20 valuable tips for 30-year-olds from people in their 50s
20 valuable tips for 30-year-olds from people in their 50s

What advice could 50-year-olds give to current 30-year-olds to improve their lives in the future? If you are in your 30s, now is the time to finally listen to your elders!

On one site, people in their 50s were asked what advice they could give to today's 30s to improve their lives in the future. The answers do not reveal any unexpected truths, but are incredibly simple and wise. And if you are in your 30s, now is the time to finally listen to your elders!

1. Don't smoke. If you smoke, quit immediately

Cyndi Perlman Fink:

“If you could see me now, I would kneel down on my poor, creaky knees and ask you to at least think about quitting smoking. It's expensive, smells bad, and is 100% guaranteed to cause health problems. Want to avoid cancer at 50? Stop smoking.

2. Stop eating shitty food

Sireesha Chilakamarri:

- During your life you can earn a lot of money so that by the age of 50 you can buy the whole world with it. But you cannot buy health. Give up fast food right now, at 30.

3. Maintain (or restore) good relationships with parents, siblings

Robert Walker:

- I grew up in a family where they love to argue. Looking at us, you might think that we hate each other. But this is not at all the case. On the contrary, we are very open to each other and can say whatever we want, because our family ties are very strong! Most likely, due to personal problems and troubles, you do not often see your family, but these are exactly the questions that the family can help with.

How to live brighter? How to live interesting and fulfilling?
How to live brighter? How to live interesting and fulfilling?

4. Stop going out in the sun without sunscreen

Cyndi Perlman Fink:

- I was stupid. I didn’t listen to anyone. Do you want to have wrinkles and thin skin, like mine, which is bruised even from light touches and constantly peels off? Okay, continue lying in the sun without using sunscreen.

5. Go in for sports

Cyndi Perlman Fink:

- Start to lead an active lifestyle now, then by the age of 50 you will remain quite mobile. Don't type all. Go in for sports. Maintaining your weight is important for your health. Being overweight causes all kinds of harm to your body. I was fat, I was slim. Being slim means healthier.

6. Start saving money. At least just a little bit

Cliff Gilley:

- Save money. I know this is a boring, banal and not at all sexy proposal, but it's true. At 30, you have many different sources of income, some of which can be set aside for use later in life. Plus, if you make it a habit to save money now, you will continue to do so.

7. Learn to be content with what you have

Robert Walker:

- Happiness is much more important than global success. If you are happy with what you have, you are most likely unlikely to become a millionaire, but your life will be happier. And if you do become a rich person, then you will be a happy rich person.

How to have a good weekend break?
How to have a good weekend break?

8. Stop procrastinating your life goals for later

Bill Karwin:

- Do you want to buy a house? Have children? Write a book? Get a second degree or an advanced degree? Change your profession? Learn to play a new musical instrument? Learning to cook delicious meals? Try diving? Run for government? Start your own business? Then get started today.

"Better postpone now", "I'll do it someday" … But the truth is, time accelerates when you are in your 30s, and it keeps on accelerating. The time when you have to start realizing your dreams has already come - this is now.

9. Get enough sleep

Nan Waldman:

- Get rid of insomnia. Sleep in a dark room, close the curtains tightly. Do not look at bright screens before bed. Go to sleep and wake up at the same time.

10. Take care of your teeth

Caroline Zelonka:

Go to the damned dentist! Treat your tooth decay as soon as it appears. Over the years, dental problems will only get worse. Crowns, implants are all very expensive, inconvenient and time-consuming. You will save your money well in the future if you go to have your teeth treated now.

11. Store memories, not things

Richard Careaga:

- You are your life experience. It will be very sad to wake up at 50 and realize that you have spent your life accumulating material wealth. Memories will never be worthless or burned in a fire.

Valuable life tips
Valuable life tips

12. Give it back

Nan Waldman:

- Giving something to others, you experience blessing and virtue, do it with your soul and with all your heart. Don't expect anything in return.

13. Be curious and do something every day that scares you

Mary Leek:

- Get out of the house and go on an adventure now! Make them as big as possible, take a lot of pictures, defy the wind, take risks, catch the bird of luck by the tail. If possible, bring someone you care about with you. Accumulate LOTS of memories. There should be much more than just a parachute jump. They should be measured in days, not hours and minutes! You will smile when you remember all this, even when you are very old and falling apart. Promise. I'm smiling!

14. Read at least 10 books a year

Vanitha Muthukumar:

“Gee! I wish I spent more time watching TV and playing computer games! " - not a single 50-year-old will say. Your brain will never stop developing, so train it with worthwhile information.

15. Travel. As often as you can

Jeff Goins:

- Not much in this world can change you as much as travel. You will find yourself in places that will make you think about things much bigger than yourself. It's about getting through real risk and adventure so that you don't have to live in fear for the rest of your life. And… you will inspire others to step out of their comfort zone too.

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What do people like? 55 best things in the world

16. Learn to meditate

Rens De Nobel:

- The list of benefits is endless, huge changes in your life and among the people you love will cost you only a small amount of time per day. And unlike ten years ago, now there are tons of scientific studies to support this.

17. Take care of yourself

Satish Kumar Grandhi:

- Believe me, the day your body begins to show the first signs of aging and wear and tear, you will stop enjoying parties or trying to impress someone. Get on the path of discovering yourself now to become stronger by 50.

18. Keep a journal

Mark Crawley:

- You will forget more of your precious memories than you remember. Your notes will entertain and delight you in the future (what a shame I didn't). Save files and photos from your computer to memory cards, your children (or your surviving spouse) will be very grateful to you.

19. Buy a home

Liz Read:

- Buy a home. The mortgage will be almost paid off by 50.

20. Take care of your friends

Nan Waldman:

- Surround yourself with people who make you feel like the best version of yourself, who motivate you by example, and who you really feel good about. Develop with them. Laugh with them. Do stupid things too. Enjoy life. Take time each week to be together.

The story "Five Stars"
The story "Five Stars"

This is how these tips come in handy at any age. Take care of yourself!

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