The moral code of the egoist
The moral code of the egoist

If the principles that you used during your life did not work, then maybe it is worth throwing them in the trash? Main idea: become a complete egoist.

A person who never gets angry is just a fool. A man who can force himself not to be angry in vain is a sage. R. Emerson

Main idea: become a complete egoist. And this means, become a real, intelligent egoist. Not some amorphous and incomprehensible based altruist, but a good egoist who knows what and why he wants.

Real selfishness makes a person like titanium metal - flexible, lightweight and very durable. And these qualities are ideal for adapting to our world.

It may well be that some people will be hostile to my advice and my point of view. In such people, their attitudes and beliefs, which were developed by upbringing and life experience, will undoubtedly protest against some of the provisions.

You can of course deny it. But will it make you happier? If the principles that you used during your life did not work, then maybe it is worth throwing them in the trash? And try on what works well for millions of other people.

Most likely, you, my dear skeptic, saw in my reasoning a valid answer to the cause of your problems and illness. But your subconscious did not like it very much!

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After you read something you didn’t like, the following conversation occurred in the subconscious:

"Yes it is! But this cannot be realized. Otherwise, the entire system of maintaining psychological and social stability may collapse. Something must be done.”And now you have a feeling of furious rejection of any thesis. If so, then you should think about it very, very seriously! Most likely, you got to the nodal point of your problems.

The balance that your subconscious is busy maintaining is in fact very unstable - it is a balance on the brink of illness. The subconscious is guided by "childish" criteria. Try to destroy it by answering the questions that are in front of you. You will not lose much, but perhaps you will gain peace of mind and health.

Whether you like it or not, in order to survive in the marketplace, you will have to actively interact with the world. And if you want this interaction to bring you the maximum possible amount of positive emotions, you need to do it from the position of healthy egoism.

If you are well versed in yourself, in the people around you, in those psychological laws that govern us, then you are practically guaranteed success.

According to Darwin's theory of evolution, either the stronger or the fitter always survives. And such in society is a real, intelligent egoist!

Man is not to blame for anything and is to blame for everything! While you did not know anything about your capabilities and the mechanisms of the functioning of the psyche, then, of course, you were not guilty of anything - you were brought up like that. But if you continue to lead the same lifestyle now that made you sick, you will be guilty of everything!

Ways to change thinking
Ways to change thinking

The human mind is omnipotent! Awareness of the mechanisms of one's disease and, especially, acceptance of them, leads to the release of internal tension, the release of complexes. And it depends on you whether you will continue to cry over your bitter fate, or roll up your sleeves and start building a life that is more worthy from your point of view!

There are several very important, from my point of view, principles, the realization of which will allow you, my dear reader, to relate much more calmly to everything around you:

1. Everything that is done is for the best! The most interesting thing is that everyone agrees with this. But in specific cases, for some reason, they do not remember this. In this world, there really are some laws that favor those people who are on the right path.

2. What should happen - will happen anyway! Therefore, it is at least unreasonable to be upset and afraid of possible troubles. We need to act so that this does not happen. And, having done everything necessary, get out of your head the thought of trouble!

3. Everything is not as bad as we sometimes think! And, indeed, it often turns out that something that we passionately and with all our souls strive for, after a while becomes completely unnecessary for us. Even more! It happens that after a while we in one way or another find out that if we did get what we wanted then, then we would be very bad now.

Reach your goal quickly
Reach your goal quickly

4. What shouldn't be done - don't even do it mentally!

Thought has a certain energy and in one way or another affects the environment.

Each person lives his own life, and everyone prays for his own "icons". The image of "I" is that mirror, the reflection in which we consider (or we were persuaded to consider) our true image. And this is a very serious thing, this is the holy of holies of man! No one is allowed there in “dirty boots”. But it very often happens that the mirror turns out to be crooked, that the goals we have been striving for for half our lives cannot make us happy. If we resist and do not let the bankrupt "shrines" be taken out of us, then a crushing collapse awaits us in life.

My task is to destroy all the “holy” in you, to expel all the “sacred cows” that are lying inside and hinder the movement of the internal “transport”!

You, my dear reader, can feel like a "cog" in a huge mechanism called society. But you can feel yourself a creative person, on whose actions the future of Mankind depends in one way or another. Let your creativity be outwardly imperceptible and not recognized by anyone. But from your correct relationships with other people, waves of peace and tranquility will radiate, which will positively affect those around you and the development of society. So think - which position is better?

By overcoming pride, a person becomes pleasant. By conquering anger, he becomes cheerful. By overcoming passion, he becomes successful. Having overcome greed, he becomes happy. Popular Arabic wisdom

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How to attract good luck to yourself? How can you become more successful and happy?

And if you are a real, intelligent egoist, then you will definitely think and act as a creative particle of a single organism - Humanity. Realizing yourself in this role will immediately put you above the petty rat fuss that many of the people around you are engaged in. This will allow you to stand firmly against the blows of fate. It will give you self-satisfaction and a sense of existence. This is a very advantageous position!

Therefore, answer to yourself the following questions as honestly and objectively as possible: “What is the meaning of your life? What are you living for in this world? Is it only to achieve a high social status? Is it just for yourself? Is it only to satisfy your own gross egoistic needs?"

The knowledge that you have sufficiently pleased your flesh, ate what you wanted, had what you wanted, will forever remain only your memory, only an episode of your life. Or an epitaph!

And the only real value in the age when the results of life are being summed up is your good glory, the benefit to Humanity that you brought.

Our good name is capital, which is impossible to collect at once. This must be served. Serve and sow reasonable, good, eternal.

And for this, your every day should become a piggy bank of good for Mankind. And this is necessary, first of all, not for Humanity, but directly for you. If, of course, you are a real, intelligent egoist!

And finally, I would like to give you, my dear reader, an installation. She may well become the engine that will propel you towards a happier life.

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Traits of the poor and losers to get rid of today

Let's call it the Moral Code of the Egoist. These are Seven Lucky Statements:

1. Love yourself - therefore love others too!

2. Be proud of yourself and accept yourself as you are!

3. Measure the environment through the prism of your egoism, make your egoism the criterion of Good. But only truly intelligent!

4. Take care of yourself - so don't forget to take care of others'

5. Always learn from your mistakes, so turn your cheek!

6. Do Good to yourself - therefore do not do it to others!

7. Think about your future - therefore - be a real, intelligent egoist!

Live by these principles, and you may well become happy, achieve Harmony in yourself and in your relationships with the world around you!

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