Hysteroid body. A man runs into them most often in his youth, when hormones play and you constantly want sex. A little about hysterics, quarrels, scandals and sex.

There is one type of women who somehow manages to keep a man on a leash in some unknown way. I call such hysterical bodies.

A man runs into them most often in his youth. Hormones play, I want to constantly, but she is weaned. He will give, he will not give, then he will give again and will not give. And it seems - not touchy, but the man constantly does not know whether he will break off today or yesterday was the last time.

She is not a beauty, but his eyes are obscured by his increased libido. The man decides that this is love, since he wants so much and often. She also refers to bed pleasures, not hiding her irritation. Well, okay, if you want - just once, get it. But if you misbehave, I will run away, sparkling with my heels into the sunset.

What does it mean to "behave badly", the man does not understand. The train of her thoughts does not obey the laws of common sense at all.

Knowing that he gets up at six in the morning, he asks in the evening: bring a croissant in the morning, this is romance. Bring it in right before work. A man is happy to try, thinks, will fulfill - the relationship will improve, she will become a bunny.

He gets up, goes, buys, brings. She yells in response: "You woke me up so early, ugly ?!"

Why relationships don't work out: 50 unspoken rules in relationships
Why relationships don't work out: 50 unspoken rules in relationships

Trying to explain what she herself asked is useless and fundamentally wrong. It has its own logic, its own "common" sense. The man is constantly in a stupor with her. What seemed logical to him not long ago breaks down on its reality of a parallel Universe.

I don't like purchased flowers, pick me some daisies. He is robbing a flower bed, trying to give her a bouquet of wildflowers. She responds by throwing flowers in his face and calling him a rogue, incapable of anything in this life.

You normal people think that I made these examples with flowers and a croissant? I’ll say terrible: no, it was so. My imagination would not have been enough to come up with such a thing.

The man is in constant panic from this swing. Work? Yes, what kind of work, not up to her. Friends? Not up to them, the man is already pathologically afraid of what she can present for the evening that he will spend with the boys.

In general, she drops his mood in the negative. At the minimum, he does not even see what kind of pig she has turned outwardly, and thinks that at fifty she is - wow. He has no time to look at her, all his thoughts are occupied with another scandal. He thinks that each of their sex could be their last. Therefore, he treats him as the first. Will he give today - won't he? And if he does, then for what reason will he throw a tantrum again?

How to make a girl happy?
How to make a girl happy?

There is no joy in such a relationship. She is hysterical, and he is tired and dull. It's almost impossible to get off the hook. If she bends him to the end, turns him into a rag and wipes her feet on him, then, perhaps, she will throw herself. For him, the only option is a new pussy.

She loves to yell that she does not love him, that having sex with him is one punishment. But at the same time he checks his phone and mail. What for? And then, that subconsciously knows about the only danger for itself: a new pussy.

If he meets a new woman, then in a week he will already see the cellulite and wrinkles of his hysterical woman. All furrows of the hysteroid body, as in a magnifying glass. In contrast, she will understand what she is, and immediately quit.

The hysterical body does not want to be abandoned. It is proud, and in all fairness it must be admitted - all her tantrums are just a way to keep the man next to her. How long depends on whether it breaks or not.

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