12 decisions to make every year
12 decisions to make every year

Still in doubt about your decisions, plans and goals for the foreseeable near future? Several worthy decisions that should be made in the near future, and then follow them throughout your life.

The new year is coming soon, which means we will have another chance to do everything right.

Still undecided on your decisions and goals? Need a word of wisdom? You will get a lot more pair, because in this article you will find 12 worthy decisions to make in the coming year, and then follow them all your life.

So open a new chapter in your life and marvel at its virgin white purity. This chapter is called Infinite Possibilities, and it begins today …

1. Start

Remember - the feeling you get when you take the first step, whatever it turns out to be, will in any case be much better than the feeling you get when you just sit still. So get up and do something. Take the first step next year - just a tiny step forward.

The greatest miracle of success is not that you achieved it, but that you had the courage to start.

2. Direct all your efforts to the main thing

How to live faster
How to live faster

Don't be busy, be productive. Don't keep track of your time, keep track of your results. Put what matters most to you first and do them first.

Do not expect that your goal will be easy to achieve - a thorny path leads to any worthy goal. If he wasn't, you would have already achieved everything you wanted, and so will everyone else. But it is precisely the fact that it is not easy that makes her worthy. There is no shortcut to any place worth getting there.

3. Don't go out of your way

A successful life is the life you have lived fully aware of your actions and following your own path, rather than chasing someone else's dreams.

Do what is best for you, because no one can live your life for you. Keep going forward, ignoring the negativity that others are pouring out on you so generously. Do what you should. Live a life to be proud of. And if suddenly you realize that this is not so, find the courage to start all over again and get back on the right path.

4. Be confident

Know that you already have everything you need to become the best possible version of yourself.

Believe in what you can. Believe that you are able to work harder and get further than ever before. Believe that you are young enough, old enough, smart enough and strong enough to achieve your goals. Don't let fake restrictions stop you from surpassing yourself. And even less so, do not let those who do not walk alongside you lead you astray.

Why endure? Patience as a weapon of the mighty
Why endure? Patience as a weapon of the mighty

5. Focus on solutions

Life only gets better when you decide to make it that way. Negative people constantly complain about how bad their life is, and positive people silently and persistently make it better.

Life will always be full of challenges and challenges, but instead of letting them become obstacles in your path, try to turn them into what they really are - invaluable opportunities. Those who have the courage, determination and self-discipline to do this improve not only their lives, but the lives of everyone around them. So become one of these people. Focus not on problems, but on solving them, and try to move forward, at least a little, into a brighter future.

6. Accept what you cannot change

What you resist will never let you go. If you resist something, you are feeding it. You are only pouring additional energy into the force that you are resisting. And if you are trying to push something away with negative energy, you are only inviting it to stay.

Learn to accept things as they are, be positive and hardworking, let go of the urge to control everything down to the smallest detail, and peace will be your reward.

7. Leave the past where it belongs

Don't stumble over what should be left behind. Don't make excuses for the past for your disregard for the present. The wounds of your past will never heal if you continue to reopen them over and over.

Money is not the main thing in life or the main secret of money
Money is not the main thing in life or the main secret of money

Acceptance of what happened is the bitter pill you have to swallow to leave yesterday's sorrows behind. And this is the choice you have to make. Know - the past determines your future … but only if you allow it to do so. You can live in the past, yes … but you don't have to.

8. Alternate work with much-needed rest

Sometimes it is better to put everything aside and have a good rest so that afterwards you can look at your work with fresh eyes. When you squeeze all the juice out of yourself just to complete a project ahead of schedule, you are much more likely to make mistakes, and this, in turn, degrades the quality of the result. In general, recycling can do you far more harm than good.

Writer Zatie Smith once said: “When you’re finishing your next novel, unless you urgently need money, if you don’t need to sell it or publish it right away, put it in your desk drawer and don’t touch as much as you can. The secret to good editing of your novel is simple - you have to go from being a writer to being a reader.” Yes, Smith talked about writing books, but his advice often applies to any work we do.

9. Set a good example

It is not what you say that matters. What matters is how you live day in and day out. Know that in your life there are certainly people for whom you are an example to follow, and they are watching you all the time. These people are like sponges, they absorb all your actions or feelings, and try to repeat them. That is why your words are so much less important than your actions. Believe that with your daily actions you can change both your life and the lives of those around you - and you will.

If the horse is dead - get off it: how many times can you try
If the horse is dead - get off it: how many times can you try

Let your actions speak for themselves.

10. Be sincere and kind to others

Kindness in words builds confidence. Kindness in thoughts creates a positive. Kindness combined with selflessness creates love.

Kindness gives us the ability to make a significant difference in the life of every person you deal with - including your own. When you do not let someone who feels lonely and lost go astray, when you comfort someone who has been overcome by grief and sorrow, when you embrace someone who has lost their last hope … at this moment you are not only helping to heal this person's spiritual wounds, but also give strength to yourself.

11. Express your love

You don't have to be perfect to be a good friend or loving person, but personal relationships are a serious responsibility. They can last a lifetime, but only if all the parties involved want it, when they are ready to fight for them, and work diligently to preserve them. Expressing your love does not have to be something unusual or extravagant - but it should be sincere. And sincerity often lies not in words, but in actions.

12. Help change at least one life

No matter how serious and insurmountable life trials and problems seem to you, and how insignificant you look against their background, know that you can change this world. What you do is important, no matter how insignificant it may seem to you. Most positive changes happen in human life when at least one other person cares about them, believes in them, and encourages them.

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