About hairy brutal peasant men
About hairy brutal peasant men

On the Internet, one-sided attitude towards girls is often found. Some adore women and run after them, while others do not put them into anything and do not respect them. It's time to think wider than stereotypes and stupid prejudices. Girls have 50 shades of gray …

All right, such stern men "pizdolis", "goof", "fuck her," "men don't behave like that," "she just pulls the loot out of you," "buy eggs."

Someone, even after reading these first lines, will decide - “a typical henpecked. Immediately protects the woman. Probably a louse who is being milked. She gives him money, and he rejoices. " And I do not argue - yes, there are such people. But, one must distinguish between situations and people. When the couple met when the guy was a poor student and she was still with him - this is one thing. When a couple are together for a couple of weeks and the female constantly indignantly hints at gifts, nervously fiddling with her boobs, this is different.

When a man can afford just like that, without burdening his wallet, to spend 10-15 thousand on a loved one, so what's wrong with that? Nothing, like … So what's the matter?

To be honest, I was also a student who saw cheese and sausage only at the beginning of the month, when my parents were sending money. And yes - if I heard that someone spent 10k on a photo session, I would also decide - “Yes, this is a sucker! The rag is simple. Who do you have to be to spend that kind of money out of the blue simply because of the momentary desire for this hole? " But, time has passed and I have a different attitude to this.

We all dream of love, but we leave by calculation
We all dream of love, but we leave by calculation

There is another reason besides money - stereotypes and psychology.

Most people are pretty mediocre about those around them. They do not distinguish when they are used, and when a person has no mercantile interests. Some people don't even develop this skill for many years. And on this basis, there are all sorts of unpleasant situations when a really good girl does not even get a flower for a whole year, and a demon-possessed and money-hungry hole gets everything she wants.

Well, and stereotypes - a man zhezh should keep a woman in tight-knit gloves, because they are slutty by nature.

If he smokes - a whore.

If you slept with someone before you - a whore.

Fat, skinny, no boobs or a flat ass - go fuck the nerds, you're not for the king.

A self-respecting man should not talk to them - they are completely stupid.

Now let's imagine this "macho" with such logic and an empty wallet. Of course, he will never spend a dime on a girl and will not go to meet her in her desires, having done something nice. After all, he is a man. This female should do him pleasure, and in the morning - wake him up with a deep omelet, then breakfast in bed, then 10 hours of cleaning, cooking and, of course, striptease in the evening. And God forbid, fat edges will hang from the sides!

Readiness for a relationship. Test for readiness for a new relationship
Readiness for a relationship. Test for readiness for a new relationship

So why be surprised when you see a beautiful and kind girl next to a moral monster who doesn't even consider her a person?

How would it be. Conclusions? Crawling at a girl's feet, as well as considering her just an unworthy hole, is equally stupid.

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