How to combine work and personal life?
How to combine work and personal life?

Everyone wants to succeed at work and not lose anything in their personal life. Like a middle ground between work and family, when there is so much to do and so little time.

Finding harmony between career and family, when both are of great importance to you, is a very difficult task. You want to excel at work, your goal is career growth and career advancement. This means that the standard five working days and 40 hours a week is not enough.

And this is where a dilemma arises. You spend a lot of time at work overshadowing your family. Your relationship at home begins to suffer. So, how can you find a middle ground between work and family, when there is so much to do and so little time.

"Experience the joy of living a harmonious life - study, think, paint, sing, dance and play, and work every day" Robert Fulgum

Advice. How to balance work and personal life

Determine what is more important to you

Finding harmony between work and personal life requires prioritization. The best way to accomplish this is to sit down and write down your career goals and your family goals based on your personal values. What is more important to you? If you were given an ultimatum from a family or a job, what would you choose? If you lose your job, you can always find another. But if you lose your family, will the job still matter? Think about it.

Psychology of the rich and successful
Psychology of the rich and successful

Are you working hard or right?

Some people keep working from home because they don't get it on time. And smart people who work “correctly” transfer their work to another person. They are successful leaders who have achieved harmony in the family and at work. They spend as much time relaxing and enjoying life as they devote to their careers.

Start trusting people and give back some of your commitments. Take some time to train your subordinates and delegate some of your work to them. In this way, they will lighten your burden and you will improve your relationship with the team as you are willing to share your experience and knowledge.

Find something fun and exciting outside of work

If you are single / unmarried because you are a workaholic or for some other reason, find an interesting hobby that will distract you from your work. Sometimes people use work, work to hide from their loneliness and get rid of boredom. And some people just haven't found something else interesting and exciting to devote their free time to. you can devote your free time.

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