About candy-bouquet and 6 more stages
About candy-bouquet and 6 more stages

If you decide that love is over in a relationship, be sure that it has not begun yet. What happens when two people meet who are in a relationship?

1. The candy-bouquet stage lasts approximately 18 months

When a man and a woman meet each other and fall in love, they produce certain hormones in their bodies that contribute to the perception of the world in bright colors. At this moment, everything in a person seems beautiful: appearance, voice, even character flaws seem amazing.

The person seems to be in a state of drug intoxication. During this period, in no case should any fateful decisions be made, since the effect of this drug will end sooner or later.

2. The next stage is satiety

The storm of feelings and emotions subsides, you begin to soberly assess the pros and cons of your partner. You begin to get used to each other, behave more naturally and relaxed.

3. The third stage is disgust

It is a must for any long-term relationship. In the disgust phase, quarrels begin, as if you are concentrating exclusively on each other's shortcomings. The easiest and at the same time the worst way out is separation or divorce. What's bad about it? You will abandon a time-tested relationship and, moreover, soon enter the candy-bouquet stage with another partner, and everything will start all over again.

Why do girls endure the brain, swear, scandal or take offense?
Why do girls endure the brain, swear, scandal or take offense?

4. The next step is patience

Quarrels and disagreements between partners happen, but they are no longer so fatal, since both know that the quarrel will end and the relationship will be restored again. When partners make an effort to develop patience, then wisdom comes along with patience. This is the law of nature. So, at this stage, partners acquire wisdom.

5. The fifth stage is the stage of duty or respect. This is also the first stage of love

In fact, there was no love before that. At this stage, each partner begins to think not about what they owe him, but about what he himself should do for his loved one. Understanding your responsibilities develops a person.

6. Sixth stage - friendship

You have truly become close and dear to each other. You trust each other as your closest friends. Friendship is a serious preparation for love.

7. Seventh stage - love

True love is not easy. People go to her for a very long time. Love is taught through all kinds of life situations in long-term and close relationships. True love is not something that suddenly falls on your head, as is commonly believed. For real, adult love, a person matures, abandoning selfishness and prejudice.

People choose their own husband or wife. But to experience true love in family life, you need to get to know each other well, then make friends, and then fall in love. Many couples consider the first candy-bouquet period to be love. But as soon as the romance leaves, and the rose-colored glasses fall off, the first difficulties begin, the first tests of the relationship. And someone thinks - love has passed.

Love has all tastes: sweet and salty, tart and astringent, bitter and even sour. Devotion and patience are the main qualities of love. If you decide that "love is over" in your relationship, be sure that it has not begun yet.

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