The truth of life that I faced in mine
The truth of life that I faced in mine

Getting married at 20 is like leaving a good party at 9pm. If you didn't get married early, then you will soon be faced with similar thoughts and considerations about relationships.

I'm wondering I'm not the only one who is not married at 26, what girls or men will say, I'm sure that many have similar thoughts.

If you don't get married before 25, then dating turns into interviews (with) I.

Here is my next 27th birthday, and again sad thoughts.

What I needed from a woman in my 20s was regular sex, beautiful appearance to show off to friends, discos….

There were a couple of moments that I agreed to get married at 21, but as they say, it’s not destiny, for very sad reasons we broke up.

At 22 there was a Chinese woman, well, my dream is an otaku, but for her dad, the owner of a cable factory in northern China, I was far from a welcome son-in-law, and I didn't have enough brains to outplay him at that time.

Now I am 26+, I have girls, but every year of your life, gaining experience, you begin to form an increasingly more accurate portrait of your future wife, not even your beloved, namely your wife, because you still have loved ones. But you are not ready to marry for one reason or another.

About long distance relationships: advantages and disadvantages
About long distance relationships: advantages and disadvantages

You look at your classmates / classmates already have children and a couple of divorces, not all of them, normal, everything is fine and the wife is beautiful and the family is strong. I'm not in any way envious, I'm happy for them, almost most of those who are doing well are my friends from school or university. But all of them are helped by their parents, car, apartment, money. Not so that it would be right at all on the neck, but 30-40 percent of the wealth thanks to the parents.

I was sent to study in a big city with one single instruction, "Find yourself a girl from a good and wealthy family."

well, actually a classic of the genre. I don’t know why I’m such a fool, but I wanted to achieve everything myself, or rather I was not ready to sell myself only for wealth and live with a person I didn’t like or listen to reproaches that we all helped you do it.

I am smart, not that I praise myself, I stubbornly comprehended knowledge that could be useful to me in life. And as a result, I have never had problems with work or money (Life in Spain is a separate topic, only the last year is hard here without documents).

Now I started looking, well, probably not even now, but after the turn of 25, the girls are not just like “Oh, my love”, but to evaluate her:

Romantic date for two: 150 romantic ideas for an evening with a girlfriend
Romantic date for two: 150 romantic ideas for an evening with a girlfriend

1) Purposefulness

2) Financial perspective

3) Specialization

4) Stress resistance

5) Goals for the next 5-10 years

That's how it all turned into interviews …

And if something does not match, it goes to the friend zone or mistress..

Perhaps in Europe, due to the fact that before 30 do not even come up with questions of marriage, those who join it usually live happily ever after and have a very small percentage of divorces and problems in the family.

P. S. Although sometimes you look around and think, maybe my child would have been 5 years old … And on the other hand, he is still free, packed up and left wherever he wanted ….

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