What makes you fall in love?
What makes you fall in love?

Romance, feelings, psychological aspect and physical attraction. Why do people only fall in love with a certain type of people? What makes you fall in love?

A romantic relationship is a natural need and desire for each of us. The human body, like his psychology, is designed by nature to attract members of the opposite sex. This intellectual construct is the key to human relationships and sexuality, which further works as the basic element of human continuity on earth through offspring. Romantic feelings are a kind of psychological application imprinted in your brain, which is stimulated from an early age. So, there are several social and psychological aspects that make a person fall in love.

Most living species have been shown to secrete pheromones and hormones that attract the opposite sex. These pheromones have a special smell, and attract the opposite sex by influencing not their biological nature, but psychological.

Oxytocin and vasopressin are two hormones that are responsible for creating romantic emotions between people. You might be wondering if romance is driven by hormones and pheromones, then why doesn't everyone feel the same way about everyone else. The answer is the right combination. A person can only have similarities with a certain set of hormones. For this reason, you only fall in love with a certain type of people.

Psychological aspect

Love is a psychological element in human relationships, so it is very difficult to manipulate your psychology to induce romantic feelings in his / her mind. There are certain psychological aspects that possibly make people fall in love. The feeling of similarity is one of the most important, which can develop into a long romance. People who interact with each other for a long time or people who have a similar way of thinking can surely fall in love.

How to make a girl fall in love?
How to make a girl fall in love?

Based on psychological theory, relationships can arise in 2 cases: in the case of compassion for the partner and in the case of passion. Compassionate romance arises from mutual understanding, respect, and sharing. Passionate love, on the other hand, is based on intense sexual desire, anxiety, and attachment. Any relationship can be assessed based on these psychological aspects.

Physical attraction

Physical attraction is another reason for starting a romantic relationship. A normal man or woman is designed to attract the opposite sex. But not all men or women rate the attractiveness of a member of the opposite sex with the same intensity. Someone we can consider more beautiful, someone sexier, while for our colleague this person does not represent the slightest interest.

The reason is again psychological. The concept of "like / dislike" is formed in the minds of people in accordance with aesthetic and sexual images and ideas. The concept of beauty is different for every nation and generation. Some might say that being thin is sexy, while others disprove it. As the proverb says: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so the attractiveness of a person depends on the preferences of the other.

Social reasons

People today live in a society where crystal clear laws are defined in terms of human relations. Society encourages every adult to live in a family where they have and raise children as responsible members. A child who reaches puberty sees the relationship between men and women absolutely everywhere, and gradually he / she also looks for a life partner.

How do women manipulate you?
How do women manipulate you?

Society, through visual life examples and media coverage, implants in the child the very idea of a relationship between a man and a woman, as a result of which the child feels the need to fall in love. Society is opening up more and more opportunities for girls and boys to interact. This helps them easily fall in love with both people and things that are pleasing to the eye. Today the family atmosphere plays a big role in making a person fall in love later.

Children deprived of parental care, whose parents cannot find time for children in their busy life schedules, find themselves in a difficult position. Thus, the only option for them to receive care and love is to find a life partner who will replace everyone else. They satisfy their desire for love in romance. This lack of security and love can ultimately lead these people to unhealthy relationships. In such relationships, the social aspects are more prominent than the psychological or hormonal ones.

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