What is masculinity?
What is masculinity?

There are five male virtues through which a man can differentiate himself as such in society. What is a man worth without his credo and purpose in life?

There are five masculine virtues, thanks to which a man can differentiate himself as such in society:

- dedication to the work of your life

- will

- purposefulness

- tireless craving for creativity and knowledge

- independence in judgments and actions

They can be acquired only on the way to the goal: it is in the movement towards something, overcoming obstacles that these virtues appear and develop.

One of the reasons for the obscurity of modern men is the reference model of behavior in society. If someone has not yet understood, a man in modern society is deprived of the happiness of owning a goal - instead he has a way of life. Consumerism. Consume to grow and grow to consume. It is in such conditions that a fertile soil for the inversion of dominance is realized: consumerism, the accumulation and effective use of goods is the kingdom of women. It is in such conditions that male virtues are cut at the root. Why are they needed? Where to apply them when you are just a raw material appendage?

Take any couple with a strong and independent woman and move them from modern comfortable conditions to survival conditions in which there are no supermarkets, cleaning products and shopping centers: everything will instantly fall into place. The task will appear to survive, and who, if not our main character, will fulfill it? Who, if not our hero, can go through a difficult and thorny path, acquiring strength, will and determination?

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And therefore, the only way for a man to survive in the modern world, to create a strong, happy family, in which he will be the main one, to be strong and satisfied with himself, is to find a goal and start moving towards it. If the goal is ambitious, attractive and significant, then a model of survival will be recreated, overcoming in which one can begin to grow and become strong.

What is a man worth without his credo?

Nothing, a piece of an apathetic, weak-willed dolt who is pushed around from mom to boss.

This creature is not a man or a woman, but simply nothing.

Anyone can be anyone. Become aware and start moving in the right direction. The past does not matter - how you were raised, what experience you went through …

Just be aware and do. Becoming a man is only a matter of your choice.

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