TOP 10 male mistakes in bed
TOP 10 male mistakes in bed

Even the most professional men in sex make mistakes that lead to the dissatisfaction of women. The most annoying and unpleasant mistakes in bed.

You know all the positions physically available to you, you have studied all the female erogenous zones, you always have a large supply of conventional and exotic condoms with you. But even the best men in sex can make serious mistakes that can turn into bad luck in bed and cost you your girlfriend.

And here they are, those 10 most common and unpleasant mistakes that men make in sex.

1. Forget everything you've seen in adult films

After watching movies with strawberries, many men begin to bring what they have seen to life - they twirl their partner like a gymnast, attach themselves to her from different sides, lay her on all sorts of horizontal and not only surfaces, force the girl to stand on a bridge, make a birch, sit on a twine or with I will run to perform a somersault with a climactic landing on ….. well, you know what. But in life everything is much more prosaic than in cinema - that's why it is staged cinema. Bed scenes in such films are filmed by directors in the right angles and in those positions in which the average man and woman will experience only discomfort, not to mention the possibility of injury. Therefore, if you do not want to "break" your girlfriend in different places or get a fracture of the hip, collarbone and other parts of the body, then it is better to master the more accessible and pleasant positions for the two of you.

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2. Unplug your phone

It has been proven that 15% of men interrupt sex in order to answer a phone call. By this, you not only show your disrespect for your partner, but also completely violate the atmosphere and mood that you both created thanks to foreplay and the very process of intercourse. Silent mode in your phone will always help you in this situation.

3. No philosophical reasoning about the meaning of life

Simply put - less text, more action. Talk only about how she turns you on, how good and pleasant you are with her. By the way, Italians calculated that couples who do not have a TV in their bedroom have sex twice as often as those who do.

4. Don't drool

Saliva during sex can be used if there is no lubricant at hand or your natural lubrication is not enough for a pleasant "sliding". And this is permissible. But spitting and even salivary bubbles - in whatever adult movie you see it - can discourage your woman from any contact with you for a long time. And, if you nevertheless decided to use the liquid from your mouth, then in no case chew menthol gum before that, otherwise, instead of orgasm, your partner will experience an uncontrollable burning sensation in the genital area, and she will run to the bathroom with lightning to wash off all that that you moistened her there.

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Signs by which girls identify bad lovers before sex

5. Don't hibernate immediately after intercourse

After orgasm in the blood, the supply of glycogen, an animal starch that nourishes the muscles, sharply decreases. When there is not enough glycogen, a person feels completely overwhelmed. Since men have more muscle mass than women, they get tired sooner. But find the strength not to snore right after sex. Alternatively, talk about how good it was for you, or just lie in the languid arms of each other.

6. During sex, do not think about other women and their abilities

Now you are having sex with her, so you should think and talk only about her, in no case stuttering about your previous bed experience with other women. Anyway, such conversations and comparisons will be inappropriate even outside the bed. But if you can't wait to embody the experience of days gone by, then you can casually hint to your lady that you would like to experiment in bed, while not mentioning any third parties.

7. Don't make sex a comedy

Bed is not a time for jokes when you’ve already gotten into sexual intercourse. There will be another time for jokes and reprises. Now focus on your feelings and the reactions of your woman.

8. Control your body

She is not a rubber doll that can easily carry 90 kilograms of live weight. Even when you are infinitely good and pleasant, and incredibly want to relax, remember that under you is a fragile female body, which should not become a living mattress for you.

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9. She's not ready to have sex with a half-kick

A rare woman, finding herself on the bed, "floats" and wants to immediately mate with you. In order for a woman's body to tune in and prepare for sexual intercourse, a couple of compliments and a massage of the cervical-collar zone are not enough. Sometimes, even stroking in more intimate places is not enough. A woman needs to get to a certain stage of arousal, both emotionally and physiologically. The same is the case with orgasm - a woman needs more time than a man to experience an orgasm.

10. Don't just think about yourself

A rare woman will reach an orgasm in two minutes, in five or even ten. The female body has a different structure, women experience arousal differently than men, and the genitals of men and women have different degrees of sensitivity (see paragraph 9). And this should be taken into account if you want your partner to be delighted with the next sex with you. Therefore, do not make it your main goal to enjoy yourself, while depriving your girlfriend of the same. In sex, you have to be somewhat altruistic and think not only of yourself, your beloved, but also of your partner. And, believe me, she will answer you in kind.

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