Your beliefs determine the results
Your beliefs determine the results

What you have, how much money you make, how healthy and successful you are is determined by your beliefs. The quality of your relationships with others and the quality of your whole life depends on them.

So what do you believe in? You undoubtedly have a list of everything that you think is true and that you believe with all your heart. We all have such a list. It may not exist in writing, but it does. It is likely that you never took the time to think about this list, but that will soon change. I will give you the opportunity to take such a step. However, first let me tell you what you believe.

What? You do not even know me. How do you know what I believe in?

It's simple. I can always tell exactly who believes what. I can tell what beliefs you have about money by looking at how much is in your bank account. I can tell what you believe by looking at your car, your house, your shoes and your clothes. I can tell you what you believe about yourself and what you think you deserve.

Now you can accuse me of being unfair. This is not true. You can say that I only pay attention to material things in order to determine what a person believes. Okay, it really is. But I can also tell you what you believe by looking at your relationships and how you get along with those around you: your children, spouses, friends, and coworkers. I can tell you what you believe in by the way you spend your time alone: how you relax and how you spend your vacation. I can tell what you believe from the books you read. I can tell what you believe if you don't read at all. I can tell you what you believe in from the TV shows and movies you watch. In other words, everything that concerns you: what you do, how you say what you have and where you go - all this tells me about your beliefs. Your beliefs are always clearly visible in your life. There are no exceptions: you always demonstrate your value system.

Your beliefs determine what you possess

How to change in a month: changes for the better in 31 days
How to change in a month: changes for the better in 31 days

Your beliefs about money determine how much money you have. What you believe about women determines how you will treat your wife and how you will have a relationship with her. Likewise, your opinion of men will affect how you treat and get along with your husband. In addition, your thoughts on men and women will affect how you feel about your children, employees, and all the people you meet in life. Beliefs determine how you vote and run your firm.

Your beliefs about yourself determine how you dress: whether your clothes are clean and fashionable, whether your shoes are polished. Beliefs about love determine how much you receive and give. Success beliefs determine your success. Happiness beliefs make you happy or unhappy.

Now do you understand how I judge your beliefs just by looking at you and your things? Your beliefs are evident in everything that happens in every area of your life.

Take a look at your life. Take some time and figure out how you live. Think about your value system and how it affects your possessions, your relationships, your success, and your happiness. Perhaps for the first time you will see your life as it really is.

How can you become more open?
How can you become more open?

Most of the shadows in our lives exist because we are standing in front of our own sunlight. Ralph Waldo Emerson.

What i believe in

Easy life.

You create everything good and bad in your life.

Love, service and giving should be the purpose of your life.

Money easily comes into your life when you serve others.

Service is often hidden behind work.

You can be healthy; you don't have to suffer from disease.

You live the life you choose.

You can change.

Words have the ability to shape the events of your life.

Thoughts are material and determine your results.

Trust your feelings.

Whining and refusing to take responsibility kills your chances of success.

Results never lie. Most people are lazy and need to get off the couch and do something. All goodness is rewarded. Experiences of guilt do nothing. Worrying is a waste of energy and time.

It is great to have many beautiful things, but to be happy, things alone are not enough.

Having fun should be a way of life, not something that you do from time to time.

Everything in life is a lesson. Failure to learn a lesson causes the event to repeat itself over and over again.

In the end, none of this really matters, so there is no need to wipe your pants.

What do you believe in?

What does success depend on?
What does success depend on?

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