How to dry out without losing muscle
How to dry out without losing muscle

By intensely eating and swinging, we gain muscle mass and fat. And now it is time to bring the body into a more aesthetic form, that is, to remove the unnecessary, preserving the necessary as much as possible. How to dry out and minimize muscle loss? We offer you several options. The results will surely please you.

It should be immediately clarified that it is impossible to lose fat without losing muscle at all. Even world-class athletes who use the most effective muscle retention methods while drying still experience loss. But we are not talking about professionals, but about quite ordinary people who often believe in the only "classic" drying option, which includes a standard set of methods. We suggest you modify it a little.

Continue strength training

Drying is a strict diet with a minimum of carbohydrates and a calorie deficit, as well as many repetitions with low weight and high intensity. Only this way and nothing else, right? But remember how you gained muscle mass. Strength progressive training. It was to them that the body responded with an increase in mass, and now you are depriving yourself of the key reason not only for growth, but also for the very presence of additional muscle mass.

Why would the body preserve it, if by all indicators there are no such loads anymore? Don't give your body a reason to think so. Continue to include strength training during the drying period, or try a more extreme exercise.

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Intense interval training

And here the best example would be people running. Have a marathon runner and a sprinter next to you. Both run, but the second has much more muscles. The sprinter makes a series of maximum accelerations at short distances, intermittently. The marathon runner, on the contrary, runs measuredly, but for a long time. Do you realize how a marathon runner's running format is like the very low weight repetitions that are considered standard in drying, and the sprinter's training is like pure intensive intervals? Doing the Sprinter Method in the gym will help you lose fat while preserving muscle.

Dry slowly

Getting rid of fat comes with a very unpleasant diet, and most of us prefer to get through this difficult stage as quickly as possible. That is, a couple of months of a strict restriction is better than an exhausting six months without sweets and pasta. Fair? From the point of view of comfort - yes, but muscles are considered differently. The shorter and, accordingly, the stricter the diet, the greater the calorie deficit.

And the greater the calorie deficit, the more actively the body gets rid of everything that is not critically important, including excess energy-consuming muscle tissue. That is why seasoned instructors recommend starting drying three to four months before the cherished date when you need to get the perfect shape. Fantastic bodies in two months are obtained only with the active use of extremely specific substances that ordinary people do not need. It is much more useful to know how to tolerate a diet painlessly.

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Ease Nutritional Suffering

The more intense the diet, the less time you can stick to it. This was discussed in the previous paragraph. However, you still have to limit yourself, and here are some simple tricks to help. Hunger is felt less if there is more. Therefore, it is important to compose the diet so that at least 75% of the calories in it fall on the most simple and understandable low-calorie foods.

If you have no strength at all and you are ready to break into junk food, then do it right after your toughest workout. Minimize your carbohydrate intake on your training day before class. This will force the body to burn fat rather than newly acquired fuel, and results will be achieved faster.

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