How to plan a good year
How to plan a good year

Correctly set goals are ninety percent of success. In order not to miss anything, let's make our list of plans and goals. How to plan harmony and happiness in your life?

Think and write down in as much detail as possible what results do you want to achieve in the new year?

1. Family and personal life. Make an offer, marry, have a child, make peace with relatives, go to grandmother's, take mom to Paris, go camping with friends, etc. - all this applies to personal life.

2. Work / business / career. Win a tender, find customers, conclude a contract, develop your business (here more specifically, preferably in numbers), become a head of a department, change jobs, etc. Are possible goals for advancement in the area of work.

3. Finance and income. Increase income (how many times?), Open an account (in which bank?), Close / open a loan, start accounting for expenses, save money, etc. - all of this relates to financial goals.

4. Health and appearance. To undergo wellness procedures, treatment, go to a sanatorium, sign up for a gym, lose weight, have plastic surgery, switch to a healthy diet - these goals relate to health.

5. Personal growth and self-development. Learning new skills, deepening and improving the already acquired knowledge, passing trainings, courses, seminars, reading, teaching are options for the field of self-development.

If you are stumped, then you are not doing what you should
If you are stumped, then you are not doing what you should

6. Social activities. Transfer funds to an orphanage, a hospital, give professional advice free of charge, organize free courses, an exhibition, a performance, become a donor, volunteer, help a lonely pensioner - all this refers to social activities.

7. Spiritual growth and inner peace. Engaging in spiritual practices, learning to believe, forgive, love, thank, find your spiritual teacher, find inner harmony - all these are possible goals for the spiritual sphere.

8. Living conditions. Desired housing, clothing, food, small and large purchases, insurance, the possibility of receiving highly qualified assistance, travel - these are categories for planning living conditions. It should be noted that this area is directly related to where you are in the first seven items.

Most people prefer to set realistic goals. But still, check that there is no "flight to Mars" among your plans. Such goals can finally "drive you" and deprive you of faith in a bright future. But that doesn't mean that “doubling your salary” is your ceiling.

If you feel the strength to step far forward, then plan your goals at 3 levels: pessimistic (you keep your lifestyle almost unchanged and bring only light additions to it), realistic (you plan to move to a new level, but this will not greatly affect your life), optimistic (your life changes significantly, you leave your comfort zone).

If you have already started planning your next year, you probably felt that some goals please you, others do not affect you, and some frighten you so that you are ready to accept heart drops. It is by such bodily characteristics that you will be able to separate your own desires from the "social" ones. Your indifference indicates that this goal was thrown to you. Do not wait for help from within and do not bother yourself or your unconscious with such "dummies". “Your” desires are always pleasing, it is easy to immerse yourself in them and dream, they charge you with energy, and you willingly take the first step, followed by more … and more …

Success in life
Success in life

With your fear, you need to behave in a completely different way. If you are afraid, and this usually concerns goals on the verge of your capabilities, then accept anxiety as the norm. Agree with yourself that even if this year does not work out, you will not give up on your goal. This is your chance to break away from today's point and make a giant leap into a completely new state, which you do not know anything about yet.

This is what scares your unconscious. Tell him that you want to come to this goal, accept all possible prompts and are ready to work hard to make your dream come true. Please note that your big goal should delight you both in the process of moving towards it and in later life.

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