What women are silent about
What women are silent about

Women love to talk a lot, but often not about what is really important for a man to know. What are they silent about and what do women want? Several female secrets for a normal relationship.

It is believed that women are much more sociable and open than men. You will be surprised to know that they have secrets too. Every woman has a riddle that men dream of solving, but few have succeeded. While it is not all that difficult to understand a woman, for many men it is a problem. Perhaps our article will help open the veil of secrecy.

1. Take the initiative

It is very important for us. We don't like to plan and take care of everything on our own. We want a man to take the initiative. Of course, we will never tell you about this, but it would be nice if you took on the challenges of solving complex problems. When men take on difficulties, it means that they care about us, what they worry about and care about us. Do it often, whether it's shopping, what to cook for dinner, or where to spend your next vacation.

What women are silent about
What women are silent about

2. Make surprises

All women are obsessed with surprises, so we all want our men to show imagination and surprise us as often as possible. Even some unexpected pleasant little thing can cheer up, and a woman will feel needed and loved. Nobody talks about expensive gifts, just show initiative, care and love are priceless. After all, it is not difficult at all to be attentive to your woman. When she realizes that you have made the effort to make her feel happy, the reward will not be long in coming.

Stereotypes about women
Stereotypes about women

3. Fear of another woman

All women have a hidden fear that some other woman, colleague or friend, might be attracted to her man. The reason for this is very simple - we all want to have what we cannot have. Therefore, women are afraid that the heart of a man may be stolen by another, that she will occupy his fantasies. For a woman, this is the worst thing.

4. Be sincere

Every person wants his partner to be open and honest with him. Nobody likes to be deceived and, naturally, women are no exception. We can forgive a loved one a lot, but not a lie. Regardless of the situation, your woman will always listen to you and try to help solve any problem, just be honest with her.

5. We notice and understand body language

Women have a sixth sense, especially when it comes to relationships with a man. We always notice and analyze the smallest details of a partner's behavior, including body language. A woman always knows about her man's sympathy for a colleague, which she has never seen. Noticing something suspicious, we begin to worry, sometimes without even realizing the reason.

6. Time for male conversations

Another secret that few men know about is that almost all women agree that men should have the time they spend in their male company. We understand very well that our husbands and guys need time for themselves, that it is important for them to sometimes meet with friends, watch football together, drink beer or play video games. The main thing is that a woman does not feel deprived of attention due to the fact that her man spends most of his time with friends.

How to invite a girl to date so that she agrees?
How to invite a girl to date so that she agrees?

7. We want your friends to like us

No woman admits it, but it is. Friends are very important to men, which is why we want them to like us. Thus, we are trying to show how we love our partner. Another reason is that the sympathy of friends can influence many of his decisions, which, of course, is important for us.

8. We need freedom

If a woman says that she needs freedom, this does not mean that she does not want to see you. You shouldn't disappear from her life for long hours. Your wife or girlfriend may have important things to do, men just need to understand this.

9. Speak the truth

Every woman wants her man to be truthful. If your woman looks plump in a new dress, don't tell her that she's gorgeous in that outfit. A woman always knows how she looks. Don't be afraid to tell her that she's put on a couple of extra pounds, but she's still beautiful. Show that you love her anyone. You can even invite her to play sports together. Trust me, she will appreciate your honesty.

These are just a few points. I'm sure the list could be much longer.

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