Cynicism, criticism and you
Cynicism, criticism and you

Do not say anything? Do not do anything? Be nobody? When you create the life you've always dreamed of, you are bound to face criticism. Mediocre people will always be intimidated by your success.

The great spirit always faces fierce resistance from mediocre minds. Albert Einstein

When you create the life you've always dreamed of, you are bound to face criticism. I'm sure this is what Einstein was talking about. The person who creates the life he dreamed of is a great spirit. Such a person is a great spirit because he dreamed, believed that he could achieve his dream, and dared to make it come true. Such a person separated himself from society (mediocre minds) and accomplished something great. This, by the way, will always annoy those who choose mediocrity.

Mediocre people will be intimidated by your success. The reason is that they themselves live in the shackles of fear and need. Many of them are sure that since you have achieved success, you must have used the benefits that were intended for them. You stole from them what they could have had if you tried. They are unaware that there are tons of benefits available to everyone who wants to live in a world of abundance. They believe that there is only a limited amount of benefits and you have taken more than you deserve. You have taken what is theirs.

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It's not that they don't want you to be successful. They just don't want you to be more successful than them. These people are afraid that you will leave them behind. You will not be friends with them, and you will not have time for them. You will no longer spend evenings on gossip, you will no longer have long lunch breaks, you will no longer complain about high prices and how cruel the world is. In fact, this is a legitimate fear, because it is likely to be so. Once you become successful, you make a different choice. You will not have time for everything that distracts you from achieving your goal. Including people who are holding you back.

However, the greatest fear for most people is fear of themselves. They are afraid that they will not be able to achieve the same success that you have achieved. They will have a mortal fear of looking at themselves in the mirror and taking responsibility for their lives. And they turn that fear of themselves into criticism directed at you.

So be prepared: you will be criticized in the eyes and behind the eyes. People will make jokes about how you climb to the top. They will try to attract other listeners to their side. Jesus said, "The poor will always be with you." The best thing you can do for the poor is not to be one of them. You cannot change these people. You cannot even take them with you. Everyone should go their own way. Learn to live with it. Love them. Bless them. And let them go.

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As long as you are concerned about what other people will say about you, you are at their mercy. Neil Donald Welch, Conversation with God, Book 3

Don't try to defend your success. You have nothing to defend. You just used your talents and abilities. You began to work for yourself and for your life, and now you are reaping the benefits. You succeeded because you served other people well. You were rewarded for the services you provided. You deserve everything you have. This is true. Do not need to apologizes. There is no need to be ashamed of it. Just be grateful and enjoy. You can only achieve happiness when you rise above the need for other people's approval.

When you are absolutely confident that what you are doing is in line with your destiny and that you are involved in the fulfillment of a great purpose, you will be at peace with yourself and in harmony with your heroic mission.

Here's the best way to avoid criticism:

Do not say anything. Do not do anything. Be nobody. Dr. Wayne Dyer

Cynicism instead of criticism

Cynicism is different from criticism. I think being a cynic is good. If people were more cynical, there would be less suicides, people would be fooled less, Catholics would not have problems with their priests. Blind faith is a dangerous thing. We have to challenge everything: religion, God, authorities, politicians, government, academy, medicine, laws … - everything. Only those things and concepts that stand up to cynical, careful and scrupulous scrutiny are worth believing in and based on. If things literally crumble upon closer inspection, then they initially had a low value.

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How much luck do you have? Why is it time to stop hoping for luck?

By the way, I really meant God in this statement. God can withstand your cynicism and disbelief, while religion can crack.

Remember: your cynicism will be confused with criticism. I have found that most people do not understand the difference between cynicism and criticism. You will be viewed as a critic if you do not take everything you are told on faith. People will see you as a bad, negative troublemaker. Rise above this.

Just smile and know that you are not a gullible fool because you ask questions before you take something on faith.

And further. When you make cynical remarks, evaluate the reaction to your words. If your questions, ideas, thoughts and your cynicism react with hostility, then be on the lookout for those who shout the loudest. Truth is not afraid when challenged; it can withstand any stream of questions. I have found that only lies seek to strike back, retaliate and attack. Truth can defend itself, although it does not need it. And deceivers, trying to protect their lies, become vindictive and arrogant.

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