Relationship pitfalls
Relationship pitfalls

Have love relationships with the opposite sex always caused problems and difficulties? It's about common pitfalls and relationship pitfalls. How to build happy relationships and interact with the opposite sex?

The relationship between a man and a woman has always been considered difficult. On what it depends, it is difficult to say unequivocally. But how to build a happy relationship, how to avoid pitfalls in relationships, so that you can honestly say that everything is fine with you?

Let's take a look at 10 pitfalls in a relationship between a man and a woman.

1. The legend of a man and a woman

Ancient Greece gave us the philosopher Plato and his myth of two halves of a whole. So Plato called the relationship between a man and a woman. From all that has been said, we can conclude that the personalities of a man and a woman are very imperfect and, having not found their soul mate, remain inferior. This legend is able to form an urgent need to find a pair. That is, you definitely need to look for a mate for yourself if you definitely want to be happy, because alone you are only half a person and only in a couple can you become one hundred percent person. But it is possible to become addicted to a couple, rather than create a happy, fulfilling relationship.

But, there is another opinion and it is more suitable for modern relations. This is when a man and a woman are full-fledged people of different sexes. Therefore, each of them can live their own life, and full-fledged and at the same time coexist with a person of the opposite sex, not representing inferiority, but as different individuals. Women and men are not attachments to each other. Their partnerships are based on interactions with each other, but there is a difference in their nature. And they have their weaknesses and manifestations of strength. In such a relationship, they complement each other not as half-hearted individuals, but as two integral personalities. And this has its advantages.

How to confess your love to a girl?
How to confess your love to a girl?

2. Why do women need men and vice versa?

It would seem that the question is very simple, but it often plunges people into bewilderment. The answer may be different strengths in our nature. The strong point of a woman is in her procreation and in natural energy strength. Men have a slightly weaker natural potential, but their strength lies in the creation of structuring and socially realistic space. Therefore, a man and a woman have the opportunity to complement each other.

3. A woman's opinion: the husband is a rag

When speaking about family life, it is understood that the family is a system of certain interrelated roles of a man and a woman. By humiliating a man, a woman becomes humiliated herself. It does not happen that a woman in a family is a queen, and a man is a nonentity. By marrying a king, a woman becomes a queen; if for a poultry house, she becomes a hen. We can conclude: if she wants to be a goddess, then for her a man should not be anyone else, but a god. A woman capable of supporting a man and his self-esteem will always be the most desirable, dear, beautiful for him.

However, women do not like this approach and they begin to resist, saying that they do not want to humiliate themselves in front of a man. But this is not a correct perception. A woman cannot be humiliated by a man. That is, humiliation can be among equals. That is, only a man can humiliate a man, and a woman - a woman. After all, we are different by definition and have a different purpose in society.

We all dream of love, but we leave by calculation
We all dream of love, but we leave by calculation

4. You are nobody, neither man / woman

Sometimes it happens that in the hearts of women shout to men: "Yes, you are not a man!". For men, such a phrase is very offensive and they try to immediately prove the opposite. It is the same with women when men accuse them of not being women. Women try to change and adapt to the demands of men. However, nothing good can come of this, as heterosexual people distantly represent the life and needs of people of the opposite sex. No wonder there is an opinion that only a woman can understand a woman. We have completely different ideas about life as such, about the psychology of the opposite sex, about needs and principles.

5. Developing the feminine - a man is needed, developing the masculine - a woman

There is an opinion that a man is necessary for the development of femininity. Women believe that they are more interested in a man's company than in a woman's. But if we take as a basis that men and women are different types of human beings, then such an opinion is erroneous. Therefore, it is possible to develop the masculine only in the masculine environment, and the feminine in the feminine. Leaving his environment in the opposite environment, generates dependence on individuals of the opposite sex. But if a woman can be surrounded by men and at the same time does not depart from the female environment, she especially emphasizes femininity. From this we can conclude that for the productive manifestation of their characteristics by gender, you need to accept your own nature.

Readiness for a relationship. Test for readiness for a new relationship
Readiness for a relationship. Test for readiness for a new relationship

6. A man is created by a woman

The notion that only a woman can raise a good man is very wrong. A man can bring up the male in a man, respectively, a woman can bring up a female in a woman. If we consider the option that a man is raised by a woman, what happens. It turns out that a woman is able to give education according to her ideas about men. Therefore, more often than not, soft-bodied, comfortable men grow up in such conditions, so to speak, mama's sons. And from girls raised by men, courageous women grow up who are not able to respect the masculine, since they themselves have such qualities.

7. Real men / women

Remember, men and women are real by gender, received at birth, and throughout life it remains and does not disappear anywhere. Considering behavior, we can talk about the number of feminine and masculine in a person's character. And this amount depends on the culture of upbringing and the society in which he lives. From this we can conclude that there are women with a strong character and they are real women, there are also sensual men with a vulnerable soul, but they will never become women.

8. Femininity for yourself

You can take care of yourself, look great, visually like not only yourself, but also those around you, but relationships with men do not work out. And this happens due to excessive inner masculinity in a woman. The opposite happens in the man.

Stereotypes about women
Stereotypes about women

But do not forget that nature created two different kinds of people. And only because of this, the masculine and feminine are manifested due to the difference between the sexes. By the behavior of men in the presence of a woman, you can determine how feminine she is. That is, men are a mirror for women and vice versa.

9. Jealousy

As a rule, jealousy manifests itself in people with low self-esteem and great imagination. Because of this, difficulties arise in communication and people do not try to constructively solve the existing misunderstanding, but translate the situation into an emotional channel with clarification of the relationship.

10. The moment of parting

One cannot be mistaken in saying that most people desire eternal love, but in real life love very often has an ending. And, if it so happens that parting is inevitable, try to disperse without hurting each other. Try not to be offended by your partner. After all, he gave you so many good things. Remain grateful to him for this. Don't transfer your resentment to your future relationship. Leave everything in the past.

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