50 shades of men
50 shades of men

Male creatures are rather strange and difficult to understand. But each representative of the strong half of humanity has 50 shades of gray in his character and lifestyle. 1. A very widespread line is from a well-known Soviet song, in which it was said that there are 9 guys for every 10 girls. In fact, this statement does not apply to the 20-30 age group. Here the ratio of free women to free men is 10 to 12.

2. Male eyesight actively react to moving objects. Therefore, the chance that he will pay attention to the girl sitting at the bar is very low.

3. Almost 30% of guys keep the phone numbers of their "ex" - suddenly, it will come in handy in the future.

4. Dancers, models, stewardesses are, according to men, the sexiest female professions.

5. Appearance means much more to men than sexual forms of the body and figure.

6. A man unknowingly tries to attract the attention of women by holding his thumbs on his own belt or the front edge of jeans.

7. Almost 60% of men change clothes in their bed before the first date - just in case.

8. Before the emergence of permanent romantic relationships in men, for the most part, there are 4-15 sexual partners.

9. 40% of men feel cold about the fact that a woman initiates an acquaintance.

Men need to get tougher if they want to be winners and be successful with girls
Men need to get tougher if they want to be winners and be successful with girls

10. Paradox, but true: men like it when women disagree with them and defend their own point of view!

50 shades of men
50 shades of men

11. The unpredictability of a guy's actions directly depends on his age, because the final formation of the brain regions directly responsible for impulsivity occurs closer to 25 years.

12. Approximately 50% of bachelors wear yesterday's stale socks without a twinge of conscience.

13. Absolutely any activity that requires a man to concentrate his attention and efforts, at the same time makes him not pay attention to anything around him. Even girls.

14. A naked girl is less exciting for men than a half-naked girl.

15. If a man has a huge number of candles in his house, it is quite obvious that he is a romantic.

16. Most men pay for a lady in a restaurant, but few do it sincerely.

17.30% of guys regularly lie to their girls.

18. Less than 10% of men share their intimate details with friends.

19. And by the way, almost 30% of bachelors sincerely believe in the love of their life.

50 shades of men
50 shades of men

20. For more than half of the stronger sex, a woman's beautiful face is more important than a flawless figure.

21. Most of the bachelors under the age of 27 live under the parental wing.

22. Everyone knows that men are terribly afraid of becoming impotent. In second place, oddly enough, is the fear of baldness.

23. 96% of men dream of a non-smoking girl.

55 tips from men for men
55 tips from men for men

24. A man on average eats 3 kg of lipstick in his entire life. From women's lips, of course.

25. 80% of men are so afraid of going to doctors that they postpone these visits until the last.

26. 30% of men who attended the birth of their wives had erection problems that lasted from two months to several years.

27. On average, men have a higher body temperature than women. If the apartment is cold, it is recommended that the woman sleep in the same bed with the man. Men are portable heaters that do snore.

28. If a man has prepared dinner for a woman and the salad contains more than three ingredients, consider that he has serious intentions.

29. Men forget everything, while women forget nothing. That is why replays are often shown when broadcasting sports.

30. Most men hate shopping. This is why the menswear section is typically located on the ground floor, two inches from the front door.

31. Men cannot stand to lose in anything.

32. Men rush to help others much faster than women.

33. According to statistics, 25% of men are ready to lie in order not to worry their companion.

34. A man is attracted to a semi-naked woman much more than a completely naked woman.

50 shades of men
50 shades of men

35. Men hate talking about relationships.

36. Oddly enough, but men laugh louder, more often and longer than women.

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real
Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real

37. Men very rarely share their personal details with friends and family.

38. Men bear pain much more difficult than women.

39. Actively rooting for their favorite team in sports, men are confident that by whistling and shouting they will help win.

40. Most men, not wanting to get married, will explain this by the fact that they have their own home.

41. Men suffer stress much more acutely than women.

42. Men are afraid of women who do not share his hobbies, views, opinions and tastes.

43. Men are the most frequent customer base on the Internet.

44. A man who shares his food with a woman is madly in love with her.

45. Divorced men are more likely to suffer from heart disease than single or married men.

46. Men who are involved in raising children live longer.

47. The most delicious dishes for a man are those prepared by his mother.

48. There are more left-handed men than women.

49. The sense of smell in men is more developed than in women.

50. Some men think about sex once every seven seconds.

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