Where does love go?
Where does love go?

Many have experienced, and others will still face, when relationships and love go away. Why do relationships collapse, what is the reason for failures on the personal front, and how to avoid it?

All of us, at least once, at least somehow experienced love - this is a burning feeling. We all experienced a feeling when love for us disappears, when “everything is gone”, “when we don’t want to live”. Or the feeling when we have gone, love disappeared, - when it’s just, “yes, what I have found in her, in him, have found”.

That is, ladies and gentlemen, the question is: Why and how did it happen that I loved, loved, but "now"? - stands or stood in front of everyone.

Just like the question: Why did they stop loving me? In front of everyone who at least once loved and whom they loved, but are there others, among adequate, and not even very, people?

What's the problem? If we love and we are loved, then we rise to the heights of our life - we live, feeling the fullness of life - feelings, passions, the feeling - "this is life."

If we feel and see, understand that love is disappearing, leaving, we plunge into an abyss: from “she, he, does not love me,” to, excuse me, “there is no happiness in life”.

Question: Why does love disappear, disappear?

The way to a girl's heart lies through
The way to a girl's heart lies through

Is love disappearing, is it a feeling or a relationship? - I personally see it as a philosophical question.

But, ladies and gentlemen, let us agree that, even without possessing the "philosophical dialectic" way of thinking, proceeding from our purely everyday and life experience, we can all think: What is love? Feelings or relationships?

And not only to think, but also, if desired, to answer. Well, like, like this:

1. What was in the beginning, love - a feeling or a relationship? And how is it in life? And feelings and love relationships, suddenly, all at once, come. It is, isn't it? BUT, here it goes.

2. Love disappears, goes away. Why!? - after all, if there was no feeling of happiness, then, “everything was so great!”.

3. My feeling of love disappeared, and I stopped (I stopped) treating him, her, as a loved one.

Stop! - because, right here, we are approaching the truth: Why does love disappear, disappear?

4. Has my feeling of love for this person disappeared: husband, wife, lover, mistress, or has my attitude towards my husband, wife, mistress, lover changed?

That is: I stopped, stopped loving them? Or: I no longer treat them with LOVE, as a wife, husband, lover, mistress?

Disappears, leaves love, feelings and reality

Let us, ladies and gentlemen, women and men, think in realities, and not in something that has been pushed into our consciousness in the form of a herd propagandized thinking and that we ourselves have imagined due to our stupidity and limited knowledge.

How to prove love with words?
How to prove love with words?

What is love? This feeling is unambiguous. What is love? This attitude towards a loved one is unambiguous. What is the situation when love disappears, goes away? - either feelings or relationships have disappeared.

That's all: that's what you need to dance from.

That is:

1. Feelings have disappeared. It doesn't matter why: hormones stopped playing or you discovered that "love was a mistake." The main thing is that there is no more feeling of love. There is no love, you don't feel it anymore, which means that there will be at least some relationship with this person: from hatred to indifference, but not love.

2. Relationships deteriorated. It doesn't matter what you imagine about your feeling of love: love or hate, or something close to it. What matters is that your relationship has changed: I no longer love him, her! - and, most importantly, I no longer behave like a loving and loved one.

3. You feel that love is going away, going away. That a feeling or relationship has disappeared?

4. If you are in your mind, then any of your feelings are adequate - correspond to your attitude to the object of feeling. That is, if you feel your love or love for yourself, then it corresponds to your loving relationship or loving relationship to you.

5. But, the existential reality of relations between a man and a woman is such, more often than not, that they cannot, are unable, or do not want to show their love relationship. This is the essence of the question: Where and why does love disappear, why does it go?

Questions to a girl on a date. List of questions for a girl
Questions to a girl on a date. List of questions for a girl

6. Everything turns out to be simple to the point of disgrace: A husband, wife, lover, mistress CANNOT behave like loved ones and lovers, in their existential hypostasis.

7. And if they do not behave like that - they do not show, do not show their love in a relationship, then love disappears, goes away.

8. After all, feeling is a reaction to reality. There is no love relationship - love is not visible in actions, in words - in life: love disappears, leaves as a feeling, and is replaced by some other feeling for this person.

For example: indifference, hatred, contempt, and the like. And already this new feeling will form new relationships between former loving and beloved men and women.

Love disappears, because relationships kill it

Love is a strong feeling.

Why? Because it establishes close and intimate, personal and gender - sex, relationships between men and women.

Therefore, by the way, it is strong in its antagonisms: hatred, contempt, indifference, if the feeling of love has turned into its opposite.

And here it is, the truth - tragic, topical, relevant for most men and women: Love disappears, goes away, because love relationships disappear - love relationships.

That is, stupidly and primitively, a husband, wife, lover, mistress, cease to treat a husband, wife, lover, mistress, as LOVED AND LOVING.

And they begin to treat, under the pressure of everyday life and their own stupidity and thoughtlessness, as a mistress, as a source of money, as a sexual partner, as a father of their children, and so on and so forth.

What is love? How to understand how falling in love will end?
What is love? How to understand how falling in love will end?

And that's all: love disappears, goes away, as a feeling that does not correspond to a real relationship: they do not love either a wife, as such, or a husband, as such, if they manifest themselves in a relationship with everything they want, just not loved and loving people.

Love does not live in any relationship, except in love - that is the whole essence of the problem, where love disappears, goes. That is: either you love - you feel love and, accordingly, build a relationship of love, or you do not love, and do not build a relationship of love. No other is given.

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