Time to turn your head and heart on
Time to turn your head and heart on

WaltDisney, Louis Vuitton, MaryKay and many other brands have grown from the hobbies of their creators. Here are some tips to help you find your calling and realize your business dream.

If you find yourself and understand where to go next, you can not only achieve your dream, but also make thousands of people happy. In this article, you will find simple and straightforward proven tools to help you find your calling and realize your business dream.

WaltDisney, Louis Vuitton, MaryKay and many other brands have grown from the hobbies of their creators. A brand is much more than just a business. A brand is those emotions that arise in a client when he hears the name of the brand, sees its logo, and uses the product.

The following techniques and exercises will help you turn your talents into a real business and become stars of photography, fashion, pastry, or, for example, organizing celebrations for VIPs.

Are you ready to actively dream, outline a plan, choose a prize, celebrate a victory, and enjoy every moment?

Dream! Love! Be creative! Give

It is this formula that will help in defining a vocation - the four components of a happy life:

1. Formulate your dreams, understand what you want. The goldfish in your hands gives the fulfillment of three desires. Yours - about what? (Dream).

2. Find what you love to do. What activity does the time fly by? What do you like to study? What could you do without paying, but just because you like it? (Love).

How to create a wonderful future for yourself?
How to create a wonderful future for yourself?

3. Understand what is your talent and calling. What are you being praised for? What is good at childhood? (Talent).

4. Endlessly give your talents and time and thank everyone who helps you on your way (Environment).

Brand Matrix

After you have found a vocation for the business to become recognizable and in demand, you need to develop it and create a brand.

"Building a creative brand out of your passions is a joyful job."

Each brand has an emotional and functional side:

The functional side is what need your brand satisfies.

You need to start by understanding three things: Who are you? What is your product / service? Who is your client?

The emotional side is what the customer thinks / feels when using your product. In the creative business, it is the emotional side that provides much more value than the functional side. And to develop this side, it will help you …

Drama in business

Direct communication - think about how to make a lasting impression at the first meeting, remind yourself beautifully, sell effectively, etc. Think about how a person feels when you forget him, or vice versa, when you got it with calls and text messages. How can you influence your emotions and make them as positive as possible?

Arouse joy, entertain, let dream and sadness, make you laugh, calm down, make you think, touch … Produce a WOW effect, use new spectacular technologies. Come up with a legend and use it to establish contact with the audience.

How do all people like it? The three minute rule
How do all people like it? The three minute rule

Add show elements to every public meeting and presentation of your products. For example, Daria has branded flying saucers. At the beginning of the presentation, a legend is given that it has been proven that the one who caught the plate catches not only it, but also good luck that will accompany everything. The hall instantly joins the game.

Plan to conquer the universe

Listen carefully, young Padawan, there are four things you need to do to conquer the universe:

1. Be a master of your craft

Mastery is understanding the processes from the inside.

What is one thing that you could do on a regular basis, but do not do, something that could lead to tremendous changes in your personal life or business? Do and be perfect. Think about what you can offer the client to make him absolutely happy?

2. Find your ideal client

The ideal “your” client is the audience for which your brand can bring maximum benefit. And you, in turn, can get the maximum profit from it.

Think about who your favorite clients are over the course of your creative career, regardless of budgets or other factors? Who are the people / companies that you dream of getting your clients?

Don't forget to consider gender, age, marital status, profession, education, annual income, hobbies, favorite brands, lifestyle.

“Invest time in researching customers and partners. When you know someone 100%, it's not hard for them to be the best of the best."

How to learn to understand people?
How to learn to understand people?

3. Open the backstage

Customers wonder what is going on behind the curtain. Share your successes and cuisine - this increases the credibility of the brand, and also simply draws people's attention to your company:

Show diplomas and certificates about your education and completed courses on the website and in social networks.

Rejoice in public when you or one of your employees accomplishes something significant. Any victory makes your brand stronger.

Describe what your profession means to you.

Tell stories about you, your ideas, dreams and force majeure that you come across. Clients are interested in “living” brands.

Add emotions, sensations, stories to the numbers. The number of hours / people / flowers involved in creating the project. How many "thanks" you have received this month.

Tell us about your brand clients who you worked with

Keep history and share memories with clients about where you started: first business cards, first commercial offers, first office, first project.

In 10–20 years or more, this will be an invaluable archive that will show your growth, allow you to smile and be proud of yourself, your team, and your successes.

4. Speed up your dreams

Think about what distracts you from fulfilling your dream. Make a sign “Do not disturb! I create masterpieces! " Be creative!

Start today to improve the quality of your life, your business and the world around you - this is the noble mission that Personalities think about with a capital letter.

The article uses materials from the book "Turn on the heart and brains."

Communication skills and success
Communication skills and success

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