How to make a dream come true in the New Year
How to make a dream come true in the New Year

Any dream can be fulfilled if desired. To do this, you need willpower, nerves of steel, and ease of action. Five concrete steps towards your dream.

Making your dream come true is easier than it sounds. True, in addition to desire, you will need willpower, nerves of steel and ease of action. For those who are ripe to make their dreams come true, we offer a sequence of five todo steps.

Step 1. Raise your self-esteem

The right attitude is half the battle. Before you start moving towards your dream, create a virtual support group. It needs to include four people. Moreover, you can use all your imagination and use people from Frank Sinatra to Yuri Gagarin and Albert Einstein. Choose those whose life position appeals to you. Of course, these can also be people who live in real life.

Have you chosen? This is your family now. Next, write down what each of these people have to tell you to inspire. For example, Yuri Gagarin can say: “Sveta is very purposeful. It is fast and lightning fast like a rocket. Everything works out for her. " Do the same with all members of your virtual family. Save this text and carry with you for a motivational boost.

Step 2. Identify strengths

The next step is to understand what you do just fine. Make a list of twenty activities that you love to do and that make your soul sing. Now you need to find patterns in this list and reduce it to three activities. Chances are, you'll see a pretty clear picture of what you're really good at.

How to never lose?
How to never lose?

Let's say your conclusions are that you enjoy traveling, interacting with people, and helping the environment. Think about how you can combine this? Maybe organize a voyage around the world with an ecological connotation?

Step 3. Build a real support group

We advise you to choose a person from your environment with whom you could move towards your dream together. You are moving towards your goal, and he is moving towards his. You just do it in parallel, supporting each other.

Make weekly appointments with this person. He should check your checklist, and you should check his. If one of you "freezes" and does not fulfill obligations, enter penalties.

Step 4. Try our hand

We begin to move towards our dream. Most often, people are afraid that they made the wrong choice, but this does not matter, because there are several ways to test your assumption. You need to try what you have chosen. For example, we are talking about the dream that was voiced in step # 2. You have several touchstone options. And the easiest one is to become a volunteer or intern.

You can get a job as a volunteer or intern in almost any international organization. Let it even be WWF or Greanpeace. Proactive people are needed always and everywhere.

Step 5. Get up on your feet

Finally, you realized that traveling and helping nature is exactly what you want. Now it remains to draw a flowchart that will show you where to go next.

How to find your calling in life?
How to find your calling in life?

You need to write down all sorts of options for how to make your dream become your life's work. For example, you can organize environmental "floating" workshops on ships, or design an eco-tour for a local travel agency and become its guide; or come to an environmental organization with the idea of sailing around the world in support of some eco-program.

There are always dozens and hundreds of options for making your dreams come true! The main thing is to start acting!

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