Conclusions of the first seconds of dating
Conclusions of the first seconds of dating

Just a few seconds of looking at a stranger or a stranger is enough for people to have a first impression. A person deserves trust, whether smart, leadership qualities, picky in connections, successful and prone to adventurism.

Psychologists call this phenomenon "thin slices".

Scientists have established that just a few seconds of looking at a stranger is enough to determine his social position, level of intelligence, and even how dissolute he is.

1. Are you trustworthy

People make decisions about our reliability in tenths of a second.

Researchers from Princeton made this discovery after conducting an experiment with university students. One group was given only 100 milliseconds to assess their attractiveness, competence, aggressiveness and reliability from the faces of strangers. Members of the other group were given an unlimited amount of time for the same task.

While some of the characteristics of people differed depending on the time spent looking at the face, the assessment of the level of trust in the person was always the same.

2. Do you occupy a high social position

A Dutch study showed that people who wear expensive well-known brands, for example, from Lacoste or Tommy Hilfiger, tend to prescribe a higher social status than those who do not wear designer clothes.

"Perception is no different from any other aspect that can influence the outcome of social interactions," the study authors note. "However, branded clothing did not affect the assessment of other qualities, such as reliability, kindness, etc. Only status."

How to conduct a conversation correctly?
How to conduct a conversation correctly?

3. Are you straight or gay

Others are able to determine a person's sexual orientation in 50 milliseconds - this amount of time is enough to evaluate a particular individual.

Study authors Nalini Ambadi and Nicholas Rule noted that "rapid and accurate perception of male sexual orientation may be another sign of a quick and effective cognitive mechanism for perceiving the characteristics of other people."

4. Are you smart

In 2007, Nora Murphy, a professor of psychology at Loyola Marymount University, conducted a study that showed that the ability to look someone in the eye is considered a sign of intelligence.

“Eye contact during a conversation is the key to behavior. This correlates significantly with the assessment of the level of intelligence, which can be manipulated if you do not hide your eyes."

By the way, wearing thick glasses or expressive speech also form an idea of a high level of intelligence.

5. Are you choosy about your connections?

British scientists have found that women with tattoos on prominent parts of their bodies become less attractive and are perceived as more promiscuous, drinkers and sexually promiscuous than those who do not have a tattoo.

“In Great Britain, women with tattoos are often associated with the youth subculture“get on”or“lad-culture”, where the fair sex behaves like a tough guy - she drinks, loves fast driving and attention,” the scientists summed up.

6. You are a leader or a follower

Bald men are not only attractive but also tend to be leaders.

How do you define your goals in life?
How do you define your goals in life?

This conclusion was reached by scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, who also conducted an experiment with the demonstration of pictures of men with and without hair.

"Men with shaved heads were perceived by the participants in the experiment as more influential, strong and taller than they really were."

7. How successful are you?

A group of British-Turkish researchers have found that people in tailor-made suits appear to be more successful in their careers.

It took the participants only 5 seconds to call them more successful.

"As it became clear from the results of the study, a well-tailored suit helps to improve the image, and a person looks more successful in the eyes of others."

8. Are you moving up the career ladder?

This applies not only to status, but also to the ability to make money.

In 2011, Canadian scientists showed students photographs of male models, some of whom were dressed in casual outfits and others in business suits. The volunteers were then asked to reflect on who these people might work for and whether they would be successful.

The results of this experiment left no doubt that the guys who preferred the classic style of clothing were predicted a quick promotion and good earnings.

9. Are you inclined to adventurism

Others not only can "read" information about us by our appearance, but also by the way we move.

Durham University staff showed students videos of 26 people with different walking styles - light or heavy, hurried or confident.

How do all people like it? The three minute rule
How do all people like it? The three minute rule

It turned out that just a few steps are enough for others to form a certain impression of us. According to the respondents, a free and relaxed gait indicates extraversion and a penchant for adventures. While a jerky gait is inherent in neurotic individuals.

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