Women's tricks
Women's tricks

Popular female tricks that you will encounter more than once: I am not like that, you love me - prove it, I am a woman, you are all like that, you’re a man, you don’t pay me enough attention, you are cheating on me, I’m leaving.

Whenever I see women, and even men, blindly carried away by someone, I stop believing in their ability to feel deeply. This rule has never deceived me yet. Nicola Sebastian Chamfort

A little earlier, I said that women are creatures with low variability, stereotyped and well-calculated. However, men, too, are far from all polls able to think logically, analyze and critically perceive the surrounding reality. Especially in today's world, which imposes a female model of behavior on the entire society.

Smart women, knowing this perfectly well, can successfully manipulate your consciousness. This works especially well if you are in love, blinded by sexual attraction, too gullible, or just not too smart.

But there are few smart women among us, and most of them use the same hackneyed, but still effective tricks.

Here are some of them we will now consider.

1. I'm not like that, I'm waiting for the tram

The silence of a man is a sign of refusal, the silence of a woman is a sign of consent. Louis Massignon

You already know that women are often afraid to be themselves and to admit their natural feelings and desires. Even myself.

This is especially true just the sphere of intimate and sexual relations. Here, in the soul of any woman, two powerful feelings are fighting: the body demands, and the mind is afraid. She is afraid of everything: what others will think, what will you think, what will happen next and whether there will be anything, how you will react to what may happen, and how you will change your attitude towards a woman after what may happen … a woman often cannot find a labyrinth of such reasoning.

Therefore, the woman found the simplest solution: hypocrisy + hypocrisy = ostentatious detachment from decision-making.

Proceeding from this, the ladies, having decided to achieve something, try to provoke you to make a decision that is convenient for her. And at the same time to shift all responsibility to you. As a rule, they themselves submit to this decision with pleasure, often without even showing the appearance that this submission is to their liking.

In general, in order not to complicate things: do not be afraid to make decisions about a woman and, if necessary, drag her along. And in order not to get confused about what she really wants there, use a simple rule: a woman almost never openly says what she really thinks. And even more often - says something completely opposite.

How to invite a girl to date so that she agrees?
How to invite a girl to date so that she agrees?

That is, if a man wants to get to know a lady better, he will come up and get to know her. A woman in such a situation will sit in a corner, pretend that the man does not interest her at all, and only glance at him askance, provoking him to approach. And even when a man approaches, the lady will most likely pretend that she is terribly surprised at such impudence, but due to her good upbringing, she does not drive the impudent person away and is even ready to condescend to communicate with him. In the depths of her soul, a woman will rejoice: this is it! succeeded! came up! And you will really believe that you have been shown mercy.

If the woman permits: “Okay, come to me. But count only on a cup of coffee and nothing else”, I mean just the opposite: that a cup of coffee is just an excuse, and you go for what it is clear (this, of course, if the lady does not suffer from SDS in the last stage).

If a lady asks: “Stop it” - you should just understand how “continue, dear,” if the lady says: “Well, I don't know …” - then it means “yes”, but the decision is shifted to you.

Well, and so on. Whores more often pretend to be shy, shy women (especially young ones) often diligently mow under the libertines, etc.

And in most cases, a woman simply automatically reacts to the situation, observing stereotypes.

The stereotypes are simple: a woman should be seductive but chaste; independent but helpless; confident but vulnerable.

Everything. These masks are the most common, and it is in accordance with them that most women build their strategy of behavior. Moreover, due to their feminine simplicity, most often they mask the true feeling by demonstrating the opposite feeling.

Therefore, never take the words and deeds of a woman seriously if they correspond to the listed stereotypes. The real face is hidden behind the mask, and you just need to be able to see it.

True, with modern ladies very often this face is hidden so well that they themselves no longer know what it really is …

2. Forgive me, sinful fool

How to communicate with a girl?
How to communicate with a girl?

If you forgive a woman for one sin, she will make three. V. Georgiev

The exploitation of the feeling of love by a woman is practiced very often. Here they are quite sincere: many themselves are ready to forgive a loved one anything they want.

