The whole truth about women
The whole truth about women

In life with girls it will not be like in the movies, in books and courses on a pickup truck. But if you accept some rules of relations as an axiom, then you will ride like cheese in butter. How to achieve real happiness and respect in a relationship with a girl?

What you are reading now is the purest truth, the truth and has already been tested many times both by my clients, whom I help to establish relationships with girls, and by me personally.

Brief summary. In the recent past, I parted with my love, with which I lived side by side for 5 years. It was difficult, but in order to unwind, I went to Spain, where I met a real genius in relations with women, who, by the way, turned out to be 2 times older than me. And he just told me unique knowledge and experience. At first, after listening to him, the thoughts “what kind of old idiot? Even I know that things are not so with women, even though I am young! Okay, I'll just listen to him out of respect. " A lot of time has passed since that meeting, but I am still grateful to this man. I turned around with any girls and, as I wanted, won any so that they then dried up for me, and in the end I found the ideal darling, about whose advantages you can talk endlessly.

Just one request! All connoisseurs who will write in the comments that this is nonsense, and they Don Juan and laugh at my post, please just pass by. Believe in what has been written or not is everyone's business. But believing in these axioms and carrying them through time, you will roll like cheese in butter. This post will be extremely useful to read both for those who are going on their first date tomorrow, and for those who want to live a long and happy life with a girl! SO!

How to hook up a girl?
How to hook up a girl?

1) Each of your new girlfriend should be younger than the old one (of course, we are talking about those cases when you met a girl, lived 5 years together, she turned 24, you broke up. That's when we are looking younger. a drunk summer student should not look for an 18-year-old next weekend, guided by this principle)

2) NEVER and NEVER AND UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES can you trust a woman. They are lying. At every step. They do not remember what they lied to, to whom they lied, about what and when (even if you firmly believe that the girl loves you).

!!! After this point of all the girls and guys in love, read the post to the end instead of putting a minus and closing the tab with the words "fu, moron" !!!

3) Only one woman in this world will love you truly disinterestedly - your mother! You can live with a girl for 20 years, go through fire, water and copper pipes, have two children, but this will not even stand next to the love that your mother loves you

4) Women, like any living creature, are made up of instincts. And one of the main ones is reproduction. Any girl wants children, even if she denies it (read point 2) and is subconsciously looking for the best man for procreation. Which will give good genes and will be able to protect the offspring. Hence point number 5

How to seduce girls with words? 55 dirty conversations that will strip a girl
How to seduce girls with words? 55 dirty conversations that will strip a girl

5) No, the main thing for a girl is by no means a wallet. And not a sense of humor. And not biceps in 45cm and not cubes on the press and not the position of the city prosecutor! The main thing for a girl is a CONFIDENTIAL MAN! With an inner core. Behind which she will feel "like a stone wall"

6) A woman in your life should take the 25th place. 1st place is parents, 2nd - health, 3rd - career, etc., 24th place roller skates on the balcony, 25th woman "keep in mind the phrase of Pushkin - the less we love a woman, the more she likes us" All the phrases “you pay little attention, you don’t love me”, etc. are the usual provocation and lies (read point 2)

7) You have to be the kind of man that other girls will want (in every sense). How can this be achieved? We read the rest of the points. This is one of the main keys to success with your passion.

8) Any girl needs to be brought up. And this should be done exclusively according to the WHIP AND GINGERBREAD method. Read more specifically below

9) NEVER BE OFFENSE AT A WOMAN FOR HER rudeness, offensive behavior, cheating, etc. !!!! Yes, it is YOU who is to blame for the fact that your woman went to the left, was offended by a trifle, etc.

How to meet a girl on the street? 150 examples of phrases for a pickup truck
How to meet a girl on the street? 150 examples of phrases for a pickup truck

10) NEVER show that you are afraid of losing her! (remember the phrase of Pushkin). All people, especially girls, subconsciously gravitate towards the strong. And the stronger is always the one who does not depend morally on anyone else.

11) In the process of raising a girl, you will stumble upon her psychos, picking up things and blackmailing a la "I'm leaving now forever." Here men are divided into two camps. The first ones start to scamper and try to return the faithful, while the others, TIPO labor men, tell her - pfft, go away !!! And they are waiting for her to return. WRONG IN THE ROOT SECOND AND MORE FIRST! Yes, let him go. But you CANNOT LET HER COME BACK JUST LIKE THIS! Otherwise, she will know that such scandals can always be arranged with impunity. Have you looked at the photos of Brezhneva again? Well, go to her, and I'm leaving! And one day she will get her way, believe me! After such departures from you, she is obliged to apologize 10 times on her knees, to promise to erect a monument to you during her lifetime, to suck 20 times a day for the next month and to promise never to rummage through your phone, and only then can you allow her to return. The purpose of such tests is simple - next time the girl will think three times how to throw up a scandal and leave.

