7 delusions of humanity
7 delusions of humanity

There are no good, evil, death, incurable diseases, failures, rules of success and guaranteed victories. Misconceptions prevent you from getting what you want, limit you within the framework and prevent you from achieving success. 1. The world is divided into Good and Evil.

The world is actually neutral, it only obediently realizes our fantasies and thoughts.

2. Life begins at the time of birth and ends at the time of death

Life has always been / is and will be. Just for a vivid development, we voluntarily block part of the memory before coming to Earth.

3. Women give birth to children in pain

Initially, female childbirth was accompanied by at least pleasant sensations, as a maximum by orgasm. During the heyday of religious egregors, sex was turned into a sin, childbirth into punishment, and children into a burden and responsibility.

4. There are incurable Diseases

If you were able to create this disease in your Life, then you can also create Health for yourself.

5. The most effective way to defend your interests is to fight

In fact, while we are fighting, thinking about the struggle, living in the struggle, the reasons for the struggle will become more and more. And our interests will continue to be threatened. For we create this threat ourselves, with our thoughts. What we think about is what we get.

6. There is a limited number of benefits on Earth that will not go to everyone

How do you imagine? What is the right way to dream?
How do you imagine? What is the right way to dream?

In fact, the World will easily create everything for those who do not doubt their desires, who do not limit themselves to the thought: "there is not enough for everyone."

7. To get something, you need to work hard, or ask someone and humiliate yourself, or take it away from another person

You can get whatever you want. At the same time, there is absolutely no need to "tell and indicate" to the Universe how to fulfill your Desire. A universe with creative ideas is doing great. Just don't bother her..

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