If a woman asks to forgive her for some offense for the sake of your love, she is not hypocritical only in one case: if she came and told everything herself. This means that she hesitated for a long time, worried, thought about this topic, repented and could no longer hide her deception - whatever it was and whatever it was.

In this case, it is also clear that the woman loves you, values you, believes you and cannot deceive you. Moreover, she brings you her guilty head because she considers you a sensitive and fair person and hopes that you will forgive her.

Then I'm sorry.

She deserved it, and it is unlikely that she will repeat her act again after such a lesson.

It's another matter if you yourself caught her by the hand, if you pushed her against the wall and she simply had no choice but to confess.

If in this case she shouts something like: "Forgive me, you sinful fool", or "I'm not guilty, he came himself," then it is clear: she is lying and hypocritical, punches you for pity and probes your gullibility. Don't believe and be tougher.

3. If you love - prove it

The girls who are avid for clothes and all kinds of consumer nonsense do not miss the slightest opportunity to take something off their man. This is especially true for "Bitch" and "Fools". The former, as you remember, because they consider it their right to demand various bonuses from the world, and the latter, because they value themselves very highly and want you to do the same, expressing your assessment in all sorts of fits.

If a girl is already beginning to openly extort gifts (and the "If you love - prove" method, except for extortion, cannot be regarded as), then you need to seriously think about how promising a relationship with her can be. Such techniques frankly show the deep consumer essence of a woman, her assessment of herself as a product, relationships as a deal, and give a hint that communication with such a lady will more and more acquire the features of a station market.

4. After all, I am a woman, I can

Oh, well, this is generally a classic. They like to present any of their whims, any stupid prank as something natural, inherent in them by birthright and not subject to discussion.

Stages of a boy-girl relationship: how love is born
Stages of a boy-girl relationship: how love is born

It all depends on your attitude to a woman's whim or her stupid act. How much you agree with him to put up and forgive him. If this feminine feature does not break you off and even touches you - then everything is in order.

But if your friend does some things that you don't like, then you don't need to accept any excuses (and even such stupid ones). The fact that she is a woman does not excuse her for those things that you yourself do not want to excuse her!

And you won't dismiss your friend with the statement “Well, I'm a man!” When you come home drunk in the snipe, urinate in the sink and fall on the bed without taking off your shoes.

5. What … is dearer to you than me?

Anything can be in place of the ellipsis, if, in the woman's opinion, it distracts your attention from her precious person. It could be your job, your car, your record collection, your rock band, or just watching a Cup Winners' Cup match on TV.

Why is she saying this? He's just jealous. She's the owner, that's what. She wants to keep her man (if she managed to catch him) on a short leash, make him look only at himself and think only of himself.

In principle, this is a rhetorical question and does not require an answer. Although you can explain that everything she is jealous of you for are concepts and occupations of a completely different plan than she herself. And it only makes sense to be jealous of another woman (which, of course, you don't have:-)). Say a few gentle words to your friend, calm her down and return to your studies.

But still think about it: maybe you really do not pay enough attention to your girl and you need to correct something?

But, on the other hand, it is typical for a woman to narrow the entire horizon to a narrow segment of personal relationships, and for you, as a man, this is simply not enough. And no matter how much you love her, you will always walk on your own: this is your male right. So do what you like - it can be a collection of records or playing drums. You are not saying that your favorite pastime is dearer to you than your friend.

At least, even if this is so, then she probably does not need to say this, what do you think?..

6. Rhetorical questions

Why unlucky in love and how to deal with it?
Why unlucky in love and how to deal with it?

Rhetorical questions are a favorite technique of thugs and heifers. Irwin Welch "Trainspotting"

As far as rhetorical questions are concerned, Welch's remark can be limited. Any question that does not require an answer (or the answer to which is implied by the question itself) is just an outlet of emotions, a surge of feelings.

This is often a way to influence or shame you. Sometimes - an attempt to force you to do something …

And although you have the right to turn a deaf ear to them, it is better to listen and think about what each of them can stand behind. It is like an indicator of a woman's state and the direction of her thinking - the questions are not asked to you, but rather to themselves. And behind every rhetorical formulation there is some kind of experience.

