About money and girls
About money and girls

Money does not solve anything in a relationship, the main thing is that a person is good? Stop succumbing to outright self-deception and doing stupid things. A little discussion about money and relationships with the fair sex.

After the recent surge of posts that money does not solve anything in a relationship, the main thing is that a person is good, I am more and more surprised at such an outright self-deception, which, at the same time, also finds almost unanimous support.

Even just to invite a lady you like to a movie, you need a certain amount of money. If we take Moscow as the standard (and most likely any major regional center), then this is at least 1.5 kilo rubles. This is 2 tickets and coffee to drink. And this, I would also say, is very budgetary.

Further, naturally more. If you want to somehow develop a relationship, then in the end you have to come up with something other than a movie. Even to call a girl for a banal walk, it would seem, "this is a walk, what nafig money ???" … It's still better to have at least some cash on your pocket.

What if the lady wants to drink or ice cream? And you are like "I'm sorry, I have no money." Will she want to walk with you next time? That's right - no.

And so on and so forth. Everything rests on these damned, pieces of paper, without which in the current world, oh, how hard it is.

Stereotypes about women
Stereotypes about women

Would you like to invite a lady to dinner? Please donate to groceries, or to a restaurant. Of course, you can try to arrange a budget buckwheat dinner with stew, but which girl will appreciate it ???

Speaking of human qualities that are so often opposed to money. For example, I don’t drink, I don’t smoke, I’m not fat, not scary, not a dwarf. According to the logic of opponents of money, I should have long ago drowned in female attention and embrace. But for some reason this is not observed.

Firstly, because for the time being I deliberately avoid relationships because I look beyond my own nose and understand that without having certain opportunities it is better not to start a relationship so that later it would not be offensive and ashamed. So it's easy to grab a bunch of complexes.

Secondly, because if I had started a relationship, it would not have lasted long. the financial question ALWAYS pops up. Do not even dare to argue with this!

Nobody wants to live in a kennel and eat bread and water for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And no matter how wonderful a person is, needs usually take their toll.

Personally, I can live on 5k a month. But who of their own free will wants to live like this, especially if there are options to live on 25 or 50? Moreover, there is no inverse or direct relationship between money and human qualities. There are handsome men and freaks (including moral ones) with money or without money. Who has more chances, guess for yourself …

What should be the ideal girl? 30 qualities of the perfect girl
What should be the ideal girl? 30 qualities of the perfect girl

The moral of this fable is that maintaining a relationship without certain financial investments is a problematic thing. Take this seriously, this will save your nerves and time for yourself and those around you.

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