10 rules of the optimist
10 rules of the optimist

Self-confidence, positive mood and dedication can give a person a lot. Optimists are more successful, luckier, and happier than their pessimistic counterparts.

Positive emotions, self-confidence, dedication and an attitude for the best - optimism has many faces and names. However, the terms do not change the essence, and everyone would like to learn to enjoy life. We have selected 10 of the most useful rules of optimists.

Find sources of positive

It is known that you can benefit from even the most unpleasant situation, you can calm yourself down when nothing can be done. You can accept the situation and live it so as not to come back to it. But true optimists notice the good even right at the moment when the bad happens. Experiencing parting with her beloved, the pessimist will experience only pain and sadness, not turning to good memories, not feeling gratitude for what she has lived through. But it is the balance of good and bad that creates a feeling of fullness of life and gives strength, and the tendency to blues and sadness undermines the ability to rejoice in good situations.

Be able to switch

Popular wisdom has long advised us to "forget the old" and "not to remember dashingly." To keep our mental health in order, we try not to be jealous, envious, angry, or offended. All of this is true with only one clarification: unpleasant emotions and feelings are important, but you should not dwell on them. An optimist is not someone who is not irritated, but someone who does not spend too much energy on it. People who are resistant to shocks recover quickly also because they do not “slow down” on anger and resentment.

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Do not close in yourself

Often we overestimate the importance of our problems, because it seems to us that difficulties only happen to us. But it is worth discussing our difficulties with others, it becomes clear - we are not alone in our troubles. The skill of optimists lies in the fact that they are ready to share their feelings before many others and are able to understand how others feel.

Good to know yourself

The joy of life is the ability to fit in with what you like. And for this you need to be aware of all the subtleties and details of your preferences. We tend to arrange a pursuit of other people's pleasures simply because it is so customary. Being successful, wealthy, or having a lot of fans does not mean finding happiness. An optimist knows what she needs and how to get it. Sometimes small joys are more enjoyable than great achievements.


Most of the suffering and worries are far-fetched and arise from scratch. Whereas any actions aimed at resolving the issue immediately make it clear that everything is not so scary, not so difficult and not so irreparable. Instead of suspecting a diagnosis, see your doctor. Information is the cards in your hands and you can learn to play with them. Optimists do not sit still, but get involved in battle.

Give up fantasies

When we don't get what we want, we try to deceive ourselves that everything is still ahead or the impossible is possible. This is how we fall in love with inaccessible men, worry about unfashionable appearance and believe in unattainable ideals. Optimists know how to see reality and never set themselves insoluble problems. This is a shortcut to loving what has already been given to us.

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Look for positive examples

In childhood, we focus on our parents, but later we realize that there are many more patterns of behavior in life. Choosing the right "role models" for ourselves - successful people, happy families, cheerful surroundings - we subconsciously learn to behave in the same way. An optimist will not linger for a long time with someone, and whoever does not fight does not act.

Go beyond the possibilities

This does not mean that you have to make an inhuman effort to overcome difficulties. But the constant companions of an optimist are courage and confidence, so he is always ready to learn to act in a new way. Those who believe in themselves will never refuse to try other paths if they can lead to success.

Praise yourself

You can measure your successes and failures in different ways. To get rid of a pessimistic attitude, you first have to change your view of yourself. There is no single "right" way, so you can assume that everything you do is good and right. You can be more lenient towards mistakes and not turn introspection into self-flagellation.

Be able to laugh at the situation

There are many contradictory and irrational things in life. Trying to solve everything and keep it under control is very often simply impossible. A special talent is not to suffer from these inconsistencies, but to find humor in them. It is important to understand that you are worthy of respect and life is worthy of your sympathy. Optimists understand that everything is imperfect and that is why it is valuable to us.

Virtual friend and assistant who is always with you
Virtual friend and assistant who is always with you

Sometimes it is impossible to determine the cause of the dissatisfaction. At first glance, everything is good, but life is not happy.

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