Therefore, it is best of all to listen to this pretentious mumbling - not in order to answer, but in order, if something happens, to ask again what is meant.

7. All of you men are like that

Even the most stupid and inept blowjob is still better than, say, sniffing a beautiful rose, seeing an unimaginable sunset, or hearing joyful children's laughter. Chuck Palahniuk, Choke

When a woman says “all of you, men, are the same” or “you all need one” - this should not even be taken as criticism. This is not a criticism. This is a statement of fact.

Yes, we men are just like that.

So what? This is a feature of our design, and if we were different, the earth would have stopped long ago. Our need to move and learn new things also applies to sex: more and more new sex with new and new women. In principle, we do not want to stop, we want something new, we go where we have not yet been, and try to learn what has not yet been known.

At least as long as we are young enough and as long as we are courageous enough.

A woman loves a man, and a real man. And she wants you to remain worthy of your name: to be strong, courageous, reliable, domineering, etc. A woman likes all the qualities inherent in a real man, and she wants these qualities to be inherent in you too.

All but one quality.

Namely - except for your polygamy. Besides wanting to have as many women as possible. Since one woman is not enough for a normal man (this is boring, it slows down, restrains, disappoints, in the end - which is natural given the total female shallowness and standardness), then in this case, too, we take in quantity, while simultaneously satisfying our inherent passion to explore and conquer.

How to make a girl happy?
How to make a girl happy?

Few of the ladies understands that our shortcomings are an extension of our merits. That every coin has two sides. That there are no cardboard heroes. Few of the women are given to understand that a man is much more multidimensional and complex than they are accustomed to believe based on their concepts.

Although women want to see truly masculine features in you, but only THOSE and in THAT PROPORTION that they understand and are comfortable with. In their simplicity, they represent the ideal man as a mixture of whipped cream and powdered sugar, forgetting that we are made according to a different recipe, which, among other things, also contains cumin, and hops, and cinnamon, and salt and pepper.

But the funny thing is that no woman will be interested in a man made of whipped cream alone. Therefore, let your girlfriend love you for who you are.

Or fails!

8. You're a man, do something

… And if the plum drives you into a corner … P. G. Woodhouse "Jeeves and Wooster"

In critical situations, you can hear such a phrase.

And if you're a man, then you really have to do something. For example, it is sensible to assess the situation that caused this cry from the heart.

If, in fact, something extraordinary has happened and your help is simply necessary, if the situation is such that it is impossible to cope with it without your participation - of course, do it.

And when you solve all the problems - think about why you had to ask about it. Why didn't you immediately understand what to do and how to do it? Why should your woman push you? Apparently you still have a lot to learn, huh?

It's another matter if it was just a panicky cry. Women are generally alarmists, and the most foolish gag can cause a lady to become hysterical. After analyzing the cause of the panic and realizing that you have just such a case, just calm down the woman (like a child) and do not attach much importance to her screams. If she cries, it’s simply because, as they say, the plum has driven her into a corner. And she feels insecure in the face of the Great and Terrible Problem. So she just needs to make sure she is protected and calm down a bit.

What kind of mistakes in relationships are there? 30 tips for a happy relationship
What kind of mistakes in relationships are there? 30 tips for a happy relationship

And if you realized that the question is not so difficult, having reassured the woman and advising a couple of simple solutions, leave it to your friend to solve it: do not waste your time on trifles.

However, this is also another reason to think: of course, women tend to panic … but, apparently, she really does not feel that it is safe with you. Apparently she's completely unsure of you?

And the last option is when a woman clearly wants to rake in the heat with your hands, provoking you to intervene in the mess she herself has prepared. This happens quite often: two ladies quarrel at the exit from the supermarket, and ten minutes later their men are already hitting each other's muzzles.

Again, find out the root of the problem (find out for yourself personally, not in order to subscribe to a squabble) and decide how serious it is. In two-thirds of situations when a woman calls on her man for help, she herself created this problem from scratch. And in this case, all you have to do is take the fool by the hand and lead him away from the scene.

