7 body language techniques
7 body language techniques

Body language plays an important role in communicating with people. How to correctly perceive information, be vigilant, seek mutual understanding, tune in and behave in difficult moments.

Everyone knows that body language has a special meaning and plays an important role in the communication process. We suggest you delve a little deeper into this topic and read a few tips from Ph. D. Carol Kinsey:

1. Relax your face while reading email

Carol found that reading emails with a frowning expression contributes to the incorrect perception of information. All information contained in the letter will be perceived in a negative light. Therefore, take a comfortable position in your chair, away from the monitor, relax your facial muscles and objectively read the letters you receive.

2. Sit up straight

Even at school, children are taught the correct posture. However, a school bench helps not everyone to achieve correct posture. However, do not forget that correct upright posture affects not only the perception of you by other people. Your own perception of yourself also depends to some extent on your posture. Research has shown that correct posture gives a person confidence.

3. Drink cold drinks during important negotiations

Scientists at Yale University claim that the temperature of the drink you hold in your hands during negotiations affects your perception of a partner. A warm drink disposes to the interlocutor and inspires confidence in him, a cold drink, on the contrary, increases your vigilance and attentiveness.

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4. Nod to the beat

As you know, "mirroring" the movements and gestures of the interlocutor during a conversation helps to improve the quality of communication. And during a joint brainstorming session, the participants are even encouraged to do the same movements. According to scientists from Stanford University, synchronous movements will help participants not only reach mutual understanding, but also find great ideas.

5. Don't forget that people with low voices earn more

A study by American scientists showed that the wages of people with a lower voice are higher. It is the owners of a low voice that are perceived as more powerful individuals.

6. Tune in in advance

It's no secret that theatrical actors are tuned in a special way before each stage. This helps them enter the role better and play more convincingly. The same can be said for work or negotiation. Tune in to negotiations in advance, enter the right emotional state so that nothing will bother you during the negotiations.

7. Clench your fists in difficult times

If you feel that the situation is getting out of control and you cannot deal with your emotions, clench your fists. This will help you calm down and regain your composure.

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