Simple quotes from Gilbert Chesterton about life
Simple quotes from Gilbert Chesterton about life

Gilbert Chesterton is an English journalist and writer of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Many of his quotes characterize modern man with surprising accuracy. Noble people are vertebrates: softness is on top, hardness is deep inside. And the current cowards are mollusks: their hardness is outside, soft inside.

There is more simplicity in the person who eats caviar because he wants to, than in the one who eats barley flakes on principle.

Drink when you are happy, and never drink when you are unhappy.

He who wants everything wants nothing.

Freedom is an artist in a person.

If you don't feel like breaking even one of the Ten Commandments, then something is wrong with you.

If the pilot believes in immortality, then the lives of the passengers are in danger.

Travel develops your mind, if you have one.

A haughty apology is another insult.

Not that the world has gotten much worse, but the coverage has gotten much better.

Only completely strangers are told about the most intimate.

If you have not understood a person, you have no right to condemn him, and if you have understood, then, quite possibly, you will not want to do this.

The whole difference between creation and creation boils down to the following: creation can be loved only by the already created, and the creation is loved by the uncreated.

Improve productivity and efficiency in everything
Improve productivity and efficiency in everything

One can understand the cosmos, but not oneself; the distance between the actual person and his inner "I" is sometimes greater than the distance to the stars.

Intellectuals fall into two categories: some worship the intellect, others use it.

A fanatic is one who takes his own opinion seriously.

He understood what all romantics have known for a long time: that adventures do not happen on sunny days, but on gray days.

Tighten the monotonous string to the point of failure, and it will break so loudly, as if a song was playing.

We are so mired in painful prejudices, so respectful of insanity, that a sane person scares us like a madman.

The human race, and a considerable portion of my readers belong to it, has been committed to children's games for centuries and will never leave them, be angry, don't be angry, those few who somehow managed to grow up.

He had more than enough intelligence; a person endowed with such intelligence rises high up the official ladder and slowly descends into the coffin, surrounded by honors, without enlightening or even amusing anyone.

Adventures can be crazy, the hero must be sane.

It seems to many that women would bring gentleness or sensitivity to politics. But a woman is dangerous in politics because she is too fond of male methods.

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