9. If you want, you won't get it

Sex as a reward and as a punishment. Reception is elementary, absolutely boorish (like most female tricks), and there is no point in responding to it seriously. I can only add that attempts to use this technique in women over twenty-five are already a diagnosis.

It is also a simple, rude and therefore very favorite way of women. After all, here, too, nothing special needs to be done, again, nature has already taken care of everything.

Perhaps you have already encountered it, with this method. Usually it is used in marriage by young and not very smart wives (outside of marriage, it rarely heals and only with suckers, because serious guys can throw it for such a thing).

The method is simple: if you do not want to do what your friend demands of you, she defiantly deprives you of sex with herself until you correct your mistake. Corrected - get a "promotion".

There is another option, when you are "rewarded" with sex if you please a woman with something.

Both methods are undoubtedly nasty, but a woman is, in principle, inclined to turn sex into a commodity. But usually, before marriage, this is still hidden (although nowadays it is less and less common).

Love and money: an eternal conflict of interest
Love and money: an eternal conflict of interest

And in marriage, when there is nothing to be ashamed of, just a flight is used. Moreover, if the lady is a bitch who has no thoughts at all, except to get her way at any cost!

The way to deal with this method of training is as follows: as soon as you understand that you are being trained, you immediately do what was demanded of you, but you refuse to have sex. And when she starts to pester (and she starts, she needs to give you some food to strengthen the reflex), then, without hiding her excitement, just do not agree to sex. Refuse gently but firmly.

A friend will be simply dumbfounded: they get used to it so quickly that we are unconditionally led to sex! In addition, she immediately wakes up many times the mentioned inferiority complex: "He does not want me, or maybe he has another!" Of course, they will begin to find out what is the reason for such non-standard behavior, well, here you can open the cards. Explain to her that you are aware of this technique and that you are not a hamster to be trained. And although you want her, etc., you will not have sex with her today. Because it will look like payment for you to fulfill her request, and you are too proud for that. And you don't accept sex from her precisely because you don't need handouts.

Make her "alaverdi". Since she has stooped to trying to train you with sex, she deserves punishment. Shame her. Most likely, she will deny everything, take offense, and you will still make up in bed, but do not forget to warn your friend so that such situations do not arise again.

Most likely, from the first or second time she will not listen to you. But if attempts to train you with sex will be made in the future, then solve the problem as hard as you can.

This will also be training on your part. And if you manage to make your friend feel guilty for her attempt (unlikely, but still possible: among women there are also conscientious specimens), then more such attempts will not follow and your life will become much easier.

10. You don't pay enough attention to me

Again a classic. Common place.

This presentation can be a cry from the heart, and maybe a whim. The second is much more likely, because an intelligent woman will never sort things out in this way.

How to touch a girl for a living? How to annoy your ex?
How to touch a girl for a living? How to annoy your ex?

But smart women in a big modern city can be counted on one hand … And then most of them will be newcomers.

First, estimate how often you basically spend time with your woman. And not only in bed. Sex for a lady, as you already know, is far from the first place. Therefore, in order for her to consider your relationship complete, you need to "walk" her, appear with her in public approximately in a 1: 1 ratio with sexual fun. Although, in general, options are possible here too …

The attention that a woman requires from you, in fact, lies in the amount of information that she receives, walking next to you under the arm.

That is, going to the cinema or theater, picnic or walking along the boulevard in the style of “showing yourself and seeing people” - this is the very “attention” that a woman wants to receive from you. Even if you don't give her a single compliment during the whole walk:-).

It may be different: in your relationship there are too many words and little action. Walking walks, but she also wants intimate relationships. And it is with you, which he hints at so neatly.

So behind the given phrase there can be one of three meanings: “We don't go anywhere, we just fuck like animals”; “We walk all the time and fuck very little”; "Give me something."

About gifts separately: after all, your attention to a woman can be expressed indirectly. And if you give your girlfriend some nice and beautiful little thing, then when you look at it or use it, a woman will remember you and your relationship. We almost saw it like this:-).

