Why it's important to have fun
Why it's important to have fun

Displeasure and frustration lead to negativity. You will react negatively to everyone and everything. Why it is important to have fun and how to achieve the long-awaited well-being.

When there is no pleasure, frustration and dissatisfaction arise. Displeasure and frustration lead to negativity. Negativity in your life means that you will react negatively to everyone and everything you come into contact with. This means that you will inevitably ruin your relationship at home and at work. You will treat your loved ones like an idiot. You will be a bore with your colleagues and clients. You will probably make your boss angry. In the end, you will be fired, you will lose all your friends, a loved one (or he himself will leave you and take all your property with him). And you will find yourself in complete loneliness and poverty.

Do you think I'm exaggerating? Perhaps, although I am not far from the truth. In fact, I'm just forcing things to happen by showing what happens when you're not enjoying life or enjoying what you do.

Your work. Do you like your job? If not, then quit. "But but but…". There should be no doubt about it. Quit. If you do not like what you are doing, then most likely you are busy with something other than your own business. If you do not succeed in what you are doing, it affects the attitude of others towards you. And when you come home, you become miserable and the only thing you do is grumble and complain, which in itself is dishonest to your family.

Live a life without regrets
Live a life without regrets

So, either quit and find another job, or learn to enjoy your current one. By the way, before you quit, try this. Think about what you like about your current job and focus on that. What you focus your attention on increases. You may find that if you look closely, this is a pretty good job. I agree that no matter what you do, there is always something that will not suit you. However, I will not give up my opinion that in general you should enjoy your work.

There is no shortage of opportunities to make your life the way you would like it to be. There is only a lack of determination to do so. Wayne Dyer

If you do what you do not like, for the sake of others, then you will be offended by them all the time for not allowing you to do what you love.

One of the smallest audiences I have spoken to numbered eleven. Among them were ten vice presidents and one president. I said, "When you stop having fun, stop doing what you are doing." I took a deep breath and paused for a drink of water, while one of the vice presidents said, “Wait a minute, Larry. I'm quitting. " Then he got up and left the hall. This event could calmly put an end to the entire workshop! I offered to take a break, during which the president of the company came up to me and asked me not to say anything more like that. It is sad that the company's vice president was so frustrated that he decided to quit under such circumstances. Can you imagine what he had to deal with at that moment? He later wrote me a letter and said that after my statement, he finally felt that he had received permission to stop doing what he hated. And he fulfilled his intention.

If we do what we love, love what we do, and express ourselves freely, then we serve others according to our destiny. All that remains for us is to open up to what we receive in return. Arnold Patent

Your friends. Are you curious with your friends? If not, forget about them. Seriously. I'm not even going to explain for a long time. Why waste time with people with whom you are not interested? There are many people in the world (about 6 billion), so you can easily find those with whom you are interested. I have a personal rule according to which I do not waste my time with people with whom I am not interested. This means that I don't go to parties or dine with people I don't like. At such moments, many are unhappy with me, including my wife, but I am pleased with myself. I will not sacrifice my personal happiness by associating with those who I do not like. Is it selfish? Still would! And I advise everyone to do this.

Success lessons from self-made millionaires who made themselves
Success lessons from self-made millionaires who made themselves

Spouse, partner or other close person. Are you wondering with your husband, wife or partner? Have you done anything? Have you even tried? If you've tried to improve things, but nothing has changed, move on. I repeat myself, but life is too short to spend it with someone with whom you are not interested. If he or she does not make you float like on wings, then disperse.

Am I proposing a divorce? Yes. Divorce is better than unhappiness. And you don’t need to tell me that children need a full-fledged family. Children should not use unhappy relationships as role models.

If you are not married and do not enjoy being together, then it does not even need to be discussed. Just disperse and move on.

Does this sound too harsh for you? This is harsh compared to all those pitiful planetary books (only you enlightened ones will know what I mean) that talk about relationships. But sometimes people stay in bad relationships for too long. If this is your case, just state it. You don't have to figure out who is to blame, just take my word for it: you are both to blame. The prosecution won't solve anything. Be honest with each other. Be open about how you are feeling and listen to what your partner has to say. Find third party support. Try to live separately. Distance cools the ardor and helps to forget grievances. Work on your relationship separately, together and with a third party. And then, if the situation does not improve, if you cannot be happy together, break up.

How to stop giving up halfway through?
How to stop giving up halfway through?

Nobody benefits from a bad relationship. No one.

It is very important to consciously tune in to pleasure because many of us strongly believe that relationships should be built with effort, pain, and difficulty. Gay Hendrix

Your property. Do you like your home? If not, move. Can't afford it? Then repaint the house. Can't you afford it too? Then move the furniture.

Do you like your car? Then why are you still driving it? Sell or exchange it. Can't afford it? Then go by bike or bus!

Do you like your clothes? Buy something else. Can't afford? Go to second hand. The clothes are cheap there, and even the stars dress there.

Don't like your furniture? Sell it.

Don't like the city you live in? Move. I know this is a drastic measure. Sometimes it is. It's not so easy to pack up and move. I used to live in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I was born and lived in Oklahoma for a long time, I have been to other places, but in the end I ended up in Oklahoma, because my family lived there. We all think the same way. We live for others, instead of living for ourselves, and over time we become unhappy and offended by the whole world. Life in Tulsa did not give me a single reason for resentment or misfortune, but I was not in love with this city. The main reason was the weather. I hate the cold. My wife, Rose Mary, hates the cold even more. And I made some small calculations. I was 45 years old. I realized that I had 30 happy years left if everything went well. I enjoyed living in Tulsa four months a year. This is a wonderful place. Weather, azaleas … - just amazing. The other eight months are too cold, too hot, or too damp for me. When I applied this two-thirds principle to my life, I realized that I would be unhappy with my place of residence for 20 of the 30 years remaining in my life. I don't like odd numbers. I ended up moving to Arizona, where I enjoy life ten months a year and stay home for two months because it's too hot.

The modern generation of dependent
The modern generation of dependent

Was it difficult? Of course it was difficult. I left my family, my company and my employees, whom I knew well. Was it worth the candle? Undoubtedly. It's really nice to wake up every morning in the place you love.

Your looks. Do you like your looks? If not, change it. Here is a list of the things you can do to make you like your appearance better:

Change your hairstyle.

Change hair color.

Make a nose job if you have a huge switch.

To pierce ears.

Lose or gain weight (although, according to my calculations, only 0.001 percent of people need to gain weight).

Get plastic surgery if you want. This is your body, and you can do anything with it to make you like it.

Do everything in your power to enjoy your appearance.

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