The offender - to punish
The offender - to punish

Imagine that someone harmed you with something on purpose or accidentally. This happens all the time and with everyone. What to do and how to punish the offender?

Imagine that someone has hurt you in some way. Everyone encounters such situations at least once in their life. Read the descriptions of the situations carefully. Maybe more than once. Imagine everything in detail, as if it happened to you. What will you think and feel? And most importantly, what will you do? So the situation.

1. In the morning, as always, you left for work. And when they came in the evening, hoping to rest and relax in front of the TV, a small Niagara Falls poured out of the apartment at your feet. With horror, you opened the familiar door and began to move around the apartment by touch. Because the light somehow didn't want to turn on.

You found the stub of a candle and somewhere from the twentieth damp match you managed to light it. And then they saw that the wallpaper was lying on the floor. And not at all on the walls where you glued them just a month ago. And the plaster from the ceiling too. The meaning of what is happening slowly began to reach you.

You entered the room and looked around. The parquet is wet and arched. The furniture has split. A library of 1000 volumes can now be recycled. It stinks of some kind of chemistry. The crazed dog climbed onto the closet and whines from there. You rented the dog and decided to call a friend. But the phone was silent …

In general, the next night you will spend the night with a friend, cry into her vest. She will give you a bunch of advice on how and what to do: police, housing office, court, newspaper. This goat will give everything to a penny and pay more … Having fired up with fiery speeches until you are ready to go with a mop to a tank battalion, you take another hundred grams and peacefully go to sleep.

Wise advice for men
Wise advice for men

And tomorrow - what? Of course, go up to the neighbor from above, who flooded you. And this is where the fun begins. Maybe he won't tell you. Or open drunk. Completely drunk. And, perhaps, will send you obscene. You go to the police, where they will explain to you that you can compensate for property damage through the courts, and the police have nothing to do with it. You are in the housing office, where they will politely explain to you that the neighbor refused to pay for the replacement of old pipes and therefore they burst. So it is he who is to blame for everything and it is necessary to go to court.

And the prospect of going to court does not cause any joy in you. Firstly, in matters of law, you do not know a damn thing, you need a lawyer, but he will take a lot. Secondly, your friends have always said in unison that the judges are all bribed and you will not get the truth from them. And you, too, have always told everyone so, you have to mock your own law enforcement system. Thirdly, for the court you need to collect a bunch of documents confirming the fact of flooding, the amount of damage, etc., etc. And you know from your own experience that for each certificate you will have to defend three times in one queue, yes they will also scold you. And finally, fourthly, even if you win the court, how will this bastard pay you? His apartment is municipal, his salary is a penny, his property is junk.

In general, your enthusiasm, pumped up by a good friend, will somehow gradually fade away. And despair and hopeless longing will reign in the soul. And you will go again to your friend to complain and fill up the grief. And tomorrow again - to your neighbor, who has sober up already, probably, and try to negotiate with him amicably. And he, if he has not disappeared for a few days, until everything settles down, will offer you to help paste the wallpaper and whitewash the ceiling. And that's it! And then again he will send obscenities.

The meaning of a man's life
The meaning of a man's life

2. Evening. You are returning from work. You fall out of a crowded subway. You buy food and drink in a stall. And drag yourself to the bus stop. And there is a crowd of three buses. And you will leave at the fourth, at best. That is, in an hour. And you can eat only after one and a half. And you'll be late for your favorite TV show.

You imagine this picture, your stomach and consciousness begin to protest indignantly. And you decide to arrange a holiday for yourself: take a minibus. After 5 minutes, you rush with the breeze towards your home. And sitting, not pushing and breathing freely. You look forward to sinking your teeth into a freshly cut sandwich in 15 minutes, while delving into the details of Sancho's interpersonal relationship with the ranch and three Brazilian beauties.

And suddenly, by some intuition, you are distracted from the sweet dreams and with horror find that the minibus is sweeping just past your home. You jump on the seat, almost breaking through the ceiling of the cabin, scaring the passengers sitting next to it, and in a heart-rending voice squeal to the driver:

- Stop !!! Here!!! Quicker!!!

