What is happiness and how to achieve it
What is happiness and how to achieve it

It's time to be happy! Myths prevent us from understanding the principles of happiness and the methods of achieving it. Spiritual harmony and happiness are real if you approach this issue correctly.

We all want to be happy. So how do people become happy? To understand this issue, you need to understand what happiness is.

We invite you to get acquainted with the myths about happiness that exist in society. Knowing them, you can find the cherished path to happiness and spiritual harmony.

Myth 1: Happiness is pleasure

Many of us equate happiness with pleasure. But this is not true.

We seek pleasure in sex, sumptuous food, expensive cars, cigarettes and wine and, to the extreme. But does pleasure bring happiness?

If you want to see unhappy people, come to Hollywood: it is full of those who can afford all the pleasures of the world. So how do you actually achieve happiness?

Myth 2: Happiness is good health and nothing else

Have you met happy sick people? However, the second happiness myth lurks here - the belief that if your body is healthy, then you will be happy in general. This myth of happiness in physical health has sparked a boom in the fitness industry. People run, exercise, puff - but how happy are they? Suppose they are definitely not tormented by depression, but are they happy?

How to find your calling in life?
How to find your calling in life?

Physical health is a prerequisite for happiness. However, it is not enough by itself. Emotional well-being is also necessary for complete happiness, isn't it? Have you ever met a happy person with untreated bipolar disorder? But even emotional well-being is not enough. Some people get hooked on personal development workshops, hoping they will make them happier. Obviously, happiness based on emotional well-being is another myth.

Myth 3: Happiness can be found.avoiding the inevitable frustrations and troubles associated with maintaining relationships with other people whose manners and lifestyles differ from ours.

However, people are not adapted to live alone. We are social animals and love to be in a team. For us, punishment is prison isolation. Indian sadhus isolate themselves from civilization, live as hermits in caves, meditating all day.

They may be happy, but would you call such a life fulfilling? It turns out that we need each other, although we are different. Differences cause suffering, but avoiding relationships, you only get out of the fire into the fire: this is the path of loneliness, restlessness and, ultimately, a feeling of failure.

Pleasure. Health. Emotional well-being. Faithful friends. All of these are necessary but not sufficient components of complete happiness. The connecting link that can unite all of this is love. The more love you have in your life, the happier you will be. Start with the essence that is closest to you - yourself. Do you love yourself and the people around you, the deeds that fill your life?

Wise thoughts about life
Wise thoughts about life

Loved people and things are not always enjoyable. Quite the opposite.

The more love you have in your life, the happier you will be. Love does not mean pleasure. The difference between love and pleasure is like the difference between love and preference. We prefer for whatever reason. We love in spite of everything.

In reality, love for people and things does not always give pleasure. Sometimes on the contrary - it can bring suffering. Why? Because the more pleasure they give you, the more you suffer when you are deprived of it. And it will surely disappear from time to time, because life consists of changes. Time passes, everything changes, and your favorite things and people will not always be with you, in any case, not always when you need them, and not always the way you need them.

There is no love without suffering. Sometimes you will be unhappy. Therefore, love despite the fact that love sometimes hurts.

Myth 5: happiness is forever

The fifth myth about the nature of happiness is to expect you to be happy forever. This is impossible: nothing is permanent. Life is a "roller coaster": up and down.

Someone once told me, “If you are upset about your wife, just wait two days. You will feel different in two days."

Myth 6: Happiness is being in control

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How can you develop mindfulness?

We need to realize that we are not in control of life and life realities sometimes turn out to be stronger than us. Recognizing our tiny role in the grand scheme of things makes us less arrogant and more humble. And then we are not disappointed in ourselves if our goals turn out to be unattainable.

It is normal to desire, but you should not expect that what you want will come true. Counting on success, we subconsciously assure ourselves that everything is within our power. We must be willing and do everything to implement our plans, but we should not count on undoubted success. Let it be what will be.

Seek pleasure and take care of your physical and emotional health; Make good friends, surround yourself with love, and at the same time, don't put yourself and your search for happiness at the center of the universe.

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