Make the right decisions
Make the right decisions

The brain regularly makes decisions completely "rashly" based on several primary instincts. If you want to surpass others, control your thoughts.

You probably think you know how the brain works? After all, you use it a lot. Yes, the human brain is a complex computer that receives millions of signals. However, you might be surprised that this machine regularly makes decisions completely “rashly” based on a few primary instincts.

Contradictory brain

Since the advent of humanity on Earth, the brain has not changed much. Scientists made hundreds of hypotheses about the mechanism of its work, until advanced technologies (for example, magnetic resonance imaging) appeared and confirmed that our brains are still primitive. It processes the information it receives in three main ways:

If the information is boring or predictable, the brain ignores it.

If the information is too complex, it is essentially generalized.

If, according to the brain, signals are coming in threatening, it triggers a fight or flight response.

It turns out that when perceiving and analyzing information received from the environment, the brain automatically chooses one of these options for action.

Similarly, the brain processes information about possible pain and fear. You assess a specific situation as threatening, although in fact it is completely harmless. Maybe you only see shadows on the wall?

Focus on goals
Focus on goals

Reaction: "Fight or flight"

The brain's most powerful response to fear and pain is the fight-or-flight response. Even the slightest hint of trouble or threat can overexcite the nervous system. In a matter of fractions of a second, the amygdala sends electrical impulses to the entire sympathetic nervous system to activate the adrenal glands, which release adrenaline into the bloodstream.

As a result, breathing quickens instantly, heart rate and blood pressure rise, and muscles are brought to full readiness to act at any second. The blood vessels are narrowed to reduce bleeding if injured.

Salivation decreases (which makes your mouth dry) and digestion slows down to save energy. This mechanism starts automatically, without the knowledge of your consciousness. And it always works.

The brain constantly scans its environment for danger. In addition, the database of potentially life-threatening situations is constantly expanding. This includes a job interview, a family quarrel, criticizing you at a meeting, the possibility of failure and failure to achieve your goals.

In the modern world, there are no saber-toothed tigers that pose a danger to life. Now the threats are completely different. But they still terrify us.

And as real as a tiger - at least to your mind. In response to perceived threats, you either take a defensive and aggressive stance (fight) or avoid the situation (run away). And this mechanism works great, except for one nuance. Fear distorts your perception of reality.

Everything is bad with you, but someday everything will be fine? Don't lie to yourself
Everything is bad with you, but someday everything will be fine? Don't lie to yourself

When fear grips you, it’s like a temporary insanity. You are acting irrationally. Emotions get out of hand. Perhaps at the moment your actions seem appropriate to you, because they are based on what you supposedly see, that is, on your perception of the situation. But how deceiving it can be! In fact, little in life actually turns out to be what his mind perceived.

So, remember the general rule of life: "Everything is always not what it seems." Appearances are deceiving. Your perception is different from reality. What you see should not be taken for real. After all, being deceived, you are unreasonably reacting to the signals analyzed by the brain.

Controlling thoughts

You are confused and do not know what to do. You want to get rid of anxiety, fear and uncertainty, but do not know how to do it. The answer is simple enough: take off your fear glasses. Disarm fear by seeking the truth.

Control your thoughts. Thought control is the hardest part of the road to success. There is nothing more complicated than this. This is the biggest challenge. And honestly, the most important thing. It must be admitted that the path to success is harsh and difficult. You will definitely get bruises and abrasions on it. Therefore, you need to be psychologically stable. What you do, how far you go, how much you succeed, what you achieve - all these are the results of your ability to control your mind, your thoughts.

Become authentic or how to be real yourself
Become authentic or how to be real yourself

As the simple truth says: What you think about most often, so you become. Today you are who you thought you were before. In the future, you will become who you think you are now. Everything in life - absolutely everything - begins with thoughts.

If you let fear take over your thoughts, you will never do the great things that will lead you to success.

In fact, you are much stronger than the fear in your head allows you to think. Use it to push yourself toward positive action, creativity, passion, and commitment. If you want to surpass others, control your thoughts.

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