Luck laws
Luck laws

Some people are constantly lucky, while others make a titanic effort for a similar result. How to attract a lucky break and make a life of good moments?

Someone has to work hard to achieve a goal, and someone is always helped by circumstances. Are these just coincidences?

Our environment does not consist of lucky people, but lucky people do meet. It is quite difficult to overcome envy of those who walk easily through life and do not stumble over obstacles. Previously, such phenomena were explained by supernatural reasons: luck - witchcraft, failure - curses.

Positive psychology has proven that troubles can at least be provoked by failures in parenting programs, which means that it is also possible to attract a lucky break. We've compiled 18 principles of behavior to help you shape your life from good times.

1. How we accept gifts of fate

The lucky one unconditionally believes that he is lucky and never goes past the coincidence of circumstances. Having met a celebrity on the street, a loser will not ask for a joint selfie, believing that they will refuse. Likewise, wherever minimal activity is needed to get a prize (housing with inexpensive rent, trendy sale, dream job)

2. What our thoughts are doing

It is important if we can notice a lucky break when we are in the right place at the right time. As you plunge into thoughts about problems, you are unlikely to notice a surprise that can change your life. Anxiety interferes with openness and observation.

Accidents are not accidental. The regularity of life and success
Accidents are not accidental. The regularity of life and success

3. Do we know how to relax

A person who is totally unlucky is also totally trying to keep everything under control. And he regularly receives confirmation that this is impossible, having already spent a lot of effort on it. The lucky one knows that giving up on a confusing situation is often the best way to solve it. Life is fluid and things can turn for the better while you are drinking coffee with friends.

4. Do we notice our contributions

Luck is a subjective concept. From the outside it seems that the lucky ones are not doing anything, but they also care about shelter and food, are responsible and get tired. However, they would rather praise themselves for the smallest effort than scold themselves for imperfections. The result is the result, but in any case, you should tell yourself that you are smart, and life will sparkle with new colors.

5. Are our strengths working

Before trying to break open the doors, look around for an open window. Someone takes it with their mind, someone with charm, and someone participates in a completely different competition. The lucky ones prefer the easy way, and they are able to calmly refuse to argue for the victory, if they understand that the chances are slim. You will not earn all the prizes, but it is easy to achieve what you feel like on a horse.

6. Do we know how to feel the moment

Something has to wait if it's really worth the wait. Rather than rushing to the front lines in the most exhausting battle, analyze the situation and choose the appropriate case. Don't give bad news to your boss immediately after he returns from a difficult deal. One bad moment in your life will be less.

How to become lucky and be more fortunate?
How to become lucky and be more fortunate?

7. In what framework we live

“They won't pay much in this market,” “This man is too good to like me,” “I have little experience yet to take on such a task,” say the losers. And they find that someone earns much more, meets the "uneven" and gains experience in solving difficult issues on the go. The lucky ones do not come from restrictions, but from desires. It will work out or not - only practice will show. 8. How insidious self-esteem fails us

In understanding themselves, losers are static - "I am a timid person", "I was brought up to be hardworking." The lucky one knows that there is a hole in the old woman, but on the whole he is the owner of the best qualities. For this, you can allow yourself to be greedy, lazy, or "give a fool." It is easy for him to forgive himself for minor flaws, because he does not ascribe them to himself forever.

9. Do we submit to happiness?

A huge amount of positive emotions pass by the loser because he does not know how to rejoice. Happiness is not very clear to him, so it's easier to brush it off and continue to wait for fantastic luck. Luck must be respected even in small things, so we will hear from the lucky one how lucky he is with the weather, and from the one who did not notice it, we will not hear anything.

10. Do we believe in a real lucky break

Do you have to try to explain everything rationally? After all, coincidences also happen, even if we have never tried to visualize them. On the other hand, science and technology can easily confuse us - even the most progressive inventions break down. The lucky ones are not looking for reasons and analysis, they just enjoy what is happening when it gives such a reason.

How to learn to take responsibility for your life?
How to learn to take responsibility for your life?

11. Do we hear our impulses

Home-work-friends-rest is a classic scheme. Even pleasures are familiar. A loser clings to his comfort zone because he is afraid of losing what is. The lucky one trusts his inner voice and is more likely to grab onto the new when the old has outlived its own. Successfully change housing, find love and suddenly become rich growing cabbage. Just because I wanted to.

12. Do we deal with failure

Searching for pluses in minuses is a useless activity, they are not there. Moreover, plunging into the negative, we only feel it more sharply. The pros always exist separately, and in order to find them, the cons must be pushed far away. The lucky ones focus on those areas where everything develops, they strive there with all their hearts. From there, the strength is taken to decide everything else.

13. Are we shifting responsibility to fate

An important feature of the lucky ones is independence, but those who cannot cope can fall into the fantasy that everything is in the hands of providence. The effect can be different - to give up completely, stop perceiving reality, or get stuck in anticipation of luck. For a successful person, luck is not what he puts on, but only the background on which he acts.

14. Are there signs of bad luck around us?

Anyone who believes in his own failure will resign himself to a bad deed, unfavorable conditions, and insults. At the same time, the lucky one will not accept this into his happy aura at all, or he will simply be surprised - why would he? - and will pass by.

Why are you unlucky in life? Cruel truth why unlucky
Why are you unlucky in life? Cruel truth why unlucky

15. Do we live in harmony with ourselves?

The theory of psychology assumes that the subconsciousness of the world and man are inextricably linked. If we go against ourselves, do not what we want and constantly struggle with the inner world, this war will certainly be expressed in external circumstances. If your soul asks for peace and relaxation, you will begin to be catastrophically unlucky in job interviews, even if you have enough experience and qualifications.

16. How we look at life

A happy event is a loose concept. For an honest lucky person, a bus arriving after a long wait can be a wonderful coincidence. A loser will say that he was unlucky and had to freeze before getting home. The realism is that this is a common thing and can happen to anyone. To become lucky is simple - to realize that that very glass of water is half full, not empty.

17. Are we ready to take risks

Those who are unlucky may be intimidated by the very opportunity to take risks and change their lives. But for the lucky one, these are just actions with a non-guaranteed result. In fact, no one has any guarantees, but the first one deprives himself of even potential luck, and the second one gets chances (which by themselves, with an optimistic approach, are enough for happiness)

18. Are we afraid of "happy" status

Strange, but true. Many will not say goodbye even to the most treacherous fate, simply because being lucky is scary, unusual and somehow naive. The belief that serious adults must have problems will subtly lead them to be on their own. Lucky people seem superficial and immature to them, like little children. This is a direct way to begin to consider luck itself a fairy tale and an empty invention.

How to get lucky and catch luck by the tail?
How to get lucky and catch luck by the tail?

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