10 traits of a dangerous person
10 traits of a dangerous person

There are no dangerous weapons, but there are dangerous people. Even when they have no chance and no weapons, they are deadly as long as they are alive. What are the character traits of a dangerous person and how to become one?

You should not hide your head in the sand in case of danger, it is better to be the most dangerous yourself. What makes dangerous people different from ordinary people? A dangerous person has certain character traits and attitude. A dangerous person can slowly but surely and persistently go to victory. It cannot be stopped. How to become a dangerous person?

10 traits of a dangerous person

1. The inner beast

We only seem civilized to ourselves. In fact, the world is cruel, and people are ruthless. They may smile at you, but behind the smiles hides the desire to finish you off. Jungle predators kill for food - and only humans kill for fun. Even friends are happy to stab you in the back: they need your job, your house, your money, your wife - and your dog, after all. Enemies are even worse! You must be able to defend yourself. Donald Trump

2. Inspiration by rage

Rage, dude. What other emotion will give you so much? Everything happens from rage. Matthew McConaughey

3. Rough determination

If you want to achieve a goal, don't try to be delicate or smart. Use rude tactics. Hit the target immediately. Go back and hit again. Then strike again - with the strongest blow from the shoulder …

Men's joys
Men's joys

4. Unbearable obstinacy

It is generally accepted that people with a strong spirit are the very ones who know how to admit that they are wrong. But perhaps even stronger are those who never recognize it.

5. Self-irony

It is impossible to laugh at a person who laughs at himself. Dmitry Emets

6. Not Trampled Honor

A man's conscience cannot cope with dishonor. Jeffrey Lindsay

7. Lack of fear of death

A man is one who fears the death of his heart, not the death of his body. Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah

8. Contempt for pain

Pain is nonsense if you know what to endure for. Vera Camsha

9. Possibility of retaliation

Those who strive to stab in the back, remember that a strong man has a back with eyes … and nobody canceled the boomerang rule.

10. Playing by the rules

Dangerous people do not choose the lesser of two evils. Why play by someone else's rules? They find 99 other possibilities and play their own game.

The most dangerous person is the one who is not afraid of his own shadow. He never gives up and is invincible by this.

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