How to get inspired by the method of Vladimir Mayakovsky
How to get inspired by the method of Vladimir Mayakovsky

How to unleash your creativity in challenging conditions? If Vladimir Mayakovsky could have been inspired under Soviet rule, then you and I have no reason not to be able to do this.

If a poet could be inspired under Soviet rule, then you and I have no reason not to. So, what you need to do to get the muse to visit you, even in the most difficult times.

1. Don't be afraid

If you are in such a state that it seems that nothing will please you anymore, nothing inspires you and the creative forces have left you forever, the first step is to get out of this state. First, know: a creative person cannot become uncreative, no matter how hard he tries. So all your talents are still with you. They're just buried under tons of self-criticism and insecurity.

This applies not only to writers and artists. You know very well that you can even get creative with an accounting report if you want to.

But there is a moment when it seems that nothing will help you now. From this moment on, you cannot create anything, because you are very busy with the fact that you are afraid to never be inspired again. So, the first thing to do is to stop being afraid. Talent cannot be lost. He will always be with you.

How to find your calling?
How to find your calling?

2. Love

If you managed not to be afraid of failure, then, quite possibly, the inspiration to you has returned. If not yet, do not despair. Take a piece of paper and write down a list of everyone and everything you love. Seems like nothing and no one? This is not true. Let's complicate the task. Set a goal for yourself to remember and write down 100 points. First you have to force yourself, but then you will get involved. There are no rules for making this list.

It can have chocolate ice cream on equal terms, the smell of cut grass, mom and lie in a bubble bath. Write - and you will understand how much love and warmth you really have.

How much is actually around the beautiful and dear to you. See, an hour ago it seemed like you were no longer capable of feelings. And love leads inspiration. After all, inspiration is love.

3. Do the opposite

Still not working? You are a tough nut to crack, but never mind, don't give up. If girly things like love lists don't get you through, try a more masculine way of doing things. Do you usually work in a dark room with no music? Go for a walk to the park. Do you never indulge in sweets? Not today - today you can. Do you like to think while lying down? Go for a run. In general, don't do anything that you normally do.

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How to make the right choice and make less mistakes in life?

All those little habits that used to help you tune in to work have obviously stopped working. So why hold on to them then?

Let go. Make up your mind to do something that you have never done before.

4. Go to meet your fear

And by the way, about what you have never done. It is not for nothing that people in love feel inspired. As, however, and people whose love relationship somehow ended tragically. Inspiration comes from strong emotions, and if you are not in love yet, you need to remember that there are other strong emotions in life. A rather effective one is fear.

If you can't get enough inspiration for something, try leaving it alone and doing something that scares you a lot. Someone is afraid of water or roller coasters, while others are afraid of sitting alone in a cafe.

It doesn't matter what it is or how extreme it is. We are all afraid of something. Get over yourself. The liberation and recovery that you will feel after doing this will inspire you for many months.

5. Push yourself

The muse comes to those who work hard. Don't be lazy. Push yourself to work harder. Force yourself to work even when inspiration doesn't seem to exist at all. And in order not to relax, raise the rates. Do you have dreams? That for which you work so hard. A goal that you need inspiration to achieve.

Goals, dreams, desires
Goals, dreams, desires

Whatever these goals and dreams are, they are not ambitious enough. Raise the bar. You can do better.

You need to dream about the terrible. About what seems completely impossible. Here. Now you have something to strive for. Now you are finally scared. You are afraid that you will not succeed. This is a good fear. He will help you.

6. Choose happiness

The circumstances in which you are now often do not depend on you. But it depends on you how to treat them. We choose our own mood every minute.

Whatever you think about it, it does not depend at all on those around it, the government and the dollar exchange rate. Only you are responsible for the mood you are in now.

You yourself choose whether to be happy now, this minute. If you choose unhappiness, there is nothing wrong with that: many people love unhappiness as much as happiness, but you must be aware that this is a deliberate choice.

Control is in your hands: you can control yourself as you like. Learn to control yourself - and you will learn to control the inspiration that will obediently come as soon as you call it.

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