But what a thing, you are sitting at the very end of the cabin, and your heart-rending squeal turns out to be somehow very quiet. And the minibus rushes on, and your house goes on and on …

- Stop !!! I asked !!!

From your roar, the windows in the cabin crack, the passengers temporarily deaf, the driver hits the brakes, and you, by inertia, fly to the other end of the cabin and find yourself next to the driver. Who tells you everything that he thinks of you. Do not hesitate in expressions. Using all sorts of obscene words and grammatical turns. Out loud and in front of everyone.

How to get people to respect?
How to get people to respect?

You turn pale, redden, and green with anger. Passengers avoid looking at you. Half burnt out with shame, you tumble out of the minibus, which is carried away into the night, pouring a cloud of exhaust gases over you. Arriving home, you pour vodka or beer for a long time, regretting that you are not in the Wild West and you do not have a good Colt with a Winchester …

All this, of course, is a joke, but! They may well swear in a minibus. And the driver will do it. This happens quite often. And almost never the cursed passengers do not take action. Firstly, swearing is somehow inconvenient. Secondly, I want to jump out as soon as possible and forget everything. Thirdly, you can't do anything anyway, don't fight the driver. Fourthly, in response to your threat to write where the driver should send you even further, and you understand that your scribbles are not scary to anyone.

3. It was imperative for you to send a certified letter once. Mail. Queue for envelopes. Stuffiness and crush. After standing for half an hour, you sign the envelope and get up in another queue to send the letter. The line is moving slowly. And now only one old man separates you from the coveted window. And ahead - the end of ordeal, fresh air and cold beer.

The serviced old man leaves, and you, with an idiotic smile, slip through the window and pull out your hand with the envelope:

- Hello!

And the postwoman, not looking at you, slaps a sign on the counter, sings "lunch" through her teeth and, turning 180 degrees, floats away from the workplace. You glance at your watch in panic: there is still three minutes until lunchtime.

Qualities of a good friend
Qualities of a good friend

- Wait a minute! Three minutes less!

- Already two (contemptuously over his shoulder). - The postwoman floats away.

- I stood here for an hour!

The postwoman almost sailed away.

- Give me a book of complaints!

- I found a clever one! (With a sneer in his voice.)

The postwoman disappeared.

You are mad. The line looks at you sympathetically. You are covered with red spots and a bullet is thrown out of the mail. The mood is ruined. Anger gurgles. You realize with desperate evidence that you cannot do anything with the impudent postwoman.

First, they won't give you a book of complaints. And secondly, even if you write a complaint, they will not do anything to anyone. He will cover his own. You trudge to another mail in three stops and send the damned letter. And where your dignity was trampled and humiliated, you decide not to go for the next six months.

These are the situations. Something like this can happen to anyone. And with you too. If it hasn't already happened. In all three situations, the main character (that is, you) is harmed. In the first situation - material damage, property is damaged. In the second - moral, you have been insulted. In the third, your right to be served was violated, as a result of which you lost at least an hour of time.

And yet most people leave such an outrage without consequences. First of all, because they are somehow uncomfortable. I don’t want to squabble and scandal, ruffle my nerves. Better to be above all this squabble. Forgive your enemies as Christ commanded. Although you may not really believe in Christ. Further - all the same, nothing will come of it. Nobody cares about you. Nobody will punish anyone. You believe in this sacredly. So there is nothing to rock the boat. They wiped off, caught their breath, and onward through life. To new victories and achievements.

Be the protagonists of your life
Be the protagonists of your life

Now let's see how to behave in each of these situations, if you do not want to be robbed and fucked.

Situation one, about flooding. Immediately - to the court, and as soon as possible. The case is considered for at least a month. A claim can be filed immediately, the documents can be collected and taken later.

