Do not hesitate - go for it
Do not hesitate - go for it

Are you constantly in doubt about your choice and do not know what to do? Throw your doubts and long thoughts into the trash heap. You were not born to doubt forever, but to act and be happy!

1. A high school graduate, an excellent student in all subjects, thinks:

- I was born to be a programmer. If I am a programmer, I will create artificial intelligence. And get the Nobel Prize.

No, my vocation is physics. I will create a Unified Field Theory and conquer space and time. And I will get the Nobel Prize, of course.

No, my vocation is medicine. I will create a remedy for the return of youth and unlimited life extension. I will give people immortality. And I will get the Nobel Prize, how can I do without it.

Or maybe, after all, programming? But why create artificial intelligence? What's the point of this? After all, people do not use even 5% of the capabilities of their brain.

Then - physics! But what is the use of thinking about space and time when there are wars and famine on earth? You must first decide everything here, and then you can go into space.

Still - medicine! But what about overpopulation?

Damn it, how complicated it is! Where is my calling? And what is the meaning of life?

And in the end he entered the Faculty of Philosophy. For five years he comprehends what is the meaning of life. And then he works as a janitor, because there is no need for specialized education. And he considers himself a failed genius.

How to be more attentive?
How to be more attentive?

2. The student thinks:

- I want to sleep with her. And I want to go with her too.

I want more with that than with this. No, this one is more. Or maybe with that one?

Which one to marry? If I’m on that one, I’ll be happy. And if I don’t? Or will I be unhappy? So this one. What if it doesn't suit me?

So who to sleep with? If with this one, she will find out and then will not marry. And if with that, this one will find out.

- Damn it, how difficult it is!

As a result, the student does not sleep with either one or this one. And his friend-friend slept first with that, then with this, then with both at once. And he married the third. True, then he got divorced. But, they say, he married again. And the student all this time was waiting for the girl of his dreams.

3. An adult man thinks:

- I want to go in for extreme sports. There are 2000 bucks. What to buy: paragliding, surfing or snowboarding?

Paragliding is great! You are flying! Only hills are needed.

Surfing is great too! You can do somersaults. You just need the sea.

Snowboard - thrill! Speed! Only snow is needed.

All the same - a paraglider. From childhood I dreamed of flying. What if you fall? Well this is a skiff!

Okay, surfing first. Fall gently on the water. You just need to learn to swim.

Then - snowboard. There is no need to swim here. Only the speed is high, you will crash more than on a paraglider.

Waste of money
Waste of money

Damn, how complicated it is!

As a result, almost all the money was spent on clothes and drinks. With the remaining hundred bucks, the man bought a TV. Watch the performances of extreme lovers.

Here is such a harmful thing - doubt. In science it is the mother of truth, but in life it leads to stagnation and decay. It weakens and paralyzes. The problem for many people is that they want a lot, but somehow not very much. They even doubt whether they want to or not. And they spend their whole life solving this issue.

They are looking for perfection. Perfect vocation as a schoolboy. A perfect woman and love like a student. Perfect comfort and safety, like a frustrated extreme adventurer. True, they all did not take place. Not in work, not in love, not in hobby …

And life is easier. If a reflection of desire appears in the darkness of your soul, do not think about whether you want it or not, you need it or not. If you think you want something, then you want it and you really need it. And think not about whether there is a desire, whether it is good, but about how to fulfill it. Do everything to get it. And if you want something not very strong, remember that appetite comes with eating, and interest comes during work. As for the consequences - then you will figure out what's what.

How to send a person culturally? 120 examples
How to send a person culturally? 120 examples

Otherwise, you will be mired in a swamp of underfired passions and unfulfilled desires. In the end, you will simply forget how to really want something, and even more so to achieve it.

So throw your doubt in the trash. You were not born to doubt forever, but to act and be happy.

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