So it is better to give something of the jewelry (with the help of these tsatseks, a woman can brag about you in front of her friends: "And my gave me these earrings!" attentive pepper).

Or you can fit something useful that she will always have at her fingertips - a handbag, a cosmetic bag, a watch. This is all for the same purpose: your gift will be your plenipotentiary in the "attention" case.

But don't forget that you can never pay enough attention to her to satisfy her. The more you give, the more they will demand from you. She, as I said, wants you all, completely and completely, with boots and giblets.

The girl climbs on the phone? How to stop a girl from spying on you?
The girl climbs on the phone? How to stop a girl from spying on you?

And she doesn’t want you to be with her all the time - just no, she doesn’t need it at all. She wants ATTENTION. She wants to make sure that you are very interested in her (because in this case, her self-esteem increases, and it becomes easier to manipulate you).

So attention is attention, but try to miss you a little. Don't overfeed her with your company and courtesies. Let her always have a little doubt about what you need. Such a doubt is a good deterrent for a boorish female nature, preventing her from being harassed.

11. It seems that you are cheating on me

… Oh, my friend, I see you didn’t waste your time!

And if this question has been asked, I hope your friend was not mistaken.

I have already said more than once that having only one permanent woman is unreasonable, it has an extremely negative effect on your psyche and on relationships with ladies too.

But not all ladies understand this. Not everyone is ready to accept this and look at a similar situation through their lovely fingers.

So if you are asked such a question, it means that your friend has stung you. The word "seems" in the spoken phrase is present purely in order to give you a chance to refute everything, so that you can continue the relationship further.

Well, if a friend is not in the mood to forgive you and leads the case to a break, she will not throw you such a lifesaver.

So, understand this as: "What a bastard you are, I believed you so, and all of you guys are like that." And understand: excuses and refutations are expected from you.

And if you value your friend, then take care of her feelings.

12. I've had enough, I'm leaving

You did not leave, but you left, but you left, but you left! Thanks a lot! Group "Officer's Attic"

Everything, like, you got it.

You must be ready for such a turn from the very beginning.

When establishing a relationship with a woman, it is better to determine in advance for yourself how far you are going to go in a relationship with her. And in the process of these very relationships, be aware of how much you are attached to your friend, how hard it will be for you to lose her, etc.

How not to be ashamed of girls and how not to be shy when meeting beauties
How not to be ashamed of girls and how not to be shy when meeting beauties

If a friend hooked you very much, you should probably try to bind her to yourself harder, using all the manipulation methods you know, but if possible, not letting you know that you really value her.

It often happens that, informing about her departure, a friend simply takes you to the show. She plays all-in to find out once and for all how well you treat her. Therefore, if, in principle, it does not matter to you whether she leaves or not, then let her leave.

If you want her to stay, ask her about it. Don't humiliate yourself, don't fall on your knees, just ask. You will immediately see how strong her affection is and whether she really wants to leave.

Even if it does leave, then take a short pause and ask for a meeting, at which you offer to make up. Do not go for it - take another pause, more (at least a week), and call again: I miss you, etc. If she hasn't rested her horn, then you will eventually bend her (after parting, women usually feel even worse than we do (of course, if there really was something between you).

Well, if you are not very sad about the "loss of a soldier", but still you are a little uncomfortable, then do not fuss and do not bend under the ladies' whims.

Is she gone? Great, she just cleared a place for someone else who wouldn't be that hard. You are one, and there are many of them!

The best way out of the situation, as I have said more than once, is not to put all the money on one horse. If you close all ends to one disconnected woman, you are lost. She will quickly notice it and begin to twist ropes out of you. And you will endure, no matter how badly you have to.

By the way, it will be much easier for her to blackmail you by leaving her.

So let you always have in stock:

1. Another place to go.

2. Another friend to sleep with.

3. And one more person with whom you can talk.

And never follow a woman's lead, don't trust her especially and, in principle, treat her easier. Assume that you do not owe anything to anyone.

Just live - and rejoice!

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