If you've lost your way
If you've lost your way

You were doing well and then something happened. It’s as if you’ve faced an obstacle that your formula for success has been powerless against. If circumstances have forced you to go astray, then this article is for you.

However, the one who does nothing is not mistaken. You are probably at the very beginning of the journey again. This is not good news. And, most likely, your brain will try to dissuade you from a new attempt to overcome all difficulties: “You see, nothing works. Enough. Do not. Don't even try. " This is where the main danger lies. If you listen to your inner voice, you probably won't be able to change anything this time. Moreover, you will generally reduce the likelihood of changes in the future, because you will lose faith in yourself.

If circumstances force you to go astray (and this will inevitably happen), be sure to remember the following steps:

1. Assess the current situation.

2. Determine how you should proceed.

3. Praise yourself for finding the strength to start all over again (fitness guru Bob Green's strategy).

4. Quickly act on the decision you made.

For example, Oprah realized that her problems were related to a knee injury, immediately developed a new set of exercises, praised herself for the decision to continue training (she trained with Bob Green, and perhaps it was he who prompted her this decision) and continued to exercise. Now she is in excellent shape, and there is no trace of excess weight. Tracy realized that the crisis in the company would be over in a month. In accordance with this, she changed her attitude towards the time frame of her work so that she could continue to devote time to her family. She praised herself for wanting to keep working on her goals, and firmly decided that after a month of unexpected work, she would switch to shorter working hours on Fridays again. I found another gym, made a more intense workout plan, and took care of a new diet.

What if nothing works? Ask yourself 10 unexpected questions
What if nothing works? Ask yourself 10 unexpected questions

In my opinion, the most important points in the proposed scheme of actions are points 3 and 4. By praising yourself, you will remain on a positive wave and maintain self-esteem. You don't have to think, “You see, I can't do it the way it should. And what happened confirms this once again. " Praise yourself. By doing this, you will remind yourself that you have the courage and perseverance to not give up.

It is imperative to start acting quickly. Otherwise, you risk losing the energy of your promise and returning back to old bad habits. I hope you already have the backup plan that we talked about in the book? Perhaps the time has come to take advantage of it. I knew the gym was about to close, but I didn't take any steps to find a new one. I have never encountered such a problem, before my gym was not closed for the holidays (and I did not have free time to choose another), and the search for an alternative option has never taken so much of my time.

Perhaps you, too, have not had anything like this before. For example, you find out that your mom will move to live with you or your husband will lose his job, and you do not have a backup plan. In this case, assessing the situation and making the right decision on further actions will help. The main thing is not to lose self-control and quickly resolve all issues. Then you will be able to do everything correctly and in a timely manner.

What is cheap when you are poor, but expensive when you are rich?
What is cheap when you are poor, but expensive when you are rich?

When faced with any difficulty, always remember to act, not remain a passive observer. I remember a case when a friend came to visit me for a few days. She immediately asked where the nearest gym was. While my family and I were at home and leisurely morning conversations, my friend left us for an hour to do sports. At that time, her daily morning exercises seemed to me a real manifestation of fanaticism. I must say that now I respect her perseverance and determination. Even travel does not prevent my friend from playing sports every day. If you only knew how wonderful she looks in her fifty years!

Remember that even Oprah Winfrey had to gather strength many times and start all over again. At the same time, millions of people watched her, no less! Therefore, if you go astray, never forget the four points. It doesn't matter how many times you start over. It is important that you find the strength to do it.

Never give up and be able to start all over again is the right way to fulfill your dreams, increase self-esteem, self-esteem and self-confidence!

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