Increased vitality
Increased vitality

What will your future look like? How to find new sources of energy, spend less time at work and more on yourself, relax and play sports, achieve the desired goals?

How do you see the future? Are you looking forward to it? Or are you afraid of it, resisting it, and just seeing it as “just another ordinary day”?

Having mastered the simple techniques developed by Daniel Brownie, you will begin to easily find new sources of energy and vitality, spend less time at work and more on yourself and your loved ones, relax and play sports, achieve the desired goals.

But be prepared for the fact that your progress will not be rapid: some skills you will learn quickly and easily, others will take time.

So, the four key stages of increasing vitality:

Increased energy levels.

Improving the quality and efficiency of sleep.

Concentration and concentration of attention.

Relieve stress and relieve feelings of anxiety.

Let's consider them in detail.

1. Increasing energy levels

Energy is the fuel needed to move forward. It depends on it how fast you move towards your goal and how long you are able to work effectively.

The body's energy equation:

E = P - C

P - peak physical energy - the maximum energy contained in our body;

Self-development tips
Self-development tips

C - resistance to the flow of energy - stress or tension that prevents the free flow or use of energy.

To increase energy levels, you need to increase your peak physical energy and reduce your stress levels.

The correct way of breathing allows the flow of energy.

Watch how you breathe. If, during inhalation and exhalation, the stomach rises and falls, and the chest remains motionless, then you are breathing correctly.

To inhale even deeper, fill your belly with air, and then fill your lungs with air up to your shoulders. This exercise is great for relieving tension in your shoulders.

The feeling of air in your stomach means that you are breathing correctly, and if you have it, it is great, because you have mastered one of the fundamental skills for filling the body with energy. Once you adjust your breathing, the changes will begin to occur naturally.

The next step you need to take on the path to increasing your energy level is to become aware of your own body.

"Your body will amplify pain signals until you take action."

The better you feel the tension in your body, the easier it will be for you to release it and restore the natural flow of energy.

The exercise

During abdominal breathing, shift your attention first to your calves, then to your knees, hips, pelvis, groin, buttocks, abdominal muscles, chest, back, shoulders, wrists, forearms, hands, neck, throat, head, eyes, ears, nose, etc. mouth. Pay special attention to the skull and brain. You can imagine that your mind is a parent and your body is a child. Talk to your body like a child, soothing, caring, but authoritative. After about five minutes, you should notice a significant improvement.

The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow itself to be realized
The trap of the indecision of the smart, which does not allow itself to be realized

Each time you feel pain, focus on that area and try to relax it. If you are having trouble relaxing it with your mind, try massaging the area where you are experiencing pain.

The following exercises will also help you provide an instant flow of energy.

The technique of surprise. Let your imagination wake you up. Imagine an action that will greatly surprise or shock you. For example, take a sharp breath and imagine someone splashing ice water in your face. If you do everything right, the brain will not be able to distinguish fantasy from reality.

Jumping with excitement. Jump in place with your arms raised in a victorious gesture for thirty seconds. Even if you don't have the right mood, imagine you have it!

2. Improving the quality and efficiency of sleep

Numerous studies of sleep duration have still not given a definite answer to the question of how many hours a day you need to sleep. Eight hours?

Kripke's six-year study, which involved more than a million people aged 30 to 102, found that people who sleep six to seven hours a night have lower mortality rates than those who sleep. sleeps eight or more hours a day.

Therefore, we suggest that you set aside the preconceptions that you can get enough sleep and recover in only 8 hours.

Run the experiment for three weeks, reducing your sleep to six or seven hours to see if it works for you.

How to make the right decision in choosing
How to make the right decision in choosing

If you went to bed late or slept poorly at night, that does not mean that the whole day should be ruined. Don't make sleep deprivation a problem. By focusing on fatigue, you also feel more tired. As soon as you stop thinking about it, you will notice that fatigue or the desire to sleep recedes.

Minimize resistance. All you need is a positive attitude. Find reasons to be happy, and the joy and excitement can help you cope with periods of sleep deprivation.

3. Concentration and concentration of attention

How can you stay focused when there are so many distractions around? The best way is to keep your mind clear.

To do this, you need to understand the short-term and long-term goals for which you do what you do.

It is equally important, when creating your day, to take into account the context - motives, beliefs and worldview. This is your vision: “what”, “why” and “why” you are going to do. For example: "Today I will notice and use every opportunity."

"The context is like a ship leaving a British port to cross the Atlantic: you just go off course a few degrees and you end up not in Miami, but in Mexico."

Systems and structures contribute to focus and concentration.

These are the organizational elements of daily life, work, and the environment that help us fulfill our commitments and support us on the way to our goals.

Most of the systems and structures you already have: this is your personal time management system - for example, the diary, calendar, computer programs, technology, and other productivity systems that you use. Therefore, all you need is a slight improvement or customization.

Never do this if you want to be happy, rich and successful
Never do this if you want to be happy, rich and successful

On your journey to your destination, context is the map and the route it follows, systems and structures are the vehicles you use, and energy is fuel. These three factors are interdependent. The context determines the energy level. The structure supports the energy level. Energy keeps your systems and structures running.

4. Relieve stress and relieve feelings of anxiety

Typically, there are two types of stressful situations that we face:

Urgency. This is when we try to do a large amount of work in a short time, or try to get to the place on time, but we get stuck in a traffic jam.

Anxiety. It often happens that you or you haven't done anything yet, and your body produces stress hormones that make your heart beat faster.

When you notice that you are feeling stressed, stop doing what you were doing. Recognize that you are under stress and don't let yourself be more stressed about it.

Ask yourself, "What hidden fear is causing my stress?" Unconscious fears usually underlie stress. The most common ones are: loneliness, loss of love, status, control; fear of making a mistake, being unable to do anything, being unworthy.

Think how rational is your fear? Are you exaggerating the possible consequences? Consider the worst-case scenario and ask yourself, "Will I survive?"

Now consider the most likely solutions to the problem. After correcting the situation, release it.

A man of action and a man of his word. Winning methods
A man of action and a man of his word. Winning methods

By relieving stress, improving sleep quality, eliminating the effects of lack of sleep, increasing concentration, eliminating anxiety and filling the body with energy, we make the transition to the energy cycle - the cycle of accumulating energy, revitalizing vitality, increasing attention and productivity.

So, you have all the tools you need to replenish your vital energy reserves. Now all you need to do is practice.

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