A truly powerful way to make your dream come true
A truly powerful way to make your dream come true

You can reread motivating articles and advice on how to stop being lazy for a very long time. Have a dream? There is only one way to turn dreams into reality.

“I can’t, I have poor health, I have no money, and in general today is Sunday, and I’m going to lie on the couch” are not reasons to give up your dream.

Once upon a time I heard this phrase: Do you have a dream? Run to her. Can't run? Go to her. Can't walk? Crawl to her. Can't you crawl? Lie towards the dream.

And this is the only way to turn dreams into reality. Seriously.

I offer us all sorts of clever ways: to make a wish board, to imagine that the dream has already come true, all sorts of attracting the right people, positive thinking, and so on, so on. At one time I tried many of these methods, however, there is little sense from them. It can serve as an encouragement, nothing more. More often than not, the usual substitution for my own reassurance: it seems like I have already done something to achieve my dream, I hung pictures with books on the blackboard, Rowling's photo pasted by the bed.

In fact, everything is simple. You have a dream - do something for her. Yes, yes, yes, at this moment objections appear in my head: it's easy to say, but my dream is such that you can't do it, it's too difficult, I can't, I have poor health, I have no money, and in general today is Sunday, and I I am going to lie on the couch and take a break from the working week.

Human vital values
Human vital values

In a small, I emphasize - in a small number of cases, a dream is likely to remain a dream. For example, I found out that my dream home is worth 35 million euros. Seriously, I’m not going to be a businessman, and I’m not likely to have that kind of money. I’m not giving up my dream (you can give me such a house!), I just understand that this is a fruitless dream, and I don’t go, I don’t suffer “Oh, I will never have a home for 35 million euros! Poor I am unhappy!"

And if I have a dream that I really want to achieve, I "crawl" towards it always.

Don't tell me that you can't even crawl. How about a deaf-blind Ph. D., huh? For some reason he didn’t whine that he couldn’t.

Okay, let's not talk about strangers, whose stories, as a rule, do not believe.

I had moments in my life when for many weeks I could not only walk, but even sit, watch and move my hands. Do you know what I was doing at that time? I invented stories, I couldn't do anything else, but I could invent stories.

There is another good phrase that you all probably know: Who does not want - seeks reasons, who wants - seeks opportunities.

It's like a nike advertising slogan: “just do it” This realization came to me when I suddenly quit smoking, although before that I could not decide on it for a very long time. It turned out that everything is much simpler: you just have to stop! And when you want to again - no smoking and that's it.

How to improve your life in 30 steps?
How to improve your life in 30 steps?

And so in everything: you can read motivating articles and advice "how to stop being lazy and start doing" for a very long time, but there is only one answer: you just have to do, and not think about it.

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