12) NEVER let her rummage in your phone / computer. NEVER! Set passwords and change them every hour! And remember! The girls are very sly and big-eyed. They will bypass any fingerprint scanner and will be able to see what password you are entering, even if she is in the kitchen at that moment, and you jerk off sms to your mistress! To the traditional question "do you have something to hide?" answer that this is your personal space and in general it is bad to read other people's letters! Even if you are loyal to your girlfriend, she will still find something to cling to. BELIEVE! Each SMS from a left-handed girl or a like to another beauty in the news feed will give your girlfriend a reason to then cause you to feel guilty with this event. In the meantime, you feel guilty - it is extremely easy to manipulate you.

Favorite compliments of girls. What compliment do the girls want?
Favorite compliments of girls. What compliment do the girls want?

13) Women are very fond of the wording "Real man". And then there are variations.

- A real man would not do that

- If you are a real man, then do this

- Do you think this is the act of a real man? etc.

With this they put pressure on the patient. Every man wants to be the best for his woman. And with this clever trick, you can make us do whatever the girl wants. We are not fooled, pawns!

14) On the first date, do not be afraid to be assertive, take her by the waist, etc. Even if she breaks loose, pull her back with a playful excuse (even the most idiotic one like “I'm scared to go alone, I'll get lost!”). Try persistently to kiss, hug, hug, etc. Girls love it, even if they say they don't like it (remember point 2). Personally, I always spank a girl on the ass at the end of a first date. Tradition!

You can go on for a very, very long time, but if you generalize, then ideal success in a short-term relationship is based on the fact that you

- I am confident in myself, even if you are stupid as a log, poor, like a bum and read about humor only in the dictionary, and your hand is thinner than your pipiski in diameter. (of course, if a wallet, a sense of humor, beautiful clothes, a well-groomed appearance, a pleasant smell, a good body and wit are added to your confidence, then generally a profit !!)

- Openly show the girl that you like her, do not hesitate to give compliments, even if they are vulgar

- Constantly trying to highlight that she is not like everyone else (girls love it)

- You emphasize that you are looking for an extremely serious relationship and you are tired of girls for a week. You want a family and children (for ANY girl looks at a guy as a potential husband)

- You don’t screw up money (when you don’t have it and you live poorly this is one thing. Another thing is when you refuse a basket of bread in a restaurant, having learned that it costs 10 rubles)

Pros of being alone: 25 pros of living alone
Pros of being alone: 25 pros of living alone

The success of a long-term relationship is that you

- You give a girl a carrot when she behaves well and you give a hellish whip when she is bad. The girl will learn very quickly that it is better to behave and skate in chocolate than to suffer from nonsense and make problems.

- Make sure that she has money for an emergency, or at least inquire about their availability (if you are still young and everyone lives with their parents)

- Jerk her off for the slightest mess in the house and a bad result in the kitchen (forget about the smiling "very tasty, dear" when borscht tastes like a dead cat)

- Slightly rude (LIGHTLY !!!! Mat and grunts on her leg are canceled !!!)

- Don't let her dig into your phone

- You are VERY worried about her health (if you add at the same time that she will put herself in health and then give birth to children with weak immunity, then in general, estrus will begin)

AND REMEMBER THE MAIN THING !!!! FOR LONG-TERM RELATIONSHIP, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT CONSIDER GIRLS OVER 23 YEARS OLD (and run away from those who are divorced with a child), unless you are 40+. And don't ask why, just believe it. Googled on Lurkmore what RSP and Demo mode are. Almost all girls after 23-24 years old use it. You will be shown an ocean of mutual understanding, love and affection, you will believe that this is the girl of your dreams, then pitch darkness will await you.

What are women hiding?
What are women hiding?

Nevertheless, this topic can be continued for a long time. I'm waiting for tons of minuses from experts in relationships, Don Juan and just experienced fuckers) I urge the rest to print this post, hang it on the wall and follow sacredly. And very soon you will begin to understand that it works, and creating the girl of your dreams for life from any 18-year-old virgin and beauty is as easy as shelling pears.

I hope my information will be useful, and time well spent. Regards, Ferio74

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