If they do not give any kind of information, write a written request and ask for a reasoned written refusal. Nobody wants to subscribe, they will give you a certificate. If not, send your request by registered mail with notification. Are obliged to answer. Again, they do not give - to the authorities. All applications are in duplicate: one - to the office, the other - to you (with the signature of the recipient, the number and the incoming number).

If you scolded, rude or looked wrong, the complaint to the chief in duplicate. One - to yourself. Within a month, the screamer will insert the piston where necessary, and it will be silk. You will quickly be respected and will give you everything on the first request. Because our bureaucratic bipods are not used to dealing with someone who can stand up for themselves. It's easier for them to give you what you ask for and get rid of you as soon as possible.

You will win the court, because not all judges are bribed. And in general it costs a lot to bribe a judge. And if you bought it, you submit an application for review of the case to a higher court (by way of appeal). Again, no - even higher, up to the Supreme Court. Further - the international court, travel abroad. This is, of course, a joke. You will be awarded what you deserve (damages). The maximum is after the first appeal.

Friendship between a man and a woman is possible: it's all about heterosexual comrades
Friendship between a man and a woman is possible: it's all about heterosexual comrades

Another thing is how to get it all. Payroll deductions are pennies for years. What if your neighbor doesn't work? Or is his official salary -1 minimum wage? You can foreclose on the property, again through the courts. It's good if a neighbor privatized his apartment. Then it will be sold and you will be paid the award. But most likely, the neighbor himself will come running to negotiate with you amicably. True, you will dictate the conditions. Throw him 5 percent of the amount to be refunded, but money - right away. He will find.

Situation two, in a minibus. Calmly. Addressing passengers. Say that you report a boor to the police. Ask to be witnesses. Take from everyone the name, surname, phone number (you need at least two, if more - good). You write everything down, not paying attention to the hums, hums and exclamations of the driver. He has already made a mistake and will receive his own. Finally, write down the name of the company that owns the minibus (it is on the plates with the fare). Try to remember the driver's face: two or three characteristic features. When leaving, write down the minibus number and the time when everything happened.

The next morning, go to the police station at your place of residence and write a statement. Briefly and succinctly, indicating the facts and witnesses. The application is considered for a month. If they refuse to open a case (nonsense, after all!), Take the statement to the district and city prosecutors. The case will be opened, the boor will be summoned, interrogated and fined. This is piston number 1.

Kindness is perceived as weakness, and aggression is perceived as strength
Kindness is perceived as weakness, and aggression is perceived as strength

Then you go to the company that owns the minibus. Write a statement to the director with a request to respond. The chauffeur will be summoned again, scolded and deprived of the bonus. Insulting a passenger is a great reason to save on wages. This is piston number 2.

Further - to the court. With a claim against the very same transport company and demanding to compensate you for moral damage and dismiss the villain. The damage will eventually be reimbursed. It will be a penny, but still nice. Moreover, now the director will put in the driver a real piston number 3. And, perhaps, he will be fired altogether.

Situation three, at the post office. Sign the complaint book. She's nailed to the wall somewhere within reach, just look closely. If there is no book, ask another postwoman for it. If she doesn't, remember her last name too (they are written on the plates). When you get home, call the local office to find out where to file your complaint. Write everything: that they refused to serve you, although it was three minutes before lunch, they did not give a book of complaints and they talked to you cynically and rudely. Indicate the names and signs of the postalons. Send your complaint by registered mail to the authorities.

A month and a half later, you will be sent a written answer. The postman will be scolded and, most likely, will be deprived of the prize. Let it be fifty rubles, all the same - it is insulting. Her. And if you go there again, they will recognize you. Everything! And they will serve. And they will be very polite. Even if it's lunch in a minute.

Because nobody needs troubles and headaches.

Because all words like “write whatever you want, nothing will happen anyway” - this is a lie just so that you don't write anything anywhere.

Simple and useful tips for men
Simple and useful tips for men

Because over every bureaucratic bipod there is a broader mug, which, on the first occasion, will deprive the premium and get rid of it in afterburner mode. We must somehow have fun.

