City Combat Survival Rules
City Combat Survival Rules

Local conflicts often arise unexpectedly and very close. You never know when you will need survival techniques in such extreme conditions as urban combat. Survival rules in urban combat.

1. Moving from place to place under enemy fire is a dangerous activity, it requires tremendous skill, but you must always be alert and ready for any danger.

2. You should move along streets or through buildings using holes in the walls. If you are forced to move in open areas, use smoke. Stay as close to the walls as possible.

3. Never cross an open area straight. Always look for a detour, even if it is long. If you are forced to walk in open areas, do it quickly. If the whole group is moving, do not cross the open area one by one! Run across in a group using smoke and covering fire. This technique minimizes risk.

4. When you are forced to cross the alleys, spread out at a distance of 3-5 m from each other, and at the signal of the commander, run across at the same time.

5. When you have taken a position - be ready to cover your comrade with fire.

6. Basement windows are dangerous. If the first time can still run, the second - no longer. Jump over them.

7. Do not use doorways. They are too dangerous. If there is no other alternative, first select the next position before running.

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8. Try not to leave any positions without the cover of your comrades; be sure that the position to which you run will provide you with subsequent cover for your comrade.

9. Looking around the corner while standing is dangerous. It is best to do this while lying down.

10. When crawling over a wall, try to do it lying down. If you are not sure what is safe on the other side, throw a grenade.

11. Be careful when walking under the windows on the first floor. Keep your head under the windowsill.

12. Be prepared to shoot from any shoulder. Don't shoot over the top of your cover. Shoot from the side, otherwise you will be projected.

13. When shooting from around a corner, do not do it while standing. Your entire body will be exposed to enemy fire. Shooting from the knee is good, but lying down is better. Shoot from around the corner as low as possible and try to use any trash, stones, bricks.

14. When you come to the place of alleged entry into the building, you can get there quickly with the help of your comrades. When clearing a building, before entering, throw a grenade. It's a good idea to count down the deceleration time in your hands so you don't get it back.

15. Do not forget while doing this that the grenade may explode prematurely.

16. You can use the GP-25 grenade launcher, it can send the grenade much further and more accurately than you.

17. After throwing a grenade, you must quickly get through a window or a hole in the wall.

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18. If the window is too high above your head, seek the help of your comrades, who can push you there. If possible, then use an RPG, he is able to make holes, and at the same time and hit the enemy behind the wall.

19. Two problems exist when you are inside a building. You can be exposed to enemy fire both from the outside and from the inside. Never stand in front of windows, doorways, or holes in walls. If these elements meet, crawl under them.

20. Inside the building, the hall and corridors are dangerous. If you have to overcome them, keep to the walls.

21. Buildings with thin inner walls can be cleared with PKM machine gun fire, piercing the walls through and through.

22. Roofs and upper walls are very thin than the lower ones. Less explosives are needed here to detonate.

23. When entering the room, be careful. Watch out for traps. Although the enemy has already left the building, booby traps may remain. Never grab items left behind. Do not touch switches and doorknobs. Always look under your feet. Traps can be located on possible routes of passage. For example: on stairs, in corridors, under various objects. If possible, take the harder route better, it may save your life. Do not try to clear the mines yourself - this is the job of sappers. Indicate the installation site in any way, for example, with a curl of red material.

24. Cleaning up buildings requires divisional actions and teamwork. Use all the possibilities of grenades and explosive charges. Remember that not only you, but also the enemy can shoot through thin walls.

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25. Always allocate some of your forces to guard and maintain visual communication with the units following you.

26. When a building is captured, all approaches to it must be guarded. Pay special attention to roofs and underground utilities.

27. During the reorganization of forces and assets, when you have completed the cleanup, you must:

- replenish yourself with ammunition;

- mark the building as “used”;

- Provide cover fire for forces clearing other buildings;

- to evacuate the wounded;

- if the building needs to be occupied, then organize defensive positions;

28. The fighter is always looking for a position that meets the requirements: camouflage and a wide range of fire.

29. Holes in walls should be reinforced with sandbags as well as windows. It is necessary to make holes of irregular shape in order to provide better camouflage.

30. Remove all glass from windows, leave only curtains, if any. When firing from the top floor, use a table with bags stacked on top of it.

31. The floor is also reinforced with sandbags, as are the windows. One layer of bags is enough for this. Especially if you are on the second floor.

32. You can build a custom roof using a table with bags stacked on top of it. Observe the disguise. Set false shooting positions to mislead the enemy.

33. Rooftop positions allow anti-tank weapons to engage tanks using a wider sector. In addition, it is difficult for tanks to hit a target on the roof due to their limitations in raising the cannon.

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34. ATGM - to be placed so that the jet stream has the ability to exit through the windows from behind.

35. The most common mistake is shooting from a window close to the windowsill. This is due to the desire to expand the shooting sector. But you can't shoot everyone at once. This is fraught. Stand at the back of the room. The distance from the window sill to the edge of the trunk should be 1-2 meters.

36. The same rule is obvious when you fire from holes in the walls. Also, while in depth, shoot from your knee or prone.

37. Roof positions are very helpful. They provide an excellent sector for shooting and do not give an advantage to the enemy in shooting from the bottom up.

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