10 differences between a man and a boy
10 differences between a man and a boy

Age and sexual experience is not a measure of the difference between a man and a boy. You can be a 35 year old boy and an 18 year old Man. Who do modern girls dream of?

Almost all women dream of seeing a strong shoulder nearby, a reliable rear, a loving person, a caring friend, a financially stable source of money and a passionate lover. The main thing is that all these qualities are contained in one person. In the most beloved, necessary and only hero. Of course, for all women, the sequence and dosage of these criteria are different, but in principle the essence remains the same.

The world has changed a lot over the past 20 years: marriages are no longer concluded immediately after leaving school, the first children appear after thirty, women increasingly began to earn more than their men.

The modern woman has become more demanding in the choice of her partner. She is no longer so naive, but still wants to get her portion of "noodles". She knows that "all men are good …", but she persists in looking for her one and only. A woman from modern society has achieved success in her career, but she is already tired of going forward alone. The period of her "everything must be tried" is already running out, but she is not used to limiting herself yet. She is in favor of a "no mask" relationship, but still all in her armor.

Modern Man is a classic type of self-confident male. It has its own principles and rules, one might say “a code of honor”. He knows what he wants from life, and boldly takes his own. It is difficult to "dissolve" him and he knows exactly how to tilt the scales in his direction. He is strong, confident in his abilities, but his main feature is that he can solve any problem.

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According to the laws of attraction, a girl attracts a boy, and a woman attracts a man. By nature, a real Man will not be able to pay attention to an infantile, stupid person without any signs of adaptation to life. All can not, because his beloved woman should be suitable for his status and be a worthy motivator for future exploits.

In this article we will look at the differences between "Real Man" and "Boy". Age and sexual experience are not indicative of differences between these types. You can be a 35 year old boy and an 18 year old Man.

Consider the following option for differentiating boys and men:

1. Behavior in critical situations

A man does not always speak a lot, rarely uses beautiful words and many epithets, but he knows exactly when it is time to act. The Man does not have the habit of fussing and panicking. He has a sober view of the situation and an already deliberate strategy of behavior. A man is a rock.

The boy, on the other hand, only knows how to speak beautifully and absolutely does not know how to behave in critical situations.

2. Ability to admit your guilt

A real Man is not afraid to admit his guilt, he understands when and in what he was wrong. He is not afraid to publicly apologize. Perhaps the Man will not necessarily say the usual “forgive me”. Instead, he can make a gift, create a pleasant situation for his woman, instantly offer his partners ways to solve the problem. His way of solving a conflict situation is more effective than ordinary words.

How to communicate and what to do with scum?
How to communicate and what to do with scum?

The boy, on the other hand, will insist to the last on his righteousness and build his defense in the position of "attack".

3. Life principles

Men have an unspoken code of honor and conduct. There are principles to which they have been true for years. A man will not go against his will, he will always correctly prioritize and, most importantly, he will be able to painlessly find alternative ways for himself with greater benefit for his prospects. This applies to friendship, personal sphere and business.

The boy is hot-tempered by his temperament and cannot adequately respond to the situation. He does not have a clear position of behavior - there is only a desire to be noticed. His course for life is to "go with the flow."

4. Reaction to the female "no"

A woman by her nature is used to being capricious, craving the moment when she will be persuaded, forced, persuaded. In short, "flirt." A man, on the other hand, responds adequately to this desire. He has in his genes the ability to "lead" a woman to the desired decision. After all, a person is happy when he makes decisions on his own, and Men have a special gift to persuade, convince, argue without unnecessary pressure, but always get what they want.

Boys do not want to complicate their lives with new problems. For them, the quantity is important, but not the quality of his "exploits". The boy will never fight to be noticed by any particular woman, he will bask in the glory of his fans.

What is masculinity?
What is masculinity?

5. Attitude towards the family

Men build strong relationships. They spend their free time with their family, not because they are stay-at-home and do not know how to have fun, but because they are good fathers and husbands. Everyone can become a dad, but not everyone can become a good father. It is not for nothing that most women, when choosing their men, subconsciously imagine what kind of father he will be for her child.

The boy, on the other hand, will be a follower, he will not make decisions, but will look for all sorts of ways to "skip" from his duties. A family for a boy is a special burden that is needed for society, but a burden to him personally.

6. Respect for women

Women sometimes go too far, are too capricious or behave frivolously, but a Man will never allow himself to hit a woman or insult her in public. Men can discuss their "conquests", but they will never "suck" the situation with everyone in a row, revealing their exploits in all their glory. Men ALWAYS respect women, and not only theirs. He will skip ahead of a colleague, a neighbor, or just a stranger (sometimes, of course, to evaluate her butt, but this is not the main reason). Good manners are more important than any flirting.

Boys brag about their exploits consistently. They make lists of their "victims", allow themselves an incorrect attitude towards the fairer sex.

7. Behavior during sex

The samurai has no purpose. Only way
The samurai has no purpose. Only way

A man has long known which poses, places and measures are ideal for him and his partner. Yes, he tried a lot in his time, but now he is no longer an experimenter, he takes only the best from life, giving up tinsel. Of course, sometimes he needs something new, but this is not a search for something exotic, but rather a fleeting desire for variety. He prefers to have physical intimacy with a woman who is able to excite him mentally, and this is worth a lot.

Boys will study the Kama Sutra without thinking about the pleasure of their partner. For him, only the variety in terms of poses and partners is important. The eternal period of knowledge of the world.

8. Attitude towards the world

A man knows exactly what and how he wants. He is confident in himself and predicts the behavior of others in a given situation. A man realizes that the world does not revolve around him, he independently moves forward in order to improve his life and the lives of people close to him. For Men, the process of self-improvement and conquest is important.

The boy hopes to be lucky. No confidence or control over the situation. Only hopes and desires.

9. Plans for the future

A man sets a goal and goes to it, he strategically thinks out his steps to achieve the goal.

The boy, on the other hand, lives today, having ideas and not having a desire to bring them to life.

ten. Woman's choice

How can a man make his voice rough and hoarse?
How can a man make his voice rough and hoarse?

A man will always be able to discern an intelligent woman among the rich assortment. And the wiser a woman is, the better her choice. An intellectual woman has a number of requirements that she secretly makes to her Man. Real Men will never choose an infantile and weak woman. He needs a confident girl with a rare gift - to be his personal muse. A spiritually rich woman will help him in business with unobtrusive advice, in his personal life with a comfortable life, and in bed with maximum relaxation.

The boy will be with the brightest and craziest girl in the party. For him, shine and popularity are important, not depth and ability to inspire.

During the period of knowledge of the world, girls meet different types of men: "romantic", "man for the weekend", "businessman", "eternal skeptic", "Apollo", "ladies' man", "party-goer", "mentor", "sportsman", " stranger "," superEn ". This list may not be complete, but these are the most memorable categories of men that girls meet.

So, those who, after all, can be attributed to the "Man" type, will always help when they are asked for help, and note that they are not begged for it, but only asked once. The "boy" type always tends to evade or postpone this help until the "never" period. There are doubts whether the "boy" type will ever be able to become a "real Man"? But there must be faith in people, in the fact that each of us is capable of changing under the condition of a personal desire for personal growth.

Kindness is perceived as weakness, and aggression is perceived as strength
Kindness is perceived as weakness, and aggression is perceived as strength

Dear girls, please do not get married in order to change your Man later. After all, after tens of years you will say: “Where is that wonderful person whom I married?”. Try to determine if "Man" or "Boy" is next to you. And if you are comfortable with the "boy", do not hesitate, because this is your choice, your life and your future. Accept it today as it is, and just be happy right now.

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