a name.

People strive to get closer to those who have a good soul; fish rush to the lake rich in algae.

A small-small knife should be sharp, a small-small person should be good.

You can't cut down a big branch with a small ax.

The world is so great that there is nothing that does not exist.

The men's monastery opposite the women's monastery - even if nothing happens, there is still something.

Excessive thoughts, but not enough strength.

They do not take offense at excessive politeness.

There is resentment in my heart, but a smile on my face.

Don't be afraid to hesitate, be afraid to stop.

Do not be afraid if people do not invite, be afraid that the skill is not perfect.

Do not be afraid that you do not know - be afraid that you do not learn.

You cannot shoot an arrow that has lost its plumage: it is difficult for a person who has lost friends to live.

Not knowing is not a crime.

If you do not rise, you will not fall.

If you do not climb the mountains, you will not recognize the height of the sky; if you do not go down into the abyss, you will not recognize the thickness of the earth.

If you cannot tolerate a small one, you will frustrate big plans.

Heaven knows, earth knows, you know, I know - who says that nobody knows?

There is no debt - and the soul is easy.

There is no feast that does not end.

There are no holidays that do not end.

You need a big heart - and you don't need a big room.

Chinese proverbs
Chinese proverbs

Ordinary people run ordinary affairs.

Garden worms in the garden and die.

Until you have breakfast - it is considered early, until you get married, you are considered small.

If you buy a horse, look at his parents.

A full bottle is silent, half empty - gurgles.

The pumpkin seller does not say that pumpkins are bitter; the wine seller does not say that the wine is diluted.

It flows at the top, and those who are below know about it.

Once you put on new shoes, raise your legs higher.

Drawing a devil is easy, drawing a tiger is difficult (since no one has seen the devil, and the tiger should look like a real beast).

Parents gave you life - bring up the will yourself.

You can buy a watch with money, but not time.

From this mountain, it looks like that mountain is high.

Today you cannot predict tomorrow morning.

A woman's heart is the most harmful.

How many people - so many roads.

One hundred illnesses begin with the common cold.

The happiness of the next century is being built in this century.

The tiger is thin, but a bold heart is in his chest, but the man is poor, but his will is inexhaustible.

To the one who waits, even a minute seems like a year.

To the one who participates in the case - all the darkness, to the one who looks from the outside - everything is clear.

The one who slanders me secretly is afraid of me, who praises me to my face despises me.

The one who points out your shortcomings is not always your enemy; the one who talks about your merits is not always your friend.

A thousand ways to learn is easy, one result is difficult to achieve.

Seeing is better than hearing, knowing better than seeing, doing better than knowing.

He who has many friends is as free as in the steppe; whoever does not have them, it is cramped, as between the palms.

A good breakfast is no substitute for a good lunch.

A good product is never cheap; a cheap product is not good.

A man without will is like a knife without steel.

Say what you do.

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