Because a piece of paper is scary. Denunciations and death sentences are also pieces of paper. Officials and small fry, oh, how afraid of pieces of paper!

Three more typical troubles.

You paid for something, but you were not given it. Or given, but less than necessary (body kit). Or as much as necessary, but of a worse quality (marriage). It can be anything: potatoes in a stall, shoes in a store, a chop in a restaurant, a hotel on a tour. Everyone has the right to get what he pays for. And you too. And if someone doesn’t give it to you, give it to your neck! That is - to demand to add, exchange, return money. If they refuse - to the director and to the supervisory authority. Again they refuse to go to court. You will be given what you paid for. And the deceivers will have their license taken away and their company will be shut down.

You have done something for someone. And that someone has to pay you. And he, the bastard, does not pay: he says there is no money. This is a huge enterprise that does not pay wages on time! Nonsense, the director is lying. You go straight to court. Your salary will probably be paid the next laziness. And maybe all the rest of the workers. Although what do you care about them. Until they get paid, don't go to work. You are not involved in charity work and do not have to work for free.

Something is poured on you, cut off, weighed and wrapped. You have to pay. But for some reason it seems to you that they poured and cut off suspiciously little. And it is inconvenient to check, the seller will be offended … Or they gave money to someone so that he could buy some thing for you, and then return the rest. And he says that he spent everything, or asks for more. Demanding a report is inconvenient: after all, the person tried for you …

How to be a good friend: you are d'Artagnan, around …
How to be a good friend: you are d'Artagnan, around …

In all such cases! You! Pay money! And they don't have to! Nobody! Believe! So check it out. Demand to weigh again and count in columns. Check with a checkweigher. And if the seller looks at you angrily or, God forbid, is rude, leave an autograph in the book of complaints.

Demand a report: sales receipts and invoices. Recalculate the entire amount. Twice. And do not take excuses like: black cash, they didn't give a check, lost a piece of paper. The money is yours, you have the right to know what it is spent on. And they are not obliged to give them to anyone.

Take the time to call the store and check how much it really costs. And then some of the Kulibins came up with an interesting trick. They give them at work, say, 1,000 rubles so that they buy an electric drill in the store. And they brought a sales receipt to work to report. The drill costs only 600 rubles. The enterprising Kulibin breaks through the required amount at the cash desk, and then negotiates with the seller. He writes out a sales receipt not for 600 rubles, but, say, for 900. And he pins a cashier's receipt with a suitable amount, which an earlier buyer left right there in the trash can. They divide the navar of 300 rubles in half.

That, in principle, is all about the protection of rights. True, some readers may have two questions. With money - of course, with damaged property - too. This is sacred, you have to defend yourself. But the maddened driver and the impudent postwoman - well, after all, this is nonsense, citizens. Well, is it worth stopping to these lows, wasting time, nerves and energy on complaints and courts? It is much better, with the dignity of an enlightened Buddha, to spit, forget, ignore …

Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real
Everyone dies, but not everyone lives for real

But for whom is it better? For you? No. For the good of humanity? Also no. Better for a boor who will become even more insolent from his impunity. It’s worse for you. Even worse!

After all, if any turd in a tie or skirt can yell at you, be rude and call names, and you wipe yourself off and endure sublimely, you trample yourself in the mud. And everyone around you will treat you accordingly: at work and at home, in the bathhouse and public transport. Because who you think you are is written on your forehead.

The second question: what's the point that someone will be punished and someone will feel bad? It won't be good for me. You cannot undo what has been done. It's better to forgive everything. Not at all!

Punishment and retribution is also a way to protect your right. Even if it has already been violated. The one who is to blame must get his own. This is true. Imbued with this thought and do not let the boor run over you.

In conclusion, two real-life examples. One woman was insulted by a minibus driver. She sued and got him fired. Another woman came to visit friends. Their drunken neighbor kicked her and beat her with a bicycle chain. She did not go to the police because she was afraid that her neighbor would take revenge on her friends.

Which one do you want to be like?

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