Why is it harmful to "get sick"?
Why is it harmful to "get sick"?

Do you live your life or someone else's? The uselessness of watching sports, participating in gambling and computer games. Play is artificial life. This is what is so attractive about games.

Watching football is harmful. Just like watching any other sport and playing computer games. It's just a waste of life and time. Well, start throwing slippers at me.

Harmful are football, basketball, volleyball, biathlon, all summer, winter, autumn and demi-season sports, as well as indoor sports. Of course, computer games are especially harmful, but not in the same way as sports.

I can see how you are reading these lines and those who like to kick the ball in the evening or plant a bullet or two into the target have a desire to give me a virtual jug.

Of course, I am not saying that it is bad to go in for sports. I say that it is harmful to get sick with a disease called cheerleading (checkmate for teachers of Russian and literature). Or just watch sports and be addicted to it.

Well, about computer games - just playing them is harmful.

Objections about the speed of reaction, the development of thinking through computer games, and so on, remain unanswered. I have not yet seen that those for whom the reaction is really important (for example, military or pilots or the same football players) are trained using the keyboard and mouse. It could be said even more severely. I have not seen a single simulator that would help you learn, for example, how to handle a woman or make love to her. And computer games in this area, as I remember from childhood and early adolescence, in this area are great.

The courage to be yourself. How do you decide to change?
The courage to be yourself. How do you decide to change?

But this is not the main thing. The main thing is that the harm from watching sports, participating in gambling or computer games is this. Our life is definitely limited. At least by the fact that you need to sleep, eat, study, work, in other words, use the machine time that our brain has, as needed. To make a living.

What is watching a game or participating in computer games if not an absolute waste of computer time, which is strictly limited? As long as you think that you, like a cat, have nine lives, the problem is not visible. As soon as you understand that tomorrow you can move your horses, something subtly changes and you begin to evaluate each one from the point of view of whether it is worth spending your life on it.

But this is not so bad. Do you know what's important? That the game is an ersatz of life. A sort of life substitute. Please, let's dispense with the Bern references. His interpretation of the Games is unusually complex. It seems to me that everything is much simpler.

Play is artificial life. And it is attractive because you can win in it. If you won, you survived. If not, you are lost. This is what is so attractive about games.

When we watch competitions, we identify ourselves with those for whom we root. We worry for them as for ourselves. As if we are skiing, as if we are hammering the ball, as if we are shooting at the turn. We are so worried because this is us, we are now going to lose seconds and points. And these are real experiences, they are simply a greatly weakened fear of death.

Advice to a young man
Advice to a young man

And when there is a victory, we sigh and rejoice: WE WILL LIVE! When our team is defeated, we break the identification and lament: THEY lost.

Behind all this silently runs the countdown of our own machine time, which, while observing someone else's game, is marked very simply: did not live. I didn't care about myself, didn't see what was happening in his life, didn't understand how to act, didn't look around, didn't read, didn't study, didn't enjoy his events, those that were his personal. I watched someone else's game. And he did not live his own.

Every game is life. But only your own life is a real game.

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